Saturday, October 31, 2020


The Name on the Back

Yael H had one of the most common first names in the school and the most common in her grade. In August of the year she was born, the great pioneer race car driver Yael Speeds passed away. Speeds was a hero for being the first Jewish racing driver to win both the NASCAR and Formula One championships, and on top of that, she was competing in


Privacy Please!

Dear Shayna,

I share a room with my sister, Jessica, and I am never alone. While this may seem like a good thing, and sometimes it is, I still need my own space. I don’t want her to help herself to my things and I want my quiet time to be respected. How can I handle this situation?


COVID-19 Forces Schools to Pivot

When Jewish day and yeshiva high schools reopened their doors to students and faculty at the start of the school year, nearly six months after abruptly shifting to remote learning due to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the running debate was: “How long until they close?” With masks, social distancing and many other safety


Meet Independent Candidate for Congress Josh Eisen

On Tuesday, November 3, citizens in NY’s 17th Congressional District will vote to replace long-time Congressmember Nita Lowey. Josh Eisen is running as an independent, on the Education. Community. Law. Party (E.C.L.) line.

Eisen explained, “I was running originally as a


Lulav and Sukkah on Shemini Atzeret

There is some confusion concerning the practice of galut Jewry regarding lulav and sukkah on Shemini Atzeret. Let us shed some light on practices that might seem to contradict specific passages in the Gemara.

Gemara Background and Tosafot’s Explanation


Dental Students Build First Sukkah At Newark’s University Hospital

Sponsored by Hatzalah of Essex County, the sukkah project was made possible by the hard work of Chaplain Nathan Zemel, M.D. and Chaplain Helen Kurczynski. Endorsed by Shereef Elnahal, M.D., M.B.A., president and CEO of University Hospital, the sukkah was built by the Rutgers Alpha Omega frum dental students


Passaic’s Bodek Family Build ‘Classic’ Sukkah


Judaica House Sukkot Store


The Kleids Build Their Sukkah


Rx for Sukkot 5781: Gimme Shelter

The rock and roll culture of the 1960s and 1970s was very much a part of my youth. No, I didn’t attend Woodstock. Nor did I buy into the less-than-desirable behaviors associated with the counterculture. But I could not resist humming along while tapping my feet to the catchy rock and roll tunes played on my AM transistor radio (an


Sukkos and Shemini Atzeres: A ‘Rainy Day’ Relationship With Hashem

A good friend of mine started his own company recently. He told me his biggest challenge is getting his prospective clients to really understand the beneficial nature of his service. It is highly complex and needs a deep understanding of company operations to appreciate what he brings to the table.



Yesterday’s Promises; Today’s Reality

Chag Sukkot

The Yom Tov of Sukkot is unique in many ways, none more than the glaring difference in the sacrificial rite as found in the Torah. The offerings of each and every special day, Shabbat and Rosh Chodesh, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, Pesach and Shavuot, share a common obligation: one ram and