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James McDonald: The First U.S. Ambassador to Israel (1948-51)

We all know that very shortly (11 minutes!) after the Jewish state was declared on May 14, 1948, President Truman announced that the U.S. recognized it.

But what happened after that? When was a U.S. (or any country’s) ambassador appointed to it? When did full legal recognition come by the


Dr. Shimshon Isseroff, z"l, Remembered

Many obituaries have been written about Rabbi Dr. Shimshon Isseroff, z”l. He passed away right before Shabbat Hazon, which was only appropriate since he was a man of vision. They have all cited his many accomplishments in the field of Jewish education, and rightly so. I wish to focus a bit on the man, his mission and his


Michael Lieb Jeser, z"l

מיכאל לב בן שאול וציפורה

January 28, 1976 – July 24, 2021

26 Shevat 5736 – 15 Av 5781

(Courtesy of the Jeser family) The Jeser family has


Farewell, Uncle Jackie: Reflections of a Nephew

Over the years, many people have asked me what it is like to be the nephew of a famous celebrity. Indeed, till this day, there is rarely a place that I go that someone does not say to another, “Do you know who his uncle is?” When the other person asks who, my canned response is a reference to one of my other uncles, both famous


Memories of Mason

“Who fixed your nose?” he asked.

He wasn’t the first to pose that question, and I had come up with a reply that I hoped made questioners think about what a dumb and offensive question it was. I never knew if it was meant as a compliment or simply to get the name of a good surgeon. Maybe


Holocaust Survivor’s Legacy Is Much More Than a ‘Remnant’

Highlighting: “The Remnant: On Burning WingsTo a Displaced Persons Camp and Beyond,” Michael G. Kesler. Vallentine Mitchell & Co Ltd. Paperback. 168 pages. 2021. ISBN-10: 191267663X.

“I know of Hitler’s hatred


Vered Adoni Stands for Justice in Bergen County

Vered Adoni has been an assistant prosecutor in the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office since 2008. She served in various capacities until finally finding a home as chief of the Bias Crimes Unit in 2010.

“I prosecute all kinds of cases, not only bias cases,” she said. “Even though we hear


The Inspirational Life of Menachem Begin

He was fiercely ideological and partisan, but in times of crisis, he always put the interests of his country ahead of ideology and party.

Winston Churchill once wrote, “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to go.”



Vee Hub Ich Zich Gelernt Eydish (How I Taught Myself Yiddish)

Yiddish. I have heard the language since my earliest childhood in shul and summers at my grandparents’ bungalow in Seagate. I should have picked it up by osmosis. I didn’t.

Yiddish. I hate when they call it “Jewish,” like something from the “Old Country” along with those loud Garment Center


Handling Criticism Using the ‘Fogging’ Skill

Two weeks ago, we covered the persistent skill of repeating what you want until the other person hears you. We now know how to counter any tactics designed to wear us down and manipulate us away from what we really want. We recognize that we are ultimately responsible for our beliefs, feelings, and actions.


Leverage Your Strengths to Create More Success in Your Career and Life

As a leadership and strengths coach, I am constantly focused on looking for ways to help my clients maximize their potential, feel more fulfilled and be more engaged at work. Through my coaching, I realized that focusing on fixing weaknesses is not the most useful and productive approach. When we focus on our weaknesses, we leave behind


Akiva Rubin: Set to Make Aliyah

The very eloquent Akiva (Gideon) Rubin, formerly of Livingston, New Jersey, agreed to an interview just short of finishing up his army service in the Givati Brigade. He is serving as a lone soldier as part of Yeshivat HaKotel’s Hesder program. He is currently going through the process of making aliyah from within Israel, and his

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