Monday, June 05, 2023


Take Responsibility

“A tough job needs to get done, and somebody’s got to do it.” Do these words make us feel like jumping in there... or running the other way? In this week’s portion we learn about the people who were assigned the complicated, and difficult responsibility of taking apart the Mishkan, the portable Tabernacle, and carrying all the parts


 I Need More Homework

Dear Shayna B.,

I get home from school and sometimes don’t have much homework. This sounds good, but the problem is then I get bored and don’t know what to do with myself. When I watch TV my mom gets mad and I feel guilty and don’t want to fight.

What should I


Jewish Link Monthly Kids ART Contest: What is Your Favorite Part of School?

Congratulations to our


Engaging OU Women At Every Stage

Rebbetzin Dr. Adina Shmidman was once recognized—some may call it celebrity-spotted—on a New York City subway, not by her name, but by a single program she helped develop as director of the OU Department of Women’s Initiatives. “You’re Nach Yomi!” the woman exclaimed. But while Torat


The ‘Nakba’ Narrative Is a Grave Error

In the years since Israel’s rebirth in 1948 a narrative has taken root, a story of well-armed and financed Jewish immigrants overrunning peaceful Palestinian villages, brutally expelling Palestinians from home and country. This narrative is summed up in the Arabic word “nakba,” or catastrophe.


Trashing Nationalism Isn’t a Defense of the Jews

Demonizing those who march with Israeli flags on Yom Yerushalayim and conservatives who push back against the Marxist war on the West is equally disingenuous and wrong.

Perhaps it wasn’t a coincidence that so many corporate media outlets were eager to accuse a gathering of


Atlantic Health System Sponsors Successful MetroWest Lag B’Omer Concert

By all measures, the “Sounds Like Unity” Lag B’Omer concert held in Livingston earlier this month was a rousing success.

It brought together well over 500 community members (possibly closer to 650) of all ages for a rousing music fest with well known Jewish music singers Shmuly


Naaleh Adds to Administrative Team

(Courtesy of Naaleh) Naaleh is pleased to announce the newest addition to its administrative team: Rabbi Aryeh Wielgus, who will be joining as dean of student experience.

Rabbi Wielgus, who has been a successful teacher at Naaleh for the past two years, brings with him an impressive background


Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps Celebrates National EMS Week

For over 80 years, the men and women of Teaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps (TVAC) have been making themselves available to help the residents of Teaneck in their time of need. When an emergency comes in, TVAC members drop whatever they’re doing and rush to the scene no matter what day it is or what time


Rabbi Yosef Weinberger delivered a pre-Shavuot Lunch n' Learn shiur this week to the broader Frisch community, on the topic of Moshe Rabbeinu and Jewish leadership over the generations.


Just Another Extraordinary Week at Yeshivat Frisch

Night Seder Students
Complete Masechet Megillah

Shortly before Shavuot, six Yeshivat Frisch Night Seder regulars made a siyum on Masechet Megillah: Shai Hahn ‘23, Yosef Feldman ‘24, Jonathan Rosenberg ‘24, Tamar


Israel Settlement Debate Comes to New York

With just days left until the end of the legislative session, state lawmakers are considering a last-minute piece of legislation that would prohibit New York-based not-for-profits from helping to finance Israel-backed settlements in the Palestinian territory of Gaza. The measure is sponsored by five Democrats who also align

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