Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Tone It Down

I don’t think it is my age that caused the reaction that I had to the following situation.

I was in a store, allowing myself the luxury of a manicure, when a group of women who were in the store carried on as though they were in their own kitchen. Screaming and yelling with each other as if there was


Debunking the ‘… Sheep to the Slaughter’ Myth: Resistance, Heroism, Marceau and Mime in Occupied France

PBS’ drama “Resistance” is an historically based account of French underground cells that sabotaged German headquarters, military installations and other venues frequented by Nazis. These assassination-and-sabotage squads singled out German soldiers and their Vichy collaborators.


The Guy I Am Dating Seriously Has Given Me an Ultimatum

Dear Dr. Chani,

My question is very time-sensitive. I have been dating a guy seriously for a few months and he recently told me that I need to make a decision about getting engaged or he will break up with me. I’m not sure what to do.

I have been dating for several


The Other Color Wars

Welcome back to “How Should I Know?”—the column that most rabbis say you shouldn’t read for six hours after eating fleishigs. Or milchigs.

Dear Mordechai,

The minhag seems to be to use red for fleishigs and blue for milchigs. What color should one use for pareve?


Dear Colorless,

The minhag seems to be to use


No Visitors

At summer camp this year, there will be no visiting day. Campers will have to brave the storm of their own independence as they navigate through seven weeks of virtually no parental supervision. This will be challenging for some campers, especially the perennial kvetchers who heavily rely on visiting day to get them over the hump of


Parshat Devarim

In this week’s parsha, Moshe tells the leaders that the one most important thing is to listen, and he told the Israelis to listen to their chosen leaders. So today we will be making sugar cookies in honor of the sweet and kind leaders.

You will need:


Scared for School to Start

By Shayna B.

Dear Shayna,

I am scared for school to start. I am going to a new school. l might not know what they expect me to know, and l might not make friends. What should l do?

Yours truly,


Why Palestinian Leaders Are Inciting Violence Against Israel

The Palestinian Authority (PA), facing growing criticism over the death of Palestinian anti-corruption political activist Nizar Banat, is trying to redirect the anger on the Palestinian street toward Israel.

Although Israel had nothing to do with the brutal killing of Banat, steering anger toward it is


NJ NCSY Celebrates TJJ Summer Program’s Return to Israel

After 14 months of isolation, cancelation and deprivation from so much that defines who we are and what we value most deeply, every concrete step towards returning to normal is worth savoring. When the lost opportunities are first exposures to Israel and Jewish communal gatherings at a pivotal time in young people’s lives, the


Congregation Beth Abraham Names Rolnicks as New Youth Directors

Bergenfield's Cong. Beth Abraham recently hired Eitan and Racheli Rolnick to serve as the new youth directors for the congregation. Eitan is entering his fourth year of semicha at YU and also currently attends the Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education. A home-grown Teaneck talent, he’s spent past summers at Camp Morasha and


Conflict Resolution

Rabbi Sacks zt’’l had prepared a full year of Covenant & Conversation for 5781, based on his book Lessons in Leadership.

One of the hardest tasks of any leader—from prime ministers to parents—is conflict resolution. Yet it is also the most vital. Where there is leadership, there is


A Respectful Disagreement With the Star-K About the Philips Norelco OneBlade

Since my son Binyamin and I have publicized our newly released book on pei’ot and electric shavers titled “Halachic Haircutting Handbook: A Breakthrough Exposure of an Obscure Mitzvah,” we have been bombarded with questions concerning the Philips Norelco OneBlade electric shaver.


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