Saturday, June 03, 2023


Failing Greatly

We all have heard the expression, “(t)he perfect is the enemy of the good.” As a longtime educator and current head of school, I think this misses the mark. I prefer, “(t)he perfect is the enemy of the great.”

Education is not about achieving perfection. After all, only angels are perfect. We are


Steep Climb

One of our Chol Hamoed outings, a few years ago, was to an indoor rock climbing place. The facility boasts numerous 40-foot climbs to the roof of the building, each climb varying in difficulty and level of challenge. (For those skeptics out there, I climbed one of the walls. At the top there was a bell, and I made sure the entire room was


The Multiple Meanings of Ayin-Mem-Resh

By Mitchell First

Now is an appropriate time to discuss the root עמר, which is (hopefully!) on everyone’s mind nightly.

The root has three different meanings in Tanach:

1) At Exodus 16, the root עמר occurs a few times and


Solving for ‘X’ and Finding Out ‘Y’

If you think back to your days sitting in high school math class, no doubt, most of you might recall asking, “When am I ever going to use this?” Twenty-five years ago, as I began my career teaching bleary-eyed 10th graders to solve rational equations and take imaginary numbers to higher powers, such questions


Pro- and Anti-Government Demonstrators Facilitate Differing Repercussions

Anti-government demonstrations cause demonstrative harm.

A lot has happened since my article was published in these pages (“Daf Yomi Provides Template for Negotiating An End to Israel’s Uncivil ‘Civil War,’” April 4, 2023) about the demonstrations rocking the rock of Israel


Carless in Bergenfield

Yes, I am home. No, I have not gone away. Suddenly it dawned on me that not having a car in my driveway sends an incorrect loud and clear message. Many have commented that they passed by my house and saw the emptiness of the driveway and assumed that I had taken a trip (I wish). It makes sense to think that no one could live here


NJ, Israel Enjoy Robust Economic Relations

New data shows annual New Jersey-Israel trade valued at $1.72 billion with continued strong growth in job creation and foreign direct investment ahead of Israel’s 75th anniversary.

(Courtesy of N.J. Dept. of State) New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy and the New Jersey–Israel Commission


Nearing 4,000 Marriages, JWed Moves to Subscription-Only Service

(Courtesy of JWed) JWed, the leading online Jewish dating for marriage service for Jewish singles of all backgrounds, has recently transitioned to a fee-only service. This change has been coupled by upgraded features to both the website and app, as well as the new Dating Agent and an expansive customer care team.


First Yahrzeit of My Rebbe, Rabbi Wallerstein, z”l

ותורת חסד על לשונה :משלי לא ,כו

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since the passing of my rebbe, Rabbi Wallerstein. So much has been written and said about his middos tovos and genuine concern for klal Yisroel. During his life, he has always taught us


Memories of Chava Willig Levy, z”l

I would like to share a few memories of the loving and brave Chava Willig Levy, z”l. Chava and I grew up together from the time we were both 3 years old and I experienced first-hand the journey that she selflessly endured.

Let’s roll back to the times of the summer months in the Catskills. My


Spotlight on iShine Teaneck

This week let’s familiarize ourselves with another outstanding chesed organization in our community, iShine Teaneck.

How and when did the organization get started?

We started 10 years ago due to a need in the Teaneck/Bergen County community.


Chaverim of Bergen County Helps With Recent Flooding

(Courtesy of Chaverim of BC) Bergen County Chaverim volunteers responded to numerous flooding calls in many different locations all over Bergen County in the past week.

The Chaverim volunteers were able to help numerous callers who were stranded in their homes due to flooding, as well

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