Thursday, June 04, 2020


Lessons of Purity

There is a custom that when children first start learning Chumash, they begin with reading the first pasuk of Sefer Vayikra. A number of suggestions are offered as to why this custom exists. The Midrash Rabbah explains that Sefer Vayikra is the Sefer that deals with the laws of korbanot, sacrifices. The halacha dictates that if the smallest


Parshat Korach: The Rejection of Leadership

At times, we are challenged to uncover the underlying reason why chazal chose a specific chapter in the Navi as the haftarah that would connect to the message or theme of the Torah reading. This week’s haftarah, however, requires no deep analysis to understand our Rabbis’ choice of the 11th and 12th chapters of Shmuel Aleph for


Confiscation Without Condemnation

In light of the usual chatter on the world stage and the ongoing dialogue that takes place amongst members of the international community, the eerie silence of the world was both conspicuous and confounding.

After Israeli forces recently seized an arms shipment in the waters approximately 1,000 miles south of Eilat, the world was largely silent. The


Protect your Passwords

Passwords are some­thing people should take seriously. People be­come complacent and figure “who wants my password? Hackers use a method called Phishing. The hacker will hunt through browsers and your computer looking for passwords, as well as smartphones. Today’s average computer/Smartphone user’s routine is a series of logging in and logging out of


Cougar Nation Livestreaming: Real-World Project-Based Learning

It’s playoff time in Cougar Nation at Yeshivat Frisch, with teams competing for titles in volleyball, hockey and basketball. In addition to the many fans joining us in person at the games, fans can now watch our games via live stream.

While researching and planning the


Challenge of Conflict

The heinous and horrific terrorist murders this past week of Hallel Ariel Hy”d and Rav Micky Marc Hy”d have caused us all to pause and reflect, as we do when tragedy strikes. We put life in perspective, and realize that the bickering we at times have among us is silly in the face of the “big picture.” Moments like these remind us of


Governing In The Eye Of The Storm

Amidst a barrage of controversy and under the dark and ominous cloud of a growing scandal that hovers above him, Chris Christie is still the Governor of New Jersey.

While the reaction to much of the Bridgegate controversy has primarily focused on Christie’s 2016 presidential prospects, the practical impact that it has on his role as Governor is often


Tracking My Lost Keys/IPad

Almost every home has an iPad or Goog­le Tablet. That is pretty amazing. These devices have changed our lives forever. Whether it’s for school, work or recreation, a tablet device is a necessity these days.

Recently, while riding in an elevator, I was holding my iPad. An elderly woman, who no­ticed asked me if that was an iPad. And then she said, “I just


Medical School in Israel? Easier Than You Think!

On Tuesday evening, March 1, Dr. Gabriel Farkas, a graduate of both Ben-Gurion University’s Medical School for International Health (MSIH) and Yeshiva University, addressed students at Stern College for Women. He highlighted his experience going to medical school in Israel and then transitioning to practice in the United States.


The French Connection: Elie and Teddy, Two Holocaust Heroes

Two extraordinary Holocaust survivors, who lived into their mid-80s, were buried on Sunday. Teddy died Friday, Elie on Saturday. Both men had lived in France; both were intimate with terror, fear, and pain; and both were exceptional. Each educated and inspired people, holding audiences small and large in their thrall. Both their fathers



Once every two years, I assume the role of an Olympic expert. Like countless other people around the world, I unilaterally and unabashedly deem myself an Olympic aficionado and presume that I know as much about the competition as the television commentators who actually do have extensive professional experience in each respective event.

During the Summer


Voicemail Management

Today, with all of the amazing features peo­ple have on their Smart phones and for texting, voicemail management still remains a mystery. Many voicemails people receive may be for an order or confirmation of a project, or to re­mind you not to forget to pick up milk on the way home.

I have no definitive confirmation that Google Voice will be going away, but