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Chapter 7

Chapter 6 summary:Matan performs CPR on his grandfather and manages to keep him alive until the paramedics arrive. Yaffa regrets the money she wasted on the anniversary party and feels guilty that she wasn’t more helpful to her parents when it really counted.



Following Tragic Plane Crash, Chai Lifeline Crisis Team Provides Support to Cleveland Community

(Courtesy of Chai Lifeline) In response to the tragic plane crash that claimed the lives of two beloved members of the Cleveland Jewish community, Chai Lifeline’s crisis team has been providing immediate and ongoing support to local organizations and schools.

“As soon as the terrible news broke,


It’s Kentucky vs. Long Island at Masbia’s Chop Hunger IV

(Courtesy of Masbia) On Wednesday, February 8, two culinary worlds will come together for one purpose. Restaurateur Micah Seavers, who got involved with the Masbia Relief Team in the aftermath of the tornado that ripped through Kentucky in December 2021, will come to New York City and contrast


Bayla Haskel: Feeding Hard-Working Israelis

When Englewood native Bayla Haskel wondered how she could do good for Israeli society, she decided to merge her background in the business sector and hi-tech industry with her love of nutritious food to launch Israel’s first plant-based meal delivery service. Her goal was to offer a practical solution to Israelis who work long


My Hashgacha Pratis

I can’t be the only guy who gets uncomfortable when people call me “rabbi.” People think it’s hilarious to call non-rabbis that, but you can’t call me “doctor” if I’m not a doctor. You’re going to mess people over.

The only time I ever abided people calling me rabbi was when I worked in


Jewish Link Memes Of The Week

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Parsha Memes

By Rabbi Tzvi Pittinsky


Coming and Going

The Pollack family recently moved to Redmont Hill. They were a young couple with two children: Maya, who was 7, and Max, who was 4. Michelle Pollack’s new company was renting an apartment for the family, so the first order of business was choosing a school for the kids.

Redmont Hill served as the home


Internet Issues

Dear Shayna B.,

I am getting cyber bullied. Someone is emailing me cruel emails. Please advise.

Chat Master

Dear Chat Master,

If their email has their name (example:


Parshat Bo

Last week’s cufflink froggies were a bit of a softball, which you deserved after several weeks of brain-teasing headaches. Consider it a break well-earned.

Now let’s play a bit more hardball. What do these cufflinks have to do with this week’s parsha? Let the games begin! Shabbat


The Best M9 Bayonet Knife Skins in CS:GO

The M9 Bayonet knife, like all knives in CS:GO, is an extremely rare commodity obtained by unlocking cases. The M9 Bayonet is one of the five original knives introduced to the game in the Arms Deal update and has ever since seen various skins added through different collections. We’re here to show you some of the best M9 Bayonet knife skins that are popular and


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