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Food for Thought

Although the term “Mah Nishtanah” is associated with Pesach, readers of this column will have every right to exclaim “Mah Nishtanah” beginning this Sunday night as they sit down to partake of the first of four Rosh Hashanah repasts. They will have gained five Yiddish terms germane to the first meals of the year. Even before the


Preparing for the Yamim Noraim: Saying ‘I’m Sorry’ With Hope and Optimism

Highlighting: “The Koren Selihot Minhag Lita” Rabbi Jacob J Schacter and Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, zt”l. Koren Publishers Jerusalem. 2022. Bilingual. Hardcover. 1314 pages. ISBN-13: 978-9657766682.

(Courtesy of YU) In preparation for the New Year and Yom Kippur, Jews


The Consummate Storyteller: Rabbi Nachman Seltzer

Highlighting: “I Have an Amazing Story for You!” by Rabbi Nachman Seltzer. ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications. 2022. Hardcover. 364 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1422632352.

(Courtesy of Artscroll) In London. On Broadway. In an American army base in the Philippines during the Second World


The Shmuessen of the Mir’s Rav Nosson Tzvi, zt”l

Highlighting: “Rav Nosson Tzvi Speaks: Insights on Chumash From the Beloved Mir Rosh Hayeshivah.” ArtScroll/Mesorah Publications. Hardcover. 382 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1422631287.

(Courtesy of Artscroll) All who were privileged to attend the Erev Shabbos shmuessen of Rav Nosson


Celebrating Differences

“My Special Uncle” by Ahava Ehrenpreis. Mosaica Press. 2022. English. Hardcover. 13 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1957579030.

Even in fairly recent times, children with Down syndrome and other developmental or cognitive disabilities were hidden from view. Today, individuals with


Bringing Opportunity and Obligation Back to Teshuva

Excerpting: “Return and Renewal – Reflections on Teshuva and Spiritual Growth” by Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein zt”l from Maggid Books. English. Hardcover. 230 pages. ISBN-13: 978-1592645077.

(Courtesy of Koren Publishers) “Return and Renewal” assembles 12 of Rabbi


The Intimate Relationship על חטא

Twenty years ago a colleague of mine watched a video presentation in which a survivor of domestic violence described her journey toward healing and recovery. It began with the awareness that the way her partner treated her was considered abusive. “I didn’t realize that not speaking to me was abuse.” My friend’s face changed color


Redefine Meat

Hello, readers. My name is Hillel Fuld. I am originally from New York, and I have the great privilege of living in Israel.

For the past decade-and-a-half, I have been working in the Israeli technology ecosystem as a blogger, journalist, entrepreneur and marketing


‘We Will Not Be Led Like Sheep to the Slaughter’

Abba Kovner was an Israeli poet, writer and a partisan commander in the Vilna Ghetto, who performed a vital role in establishing the United Partisan Group (Fareynikte Partizaner Organizatsye, FPO), the Jewish underground in the ghetto, training its members and ultimately becoming its commander. On December 31, 1941, he unified a divided


Visiting Caesarea

A moving part of the Yamin Noraim service is the recitation of the piyyut “Arzei HaLevanon,” in which we describe the torture and death of the Asara Harugei Malchut, the 10 Martyrs, who were killed by the Romans. We tearfully relay how the great Tannah, Rabbi Akiva was murdered as his skin


Continuing On to Another Year

This morning I reread the article I wrote for The Link’s Rosh Hashanah edition last year. In it I mentioned that I was afraid of the future. Interestingly at that time I did not know that my beloved Mordechai would be diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer two weeks later.

I still cannot fathom how it is


Jewish Motorcyclists Promote Holocaust Education

“Are there really Jewish motorcyclists? How can that be?”

I am often asked that question because the traditional image of a motorcyclist is one of an outlaw, a bad guy with tattoos who belongs to a gang and terrorizes others. Jews are supposed to

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