Saturday, December 04, 2021


Claiming Descent From the Maccabees

The Talmud in tractate Bava Batra 3:1 relates that the Hasmonean dynasty came to a tragic end with the death of the last survivor of Herod’s purges, a young woman whose name is not given.

Herod was a servant of the Hasmoneans, and there was a “little girl” among them upon whom he


What It Is Like to Be an Automaton

I looked up both the words “automaton” and “robot,” and decided that these days I am just like the former. I get up in the morning with a good deal of difficulty. I look around my empty room and do not even know why I should bother to get up. I finally, slowly remove the blankets, get out of bed and do the usual morning things one


Chai Lifeline Families Sail Into Chanukah Spirit With Simcha Cruise

(Courtesy of Chai Lifeline) Children with serious illnesses and their families got into the Chanukah spirit with Chai Lifeline’s first-ever Simcha Cruise on Sunday night, November 21. More than 1,200 participants from across the tri-state area enjoyed delicious food, exciting games and activities, and


OU Advocacy Center Demonstrates Best Practices in Political Action

The announcement in early November by the Orthodox Union Advocacy Center of the passage of the Nonprofit Energy Efficiency Act in the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and signing of the overall infrastructure bill by President Joe Biden, prompted The Jewish Link to explore how the Advocacy Center got this


Educator Sari Kopitnikoff Publishes Two Amazon Best Sellers

Within the last month, two of Sari Kopitnikoff’s works have been published and both earned top spots in Amazon’s best sellers lists. “My Davening Diary,” published in November 2021, was listed as the No. 1 Jewish Prayer Book. Following shortly after was “Jewmagine That!,” which ranked as No. 1 New Release in


Stamford Author Shines a New Light on a Classic Tale

Highlighting: “The 3 Little Pigs and the Miracle of Chanukah” by Binyamin Folkinshteyn. Independently published. 2021. Paperback. 32 pages. ISBN-13: 979-8776158131.

Six years in the making, a holiday-themed retelling of “The Three Little Pigs” arrived this week in time


We Started Out So Happy — What Went Wrong?

Imagine you have a wealthy uncle. On your 16th birthday, he wishes you a happy birthday and hands you the keys to a brand-new car. There’s just one problem: you’ve never driven before. And to be honest, you never really paid much attention to how to drive. But you think, Listen, it’s not a big deal; everybody drives, it


Sophie Knapp Acts In ‘Annie Live!’ on NBC

Sophie Knapp has an interesting life. One of five children to parents Chavie and Stephen, the 13-year-old is an actor who lives with her family in Teaneck, but she was in homes across the country this past Thursday in her role as the orphan July in NBC’s “Annie Live!” Broadway-style production.


Announcing JEDi, Jewish Educational Discussions Interactive

(Courtesy of JEDi) JEDi is a series of engaging online talks exploring topics of Jewish interest via dynamic presentations and visuals in the style of TED. The talks draw upon the full gamut of Jewish scholarship—from biblical history and commentary, to Talmud, kabbalah, the Hasidic masters and contemporary thought.


Dual Diagnosis vs. Co-Occurring Disorders: What’s the Difference?

Alcohol and drug use can occur on their own, but they’re often associated with other addictions or mental health issues. People with a mental disorder are more likely to have issues with substance abuse compared to those without a mental health disorder. Most rehab programs also include mental health treatment,


Potential ALS Drug Gets Boost Toward Preclinical Trials

A new class of small molecules for treating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)—also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease—and other neurodegenerative diseases, is being developed at Neuromagen Pharma of Beer-Sheva with several million dollars in seed money raised from local private investors.



Eli Craimer: Aliyah ‘Will Change Your Life for the Better’

Eli Craimer, 17, made aliyah from Riverdale in the summer of 2018 when he was 14. He came with his parents, Ruthie and Shim, his older brother Uri, his twin brother Ben and his younger sister Mia. He credits his success to the fact that his family settled in Modi’in, a city with a strong network of English-speaking teen olim. He

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