Monday, January 25, 2021


I Refuse to Believe

You and I will never see eye to eye

And I refuse to believe that

We can fix the world around us

I know one thing for certain

That all we really need is love


Jeff Korbman Shares His Thoughts

The Jewish Link asked:

What changes has the coronavirus prompted that you want to preserve?

Jeff Korbman responded:

It would be convenient to articulate a hobby or habit adapted over the pandemic.


Having your say in The Link

Featuring Joey Bodner

Photographed on 12-31-20 at the David Beyda Studio

On hosting a Covid Minyan:

I’m a man of action and do my best to make


Google It!

In a recent conversation with my daughter, she mentioned that there was a smell coming from the drain in her dishwasher. She was cutting up orange peels because she was out of lemons and was planning to run through a cycle with the hope that the scent of the peels would remove the odor. I immediately suggested that she Google the


Yeshivat Migdal HaTorah—A Hidden Gem

I still remember when Avi was accepted to one of the best hesder yeshiva programs for his post high school year(s) of learning. Avi was an honors student (and athlete) at TABC and felt that his hard work had paid off. Some would say it was a “no-brainer.”

However, there was another yeshiva


This Old Fax

I think it’s time to get rid of our fax machine. I’m talking about my family, but I guess I can be talking about society. Why not? Though I’m not sure we can get rid of it unless everyone else agrees to do so. We’d have to get everyone on the same page. Which is ironic, because when it comes to fax machines, the page they


Acceptable Abbreviations

In these crazy COVID times, davening outdoors has become a necessity for many, even when the Celsius readings plunge. This embracing of the elements has not been easy for many Jews because Fahrenheit and yiddishkeit usually go hand in hand, i.e., the warmer the weather, the greater the turnout on Shabbos morning.


Why Won’t You Listen?

For the first time since leaving Russia five years ago and heading west, the Borgov family was starting to feel at home. The decision to move followed Elizabeth Borgov winning her 12th straight national tennis championship. Winning 12 straight championships was one thing. More remarkable was that Elizabeth’s last four tennis crowns came


Turnips Turn Up...Eventually

Dear Shayna B.,

First of all we want to say that we are HUGE fans! We love reading your advice in the newspaper every week! We have a big problem! Our turnips in our garden won’t grow! We watered them and put them in the sun but they won’t grow. It’s very hard being patient. Please help us


Federal Courts Reconsider Previous Rulings on Attendance At Houses of Worship Based on SCOTUS Decision

The United States Supreme Court, in two cases it ruled on together, Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn v. Cuomo and Agudath Israel of America v. Cuomo, last month issued an order temporarily barring Governor Cuomo from enforcing strict restrictions on the number of people allowed at houses of worship. In a 5-4 decision, the court determined


LIU Hudson Introduces MBA Cohort For the Observant Jewish Community

Professor Michael Stone remembers his years at City College of New York, when he and a group of Orthodox Jewish students would meet on campus to socialize after class, and then quickly head to RJJ (Rabbi Jacob Joseph) Yeshiva on the Lower East Side to be on time for shiur.

“That rush


Advice to Past Me: An Alumnus’ Story

I have a lot of advice for Past Me, but if we’re playing the time-travel game, I’m going to be practical: Invest in Zoom. Go to Notre Dame before the gargoyles are all gone. Don’t go so fast on your bike down that hill on Booth Avenue. Plan more zoo trips before March 2020.