Friday, May 29, 2020


Class Trip

Part 1

February brings its share of cold weather and winter storms. In northern New Jersey, it’s also the season for class trips to the North Country. This particular winter, a school bus trip from a suburban New Jersey high school was planned to the province of Quebec,


Lost and Found

I’ve lost some little bits of me along the way.

And found some new parts to mend the gaps.

I’ve picked up some much needed clarity, stitched over patches of lost sanity

And quilted a new mindfulness.


The Stars Are Not All in the Sky

Every day there are different thoughts about what might or might not be opening in the future. Everyone is anxious to have some of the restrictions lifted. One that greatly affects our communities is whether or not minyanim will be allowed to resume. How many people? When will it begin? Will it be restricted to people of specific


How Not to Say ‘Cheese’ When Photographing Your Little Ones

It is a well-known phenomenon that when it comes to taking pictures of our own children, we can expect anything from a ‘say Cheese’ smile or a cool thumbs-up pose to expressive frowns and outright melt-downs.

When we begin our parenting journey with a tiny, miraculous bundle of joy, we


More Memories of Marvin Oppenheim, z”l

After reading the beautiful recollections of Marvin Oppenheim’s triplet grandchildren in last week’s edition, I wanted to share an additional perspective.

Nechama and I moved to our first house in 1975 across the street from Ruth and Marvin Oppenheim. Our connection as neighbors transitioned to a feeling of family. In 1979, as we were preparing for the


Presidential Collection by Morris Katz  Reintroduced for Jewish American Heritage Month

(Courtesy of OJCC) The month of May has been officially designated as “Jewish American Heritage Month,” which serves as a tribute to the contributions that Jewish immigrants and their descendants have made to this nation, their patriotism and appreciation for American values.




Happy Birthday Wishes to our young-at-heart Savta,
Imma and wife


Best “Savta Camp” Director, Excellent Savta Soup Chef

Always smiling, hugging,


Remembering the Past

Part 1

Being homebound during these trying days has given me a lot of time to think about the past in Frankfurt, and in some ways, comparing it with the present. Also, last Shabbat was Parshat Tzav, Parshat Hagadol, the 80th anniversary of my bar mitzvah.

Being just


Don’t Skip Reviewing Your Marketing And Comms Strategy in Reopening Plans

While many in the private sector are busy planning the physical aspects of re-opening their plants, shops and offices, it is important not to lose sight of how you will have to alter your marketing and public relations programs to reach stakeholders in the near term.

Like the researchers who have guided


Seven Action Steps to Pass Your Time Productively

Has your industry been deeply impacted by COVID-19, such as education, travel, tourism or event sales?

Are you stuck at home with little to do while you wait for the other coronavirus shoe to drop?

Many of us are experiencing unprecedented levels of disruption to our personal and professional lives.

We fear for our futures and wonder what we can


Awkward Shaylos

It just recently occurred to me that I have no idea how to find a rav.

It’s not like all the rabbanim are hiding. They’re not getting unlisted numbers. But I do want a rav muvhak—someone I can ask all my shaylos to, who knows my ins and outs and where I’m coming from, and so on. How does one get


Up All Night

Shavuot is a holiday during which most functioning insomniacs can thrive and most narcoleptics struggle. This is because the holiday involves a custom of staying up all night on the first night to learn. Though neither the Torah nor Talmud expressly requires such late-night learning, this tradition has become a critical component