Friday, October 30, 2020


The Two Meanings of Yud-Shin-Nun: Sleep and Old

There are two Biblical roots with the letters ישׁן. One has the meaning “sleep.” The other has the meaning “old.” An issue had always been whether they were related.

The traditional view had been that the two were related. But the exact nature of the relationship was debated. In a mainstream


Lamm Heritage Archives Launched to Thousands Worldwide

A tremendous treasure trove of divrei Torah and Jewish thought has been made even more accessible to the Jewish world through Yeshiva University’s launch of the Lamm Heritage Archives last week. Directed by Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm’s grandson-in-law Rabbi Tzvi Sinensky, the Archive builds upon the digitization of over 800


Klal Govoah Launches Slack Workspace for Daf Yomi Learners

(Courtesy of Klal Govoah) The inevitable questions that arise each day can pose significant challenges to Daf Yomi participants, a demographic that has grown exponentially in the past year. Hoping to provide answers while keeping lomdim connected and engaged, Klal Govoah has introduced a dedicated Slack workspace that will provide a


‘Save Hashem’s Children’ Puts Out Call to Help

(Courtesy of Save Hashem’s Children) Save Hashem’s Children is a tzedakah devoted to helping those in need through giving to Shabbat food programs, bikur cholim organizations, kollels, chosson v’kallah and general discretionary funds. We ask you to join us and use the power of social media to do good. Spread the word about the mission


Giving Feedback

I doubt that there are many in the communities that The Jewish Link services who do not order on Amazon. Especially in the crazy times that we are living through, ordering online has been a Godsend. No one has to worry about spreading germs or contacting germs from others; almost too easily we can push the enter button and within


Cheshvan, No Holidays?

Firstly, it is hard to believe we are already at Parshat Noach and past the jam-packed month of Tishrei. I hope all of you spent the chagim in a meaningful and joyful manner.

This month, known as Cheshvan, is also referred to as MarCheshvan. Where does the “mar” come from? Well, there is a


Should You Try to Go Out Again With Someone Who Broke Up With You?

Dear Dr. Chani,

I have been dating for many years now, and I have not felt comfortable with most of the guys I have met. Recently, someone asked me if there was ever someone I liked. The truth is that four years ago, I dated a guy that I would see again in a heartbeat. I’m just not sure if he would be


Writing Your Bio

When you’re a famous person like me, though I’m not as famous as, say, a food blogger, the guy who sells yo u shoes for Yom Tov, or someone who’s gotten to speak at your local book club or Tehillim session, you may be asked to write a “bio” for your audience. This way people know something about you and can decide whether they


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Featuring: Yoel Fuld, as photographed and interviewed by David Beyda

Photographed on 10-18-20 at The David Beyda Studio in Teaneck NJ



The Housework Workout

All right, enough pushing things off. We really need to start working out. Right after this article.

My main issue is that over the lockdown I never actually had time to work out. When should I have exercised, considering that when I do exercise, I shake the whole house? When all my kids are on the phone



After weeks of two-day weekend yontifs, many families are facing the cold reality of freezers filled with the remnants of meals gone by. This residue cannot simply be discarded because doing so would violate Jewish law including the Bal Tashchit rule. Even though eating the same meal over and over again is about as enjoyable as watching


A Bad Influence

Reality television has produced some pretty random shows in its history. From “So You Think You Can Eat Pancakes?” to “America’s Got Talent(ed Goats),” it seems that almost every possible show has been produced. Well, you are about to hear about one more—“Survivor: Junior Counselor.” That’s right: Eight teenagers were