Sunday, October 24, 2021


Transitioning to School: When Does My Child Need Learning Support?

This year, transitioning back to school or work is still an ongoing process. After a year of uncertainty, pauses and changes in everyday activities and learning, we are now ready to hit the road running. However, transitioning back to school has been a challenge for many.

During COVID times, the


Shari Schwartz: ‘We Have Never Been Happier’

Shari Schwartz, 62, made aliyah from Passaic with her husband Kenny, 64, this past summer. Shari’s first trip to Israel was in 1976 when she was on a program studying Hebrew language, touring and volunteering on Kibbutz Be’erot Yitzchak. She has been dreaming about making aliyah since then.


The Magic and Hope of a Ishay Ribo Concert

I was a bit hesitant to go to a concert during Aseret Yemei Teshuva. But a friend of mine mentioned to me that Ishay Ribo was performing during Aseret Yemei Teshuva in Caesarea. I had always dreamed of going to a concert in the Roman amphitheater in Caesarea and I was a casual Ishay Ribo fan, so I couldn’t resist. I navigated the


Ben and Jerry Can’t Explain Away Their Company’s Boycott

One weak point of the BDS movement is that in a world of so much injustice, it singles out Israel for boycotts. When asked about boycotts, divestments and sanctions against, say, China for its treatment of Chinese Uighurs, the standard BDS answer is either “You have to start somewhere,” meaning Israel, or explaining why the


The Holidays of Cheshvan

Part II

In this installment I’d like to continue recounting some important dates of commemoration that fall out in the month of Cheshvan. I will continue with the largely forgotten minor Purims, other miscellaneous dates of commemoration, and then we move on to some extinct holidays mentioned in the


Set Positive, Actionable Goals

In a previous series, I laid out a five-step productivity process for leaders, which I then turned into a Productivity Blueprint. (See my bio for how to access.) This post goes deeper on the first of the five steps, planning for maximal productivity.

Now that we have determined which tasks we need to be


Why Our Elections Are Important

Teaneck is a melting pot, and for the most part many can differentiate local issues, such as funding the fire and police department, paving local roads, which are decided by the Teaneck Town Council, from state-level decisions—such as state income taxes and federal legislation


A One-Sided Conversation

I don’t know you (unless I do), but statistically, I’m pretty sure you don’t like public speaking.

Unfortunately, though, you probably have to make a bar mitzvah at some point, nebech, and you have to speak, even though you’re not the one becoming bar mitzvah. And what do you even speak about? At


Porcine Prohibition

The makers of the “Impossible” plant-based products recently unveiled their latest offering, “Impossible Pork.” It contains zero pork and, technically speaking, is as un-treif as a fruit or vegetable. Yet the product’s name and apparent likeness to real pork might give some cause for concern. Even if other “Impossible”


Don’t Give Up Hope

When it comes to things that are worthwhile, we should never give up hope. Abraham and Sarah were childless for many, many years and had reached the age when most people would have long given up hope of ever having a child. Yet they continued to hope and pray for a child to love and to follow in their footsteps teaching the world about God.


How to Draw a Sunflower

Seven-year-old Daniella Fuchs of Teaneck was reading the Kids Link section of The Jewish Link last week and decided she had something to contribute. Please enjoy the first in her “how to” series, how to draw a sunflower.



Best Friends for Never

Dear Shayna B.,

I am a huge fan! I think you are inspiring.

I have a problem. Recently, my friend and I were on a swing together. My friend pushed me off and said in a really mean tone, “You’re so clumsy.” The following day, she invited me to go bowling with

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