Friday, May 20, 2022


Tanzanian School Dedicated In Memory of Beloved Teaneck Pediatrician

Approximately 7,700 miles separate Teaneck, New Jersey from Malindi, Tanzania, but the two places share a special bond that defies distance. Earlier this month, former Teaneck resident Stuart Forman traveled with his daughter Sandi Ryker and grandchildren Rafi and Shira Ryker to Malindi, a small village in the lush region


Academies at GBDS: Teaching to Each Child

(Courtesy of Academies at GBDS) The pandemic presented schools with many unforeseen challenges related to academics and social emotional learning. In a proactive approach, Academies at GBDS, Gerrard Berman Day School, has expanded its team to include a middle school learning specialist, an occupational therapist,


Bnei Akiva Yom Ha’atzmaut Celebrations Draw Thousands

(Courtesy of Bnei Akiva) If you passed through Westchester, New Jersey or Long Island during the week of Yom Ha’atzmaut, you probably saw hundreds of lawns dotted with colorful Magen David-shaped signs that said, “My Chag, Your Chag, Our Chag.” In partnership with local Jewish schools, Bnei Akiva


Jstay Makes Kosher Travel Easy

These days there seems to be an app for everything, so when Sholli Kestecher, travel enthusiast and entrepreneur, searched for a short-term booking platform customized for a Jewish kosher traveler, he was surprised to discover that no such thing existed. He decided to create Jstay, a global app modeled after the Airbnb


A Pesach Program in Hawaii

Spending Pesach in the tropical paradise of Hawaii was one of the most restful vacations my family has ever had. Rabbi Itchel and Rebbetzin Perel Krasnjansky, of Chabad of Honolulu, hosted their guests at the luxurious Trump International Hotel in beautiful Waikiki.


My Jewish Listings Has the Info You Need for Shavuot Programs and Kosher Summer Vacations

(Courtesy of My Jewish Listings) Shavuot, which commemorates the receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, is approaching. The holiday takes place seven weeks after Passover because it is believed the Jews received the Torah seven weeks after their exodus from Egypt. It is one of the most joyous occasions on the Jewish calendar.


Visit the Safed Puzzle Room and Galileat in Israel

Every time you come home to Israel, Israel will surprise you and present you with something new to experience. As one of the most diverse and vibrant nations in the world, there is always much to see and explore. If you are planning a visit to Israel and looking for something different and unique, check


Not an Exerciser

Dear Jenn,

I am a 68-year-old woman, married, retired, and enjoying family. I’m overweight and borderline diabetic. My doctor strongly advised me to lose weight, exercise and control my blood sugar. I’ve been trying to cut back on my eating but I’m neither athletic nor


Gilad Glazer: I’m Exactly Where All Jews Should Be

Gilad Glazer, 13 years old, just celebrated his bar mitzvah in Jerusalem, surrounded by his family and friends. He made aliyah with his family from Riverdale this past September and lives in Modi’in.

Aviva: Who did you make aliyah with?

Gilad: My mom, my


Torah and Technology

Twenty years ago, I’d occasionally face this problem: I’m at a wedding at a hotel, and a group of individuals begin gathering together to say Maariv. There are no siddurim. I don’t have one of those pocket-size Mincha and Maariv booklets with me. And I am not that well versed to know the entire weekday Maariv prayers by


Go Fund Me

Hardly a day goes by that there isn’t a plea made for a donation to the latest GoFundMe for someone who has suffered a setback. We in the Jewish community are fortunate in that our local charities immediately step up to the plate when they are made aware of a family or individual who is in need.



Lawmakers’ Talk of Fighting Antisemitism Gets Heated

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) was the guest last week of an annual discussion hosted by the National Association of Jewish Legislators/New York Chapter. The event was attended by two dozen state lawmakers from both houses and both sides of the aisle. The Jewish Link of New Jersey had exclusive media access to the

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