Tuesday, July 14, 2020


Yavneh Academy Travels for Lag B’Omer

Yavneh Academy students enjoyed a wide array of activities on Lag B’Omer. Early Childhood had a wonderful time meeting all the animals at Turtle Back Zoo in West Orange, NJ. First and second grade students were treated to field activities with Coach Calise. Middle school students went to Coastal Sports and had friendly


JKHA Has a “Field Day” on Lag B’Omer

The Joseph Kushner Hebrew Academy had a blast celebrating Lag B ‘Omer! The students spent much of the day engaged in various outdoor activities including sports, obstacle courses, relay races and even an indoor “bonfire.” It was a great day at JKHA.


Color War Overtakes JKHA Middle School on Lag B’Omer

Teams Mayim and Eish worked hard last week, practicing and performing their songs, cheers and dances. The teams competed in sports, Torah and other exciting events, and each team created an incredible banner. The ruach in the school was amazing. While both teams worked hard, the Blue Team emerged victorious.


Lag B’Omer Smiles at Noam

Yeshivat Noam students celebrated Lag B’Omer with a day of sports, obstacles, apache relays and a school-wide concert.


Lag B’Omer Fun at the Paramus JCC

Jewish Community Center of Paramus/Congregation Beth Tikvah Hebrew School students and parents enjoyed a day of sports and a barbecue lunch in celebration of Lag B’Omer at Cliff Gennarelli Sports Complex in Paramus. Activities included trivia games about Lag B’Omer, parent-child softball, team-building activities, relay races


RYNJ Heads Outdoors for Lag B’Omer


The Art of Home Juggling: Selling and Buying a New Home

Your family is getting bigger and now you want a bigger home, or your kids are married or have relocated and now you want to downsize. Time to juggle, but pay attention so you don’t drop the balls.

The two important questions you should ask yourself when you want to sell your current residence and buy


BCHSJS: An Investment With Dividends

It is axiomatic, logical and obvious to all but the most die-hard secularists that a day-school education provides the best option for fostering Jewish continuity, observance, literacy and involvement. The sheer mathematics of spending 3–4 hours daily immersed in high-level Jewish studies for 8 to 12 years versus 3–4 hours weekly, if


Emor 5775: Servant Leadership

The description of the daily Temple service tradition teaches that the kohen on duty in the morning would cleanse the oil cups for the menorah, refill them, add in new wicks, and light them. When the Jewish people merited a miracle, one of the lamps would never extinguish and the kohen would remove it, clean the cup, add new oil, and return


My Colleague Ashim From Nepal

Usually I write all about tech and the great uses it has. But with my personal connection to one of my engineers in Nepal, I am stepping out of the tech arena this week and writing about the amazing people of Nepal and the unfortunate disaster that has occurred.

About four years ago,


Exclusive Interview With the Maccabeats

Just hearing “Maccabeats” brings a smile to the face of anyone who knows and loves the music of this uniquely creative, talented, and upbeat a capella musical group.

The Union, Hillside, and Elizabeth communities were treated to a spirited performance by the Maccabeats at the recent


Emor: The Omer Beard Olympics

The situation was definitely getting ugly. Or, if the situation itself wasn’t getting ugly, then at the very least the students were.

That was the scene confronting Rabbi Efraim Oppenheim at the Nachmanides High School on Lag Ba’omer. Just a little over a month earlier, before the start of Passover,