Sunday, January 24, 2021


‘Every Piece Counts’ Applied Behavior Analysis Agency Provides Support for Individuals With Autism

For individuals with autism, some skills, such as everyday communication or safely crossing the street, do not come as naturally as they may for others. At “Every Piece Counts,” (EPC) an Applied Behavior Analysis agency based in Livingston, clinicians provide both clinic- and home-based services for


Lakewood Paramedic Simcha Shain Takes Flight: A Role Model for Helping Others

When you spend some time talking with Simcha Shain, and ask about his life, two things become readily apparent.

One, the man stays so busy that he must have an aversion to free time.

And two, he has dedicated his life to performing essential and


Choosing the Laws as One Pleases

I know that we should not judge others, even when they are doing something that is the antithesis of what every medical expert says should be done during the days of COVID. Yet it seems to me that what one does in their own environment is their own business, but what they do in public is something else.


Having your say in The Link

Featuring Gershon Distenfeld Photographed at the David Beyda Studio on December 31st 2020

On the World Series of Poker:

I play as a hobby ... I never expected to be thrown into the limelight like I recently


A West Side Story

One of the great joys of living on the Upper West Side is the potential for celebrity spotting. Pre-pandemic, when more people were in the city, it was fairly common not only to run into friends but also celebs while walking and shopping. As The Jewish Link is now expanding its reach to this side of the Hudson, I thought I would share with


Jewish Communities, Parents and Schools: A New Discussion

As Jews, we pride ourselves on keeping our Jewish identity alive despite the diaspora. No matter where we were strewn, we kept the central tenets of Judaism. Today, we have settled in major countries and have built communities that are driven to impart the Jewish identity to the next generations. Over the past few decades, the focal point


COVID’s Lasting Political Impact

COVID-19 has radically reshaped how we approach nearly all aspects of day-to-day life. Elections and the campaigns that accompany them have likewise been heavily impacted over the course of this year, and we have witnessed fundamental changes that will remain beyond our current circumstances. In 2020, we not only had to navigate the


I’m Not Going to Be the Test Tube

As someone who uses words for a living, it’s getting increasingly more difficult to say anything these days, in fear of offending someone. But I don’t complain (about that). After all, our very ability to use words is a gift that Hashem gave us. Isn’t that what makes us better than the animals?



Protocol Penalties

The Jewish Link recently published a “Letter to the Editor” concerning tallit-related protocols in certain shuls. The letter regaled readers with a tale involving a persnickety “yekkishe” (German-style) synagogue with a penchant for authoritarianism. As the story goes, a visitor was davening on Shabbat morning and started to remove


Learning to Listen

“Are YOU one of tomorrow’s leaders? Do you have what it takes to set the tone for the next generation? Is the latest research about leadership all you need to know to reach your potential?” Shoshana Morgan’s eyes grew wider and wider as she read the questions on the flyer. It was as if someone was reading her mind! “Yes, yes and


I Don’t Want to Go!

Dear Shayna B.,

My family is invited to our neighbor’s bar mitzvah but I do not want to go! The bar mitzvah boy has always been nasty to me but he puts on a friendly face when he is with adults. The problem is I always spend Shabbat with my family and this is going to be a hard situation to get out of. What would you do, Shayna?


Ambassador Nikki Haley to Headline TABC Virtual Annual Dinner on Jan. 10

(Courtesy of TABC) Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley is slated to headline Torah Academy of Bergen County’s virtual 38th annual dinner on Sunday, January 10. Israel tech blogger and startup advisor Hillel Fuld will offer words of inspiration as well as TABC