Wednesday, August 05, 2020


Sinful Omissions

Shabbat Chazon

As we have pointed out in the past, this week’s haftarah, Haftarat “Chazon,” is taken from the first perek of Sefer Yeshayahu, but according to most meforshim it is not the first vision of the navi, which is found in the sixth perek of his sefer. Perhaps the placement of this later


Rediscovering Daf Yomi With a New Chavrusa

The coronavirus has been affecting communities throughout the world for more than four months and has forced many of us to find ways to spend our free time.

However, it’s also a happy coincidence that Daf Yomi’s most recent cycle had begun shortly before COVID-19 disrupted daily life as we


The Meaning of ‘Yad’ in ‘Yad Va-Shem’

The name of this Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem comes from Isaiah 56:5. Here is the first part of this verse: “Ve-natati lahem be-veiti u-ve-chomotai yad va-shem…” A standard translation for “yad va-shem” here is: “a monument and a memorial.” Why is יד being translated this way?


Applying Israeli Civilian Law to Parts  Of Judea and Samaria: Myth and Facts

Israel’s proposed plans to apply civilian law to approximately half of “Area C” of Judea and Samaria, where nearly half a million Israelis live in proximity with a considerably fewer number of Palestinian Arabs, has unleashed a firestorm of condemnation from the European Union, leaders of the Democrat party, the Arab world and beyond.


Regarding School Closing This Fall

A hypothetical: Suppose it were a fact that one million Russian soldiers were actively invading our shores and heartland. Suppose further that 130,000 citizens had already died at the hands of these invaders. Finally, suppose that the invasion was sporadic, in that different parts of the country experienced the invasion in a bell curve of


There Is a Whole Other Side

I read with interest the piece by Dvorah Vaynman (“The Humiliation of Applying for Yeshiva Tuition Assistance” (July 16, 2020). I think she was


Clarifying Yeshiva Tuition Aid

Last week, I was disappointed to read a deeply flawed article titled “The Humiliation of Applying For Yeshiva Tuition," by Dvorah Vaynman (July


Summer Learning

Some of my kids and their friends have recently gone into business. It began with an idea, which evolved into a plan, and with a little coaching from their parents they are on their way to launching their product. They have used math to calculate their expenses, design to create a logo, writing to create a slogan and, of course, positive


The Ethics of Opening Schools

Ethics can be described as the nexus that connects law and philosophy. When there is a conflict or a dilemma that presents itself when attempting to navigate a law that seems to be in conflict with other important values, ethics steps in to mediate. The classic example is illustrated by the case of a person who is seriously ill on


The Keys to Jewish Education Success and Living a Values-Oriented Life

In distance learning “we have been given a remarkable transformative educational tool that will long outlast the pandemic… (and one) that we need to exploit,” noted Dr. Jonathan Sarna of Brandeis University. Distance learning supplemented by face-to-face learning can prevent a “generation of children who are Jewishly illiterate”


A Tribute to Dr. Elliot Samet, z”l

I could not possibly capture what Dr. Elliot Samet, z”l, means to my family, but allow me to try. I moved to Passaic, New Jersey, nine years ago, right after my youngest daughter was born. It was a difficult time for me personally, as my father had just been diagnosed with cancer. When my father came to


Getting My Partner to Go for Therapy

Dear Dr. Chani,

I desperately need your advice about how to handle my situation with the girl I am dating. I have been dating her for three months, and I am worried about our relationship. Usually, we have a great time together and we get along really well. The problems start whenever we need to discuss