Thursday, August 06, 2020


Bronx-Westchester Eyes Future Without Engel

 Based on in-person voting, 32-year congressional veteran Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) appeared to be trailing his challenger Jamal Bowman by more than 10,000 votes in New York’s 16th district. The district currently includes River­dale, sections of the North Bronx and all of Southern Westchester. At press time, record numbers


Restaurants Serving Meat During the Nine Days


Owners of meat restaurants face a dilemma during the Nine Days. If they refuse to serve meat items during this time, marginally observant and non observant Jewish customers will likely choose to eat non-kosher meat elsewhere. The question is whether halacha permits store owners to serve


‘Und Vos Zogt Gott?’

Parshat Masei

This week’s haftarah, the second of the three pre-Tisha B’Av haftarot of condemnation, is taken from the second perek of Sefer Yirmiyahu and is continuation of last week’s reading that closed with the first four pesukim of this second chapter. As the navi’s mission was to censure


The Multiple Meanings of the Word ‘Netzach’

The precise meaning of this word is very relevant to us daily. In the prayer “Vayivarech David” we assign to God “ha-gedulah, ve-ha-gevurah, ve-ha-tiferet, ve-ha-neitzach, ve-ha-hod.” This is a verse in Divrei Ha-yamim (I, 29:11). We need to determine what the root נצח means here. In Tanach it usually has the meaning


Highland Park Councilwoman Susie Welkovits Remembered as a ‘Proud Jew’

Highland Park Councilwoman Susie Welkovits’s strong sense of commitment to standing up for what is right and for the Jewish community was forged growing up as the daughter of Holocaust survivors who fled Hungary in 1956 following the failed revolution against Soviet oppression.

“She was such


The Humiliation of Applying for Yeshiva Tuition Assistance

Like many parents who’ve been put through the financial/emotional/physical wringer over the past few months, my husband and I found ourselves applying for financial aid from our daughter’s yeshiva day school for the first time. I am still reeling from the shock and hurt: I have never encountered a more humiliating, demeaning, invasive


Chasidic-Sephardic Encounters in 20th-Century Eastern Europe

Rabbi Shlomo Baruch Halevi Prager (1887-1943) was the Ashkenazi chasidic rav of Bačko Petrovo Selo in Serbia (his father, Yaakov, was the rabbi of the nearby Serbian village of Ada). He was apparently somewhat unique among the Hungarian charedim in that he engaged in “kiruv” activities. He would travel to remote


Proceed With Caution: The Dangers of Social Media Advocacy in the 21st Century

My generation, those born in the early 2000s, post everything on social media. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter allow us to keep up with friends and acquaintances by scrolling through posts of their recent adventures and major life announcements. Yet, since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the brutal murder of George Floyd, the


Prizmah Partners With Two NJ Yeshiva Counselors to Hold National Conference

One of the best indicators of a professional’s readiness to handle difficult circumstances is whether or not they plan ahead.

By that measure, parents of children in dozens of yeshivot and other Jewish day schools nationwide can rest assured, knowing that the school


The Mystique of a ‘Celebrity’ Dying

Yesterday, the Glick women, Malkie, Chavie, Dena and I, were made aware of the fact that in honor of the 40th anniversary of the production “Grease,” a special quiz was shared, assuming that most people would not remember nuances from a musical from the ‘80s. The author of the quiz sort of dared people to see what they still


Feeling Guilty About Having a Normal Wedding

Dear Dr. Chani,

I have recently attended several small weddings in backyards, country clubs and parking lots. I have also watched a few weddings on Zoom. What I would have once been totally shocked to see has become fairly common. When my friends first started getting married in a casual,


Hike to Ramapo Lake and Along the Wanaque Ridge

This six-mile-loop hike approaches Ramapo Mountain State Forest from the west via Back Beach Park in Wanaque. It climbs to the scenic Ramapo Lake, heads north along its shore, then proceeds south along the Wanaque Ridge, with panoramic views to the west and east. The hike is of moderate