Monday, September 26, 2022


Hike to Scenic Turkey Hill Lake in Harriman State Park

This 4.6-mile moderate hike in Harriman State Park goes by two lakes and reaches several viewpoints. Particularly outstanding are the views of Long Mountain, Turkey Hill and Bear Mountain from the shore of Turkey Hill Lake. You’ll have to cross the busy Route 6 at grade, but for most of the


A Night Out at Monster Mini Golf

Mini golfers beware, you are in for a scare. Located in Paramus, near Bury the Hatchet, Monster Mini Golf offers a glow-in-the-dark, monster-themed, indoor mini golf course for your entertainment along with dozens of arcade games and mini bowling. There are roughly 30 Monster Mini Golf


Getting Ahead on the New Year

Welcome back to “How Should I Know?”—the column that four out of five doctors recommend you stay away from.

Dear Mordechai,

How do I prepare a fish head so it actually tastes good?



Jewish Link Memes Of The Week

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Don’t Give Up

… Your great mortgage rate unless you can improve your situation. As soon as rates go up there is an abundant number of articles and news reports that refinancing is dead, or the purchase market has stalled. (We know better.) Buying or refinancing a property is not only a rate-based decision.


When Words Speak Louder Than Actions

“Don’t forget to study for Tuesday’s test! There’s a lot of information you need to know, so use your free time wisely!” And with that, Doctor Ziller’s class began to pack up and head for the exit. The school day was officially over and the weekend was on the way. However, most students in Honors Physics weren’t looking




The Jewish Educational Center announced today that low cost milk will be available to all children enrolled.

In accordance with Federal civil rights law and U.S. Department of Agriculture civil


Fairy Bread French Toast For Parshat Nitzavim

In Parshat Nitzavim, Moshe gives a very frightening pep talk before he passes away. And when I tell you what we’re making, it’s going to make your parents just as scared, especially when they see this mess! We are making Fairy Bread French Toast!

  • 4 slices brioche

Hineni: Being Truly Present for Those in Our Lives Who Matter Most

Carl Honore is the author of the book: “In Praise of Slowness, Challenging the Cult of Speed.” In a TED Talk he gave on the topic of his book, Mr. Honore explains what motivated him to research the topic of “slowness”:

“[M]y wake-up call came when I started reading bedtime stories to


Do Religious Jews Have a Right to Reject Basic Secular Education?

Chasidic communities are entitled to isolate their children from the secular world. Does that mean scrutiny of their schools’ alleged failures by The New York Times is antisemitic?

After more than a century of biased reporting about Israel, contempt for Zionism and a lack of interest


What the New York Times’ Story On Chasidic Schools Misses

The vast majority of Chasidic parents and students cherish the education offered by their yeshivas.

The flyers in the synagogues in my Staten Island neighborhood read: “Chaverim Jr. — We’re happy to announce we are accepting new members. Please call… Thank you.”


A Post-Wedding Expression of Hakarat HaTov for Yeshiva College

At the wedding of my older son Binyamin to Raizy Neuman a few weeks ago, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of great hakarat hatov for Binyamin’s experience at Yeshiva College. Both in terms of his Torah learning and college experience, Binyamin has prospered immeasurably.

Binyamin finds his computer

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