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Educating Hope

Parshat Vaera

When Moshe Rabbeinu approaches Paroh with Hashem’s demand to allow Bnei Yisrael to travel into the desert where they would worship Him, the Egyptian monarch responds with a simple statement. Denying the request, the Pharaoh states: “Lo yada’ti et Hashem,” I do not know Hashem and


The Origin of Our Prayer for the Government (‘Ha-Noten Teshuah’)

Every Shabbat, after the haftarah, our custom is to recite a prayer for the government. The prayer begins “Ha-noten teshuah la-melachim..” (=He who gives salvation to kings…). Where did this prayer come from?

Before we address this, it is important to point out that there are many sources


Should We Be Leaving WhatsApp?

This article was first published on theyeshivaworld.com.

As you may have already seen, the world of social media has recently gone up in flames. Twitter has shut down Donald Trump’s account; Apple banned Parler, the conservative social media platform, from their app store; and WhatsApp is forcing users


On Political Rhetoric and Understanding Our Limitations

Amid the sound and fury of the current political climate, we frequently hear a cacophony of calls to lower the temperature on the rhetoric being used. It’s something that comes up frequently in the aftermath of events like major elections, riots and political assassinations, among other things. The thought process goes that the passion of


Rabbi Yehuda Kelemer, zt”l: A Gentle Tzaddik Who Built a Huge Orthodox Community

Rabbi Yehuda Lieb Kelemer, zt”l, 74, is credited with leading the West Hempstead, Long Island, community to flourish over the past number of decades, assuming the role of mara d’asra of the Young Israel of West Hempstead in 1983. Rabbi Kelemer began his rabbinic journey in Switzerland and later served as the


A Virtual Shloshim for Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld, zt”l

Participants from all across the United States and Israel went online to pay their respects to Moreinu Harav Mordechai Shraga Feivel ben Shmuel Shabtai Halevi, Rabbi Fabian Schonfeld, zt”l, on the shloshim of his petira, January 12.

Four prominent Jewish leaders and two grandsons joined in the tribute


Hike the Catfish Loop Trail in Fahnestock State Park

This easy-to-moderate, 4.6-mile hike follows the Catfish Loop Trail in the southwest section of Fahnestock State Park in Putnam County, New York. The trail is well blazed and easy to follow, and it traverses a less-used area of the park. The hike should take about 3 1/2 hours, and dogs are


Esther in America: Queen or Superhero?

Reviewing: “Esther in America” by Stuart Halpern. Maggid Books. 2020. English. Hardcover. 424 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1592645619.

The new superhero movie “Wonder Woman 1984” is now all the rage in the news. With Gal Gadot in the leading role, many in the media have asked if


Teaneck's Judaica House Features Sam Gronner's Second Generation Memoir

(Courtesy of Judaica House) Judaica House, the premier retailer of Judaica in Northern New Jersey, has selected “Loss & Legacy” by local author Sam A. Gronner among its newly featured Holocaust-related book selections.

Gronner, a former journalist for The Record and other regional media,


Can My Marriage Survive My Husband’s Religious Decline?

Dear Dr. Chani,

What is your advice for a couple who are on different pages religiously? My husband has become less interested in religious practice over time and it makes my family life very hard. I am not sure if I should continue to invest in my marriage or get a divorce.


Dating Thoughts From Someone #InTheDatingParsha

Every Friday night, Orthodox Jews have a custom to sing the song “Eshet Chayil/A Woman of Valor.” My favorite part comes at this song’s conclusion. Sheker hachen, hevel hayofi, eishah yirahat Hashem/Beauty is vain, looks are deceiving; a woman who fears God should be the one. These powerful phrases convince Jewish singles


Hidden Secrets of the Catskills: A Journey of Discovery

Throughout history, even seasoned explorers have embarked on expeditions to unknown regions, never having full knowledge in advance of the difficult terrain or strange peoples they would encounter. Many of the most famous archaeological finds, be they Pharaonic tombs or Asian or Mayan temples, were accidental finds. In