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Yoram Raanan: Enriching Lives Through Art

Artist Yoram Raanan straddles multiple worlds, dancing back and forth between the spiritual and physical, heavenly and earthly, contemporary and old. His one-of-a-kind artwork is an expression of these dualities, and his contribution to the Israeli and Jewish art world is far greater than the collection of patterns that he


Rutgers and Tel Aviv Universities Collaborate at Innovation and Technology Hub

Israel’s footprint in New Jersey continues to grow with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Rutgers and Tel Aviv (TAU) universities, which will establish the Israeli educational institution as part of the Innovation and Technology Hub under construction in New Brunswick.



Imagine a Summer at Camp Marabu Mesivta

(Courtesy of Camp Marabu) The summer of a lifetime. It sounds like a dream, but it is the reality at Camp Marabu Mesivta! Imagine a camp that is based in some of the most beautiful parts of Hashem’s world. A place where tefillah comes alive as each boy sees and feels the gadlus haBorei amid His awesome creation! A makom Torah where


Hike Along the Scenic Black River in Chester

This moderate loop hike in the Black River County Park in Morris County traverses the gorge of the wild and scenic Black River—one of the wildest rivers in New Jersey—and passes a waterfall and interesting stone ruins. The hike is 2.5 miles long and should take about two hours (possibly a


Can My Marriage Survive After My Husband’s Deception?

Dear Dr. Chani,

I have been leading a double life for the past five years. To the outside world, I am happily married, with an adorable little girl. Yet, in my own home, I feel that my husband and I are almost strangers. I am at the point where I feel pushed to decide if I should seek a divorce or work


Presents of the Future

Are you bad at buying Chanukah gifts?

Well, do we have some ideas for you! They’re bad ideas, of course, but that’s what makes them perfect for you.

Note that all of these are real products that people are paying real money for, so you’re far from being alone


Pathetic Presents

On Chanukah, gift-giving is not required but in many Jewish communities it has become an unofficial custom. There can be tremendous pressure to buy the perfect Chanukah gift, something that, when unwrapped, will cause shrieks of satisfaction. If a gift falls flat, shrieking of another variety will ensue, the kind that can echo for


Sensitivity Training

Shlomo Markowitz was no delicate “snowflake.” He didn’t get insulted easily, and he definitely didn’t mind when people made insensitive jokes. Shlomo was tough, and he never let sensitive “wimps” tell him how to speak. In fact, Shlomo wasn’t just a non-wimp, he was a hero! When teachers asked students not to bring up certain


Parshat Miketz

In this week’s parsha, Joseph has a dream of 7 beautiful cows and 7 ugly ones and the seven ugly cows ate the nice cows, so this week we will be making a steak (from cows). And because the skinny cows ate the big cows we will be making a lean steak!

  • New York Strip Steak: the recipe calls for 2

Grade Drops Are Falling On My Head

Dear Shayna B,

I am a gymnast and my name is Brianna. My grades are not the best. I am an F student and I have a problem. One day I had a test and a week later when the test was due I forgot to study because of gymnastics class. Of course I got another 60!!! My parents told me that if my grades do not


Things to Keep in Mind When Searching for a Credit Card

Choosing a credit card is a big step, as you need to ensure you find the ideal one for your needs. Many people these days use credit cards, and this is something that provides them with ease and convenience as well as greater financial freedom. You will find all sorts of credit card options including great deals such as a


The Palestinian Jihad Against Jews

As representatives of donor countries were meeting in Norway on November 17 to discuss providing financial aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA), Palestinian leaders were busy doing what they have perfected: denying Jewish history and inciting their people against Israel.

Denial of Jewish history and the

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