Thursday, April 15, 2021


Four Sons, Four Stages

Much ink has been spilled on the topic of the four sons in the Haggadah, and the concise instructions on how to deal with each child al pi darko (in the way that each child learns). At first glance it would appear that the Haggadah is describing four types of people—four personality types: wise, wicked, simple, and shy or unintelligent.


Passing the Torch to a New Generation

About a dozen years ago, a group of residents in our Orthodox community in Stamford began a community growth initiative, in order to attract more young families to relocate here.

We felt we had all the trappings that young families were looking for—two Modern Orthodox shuls … an award-winning day


Spotlight on Max Wisotsky Of Highland Park

If you want a role model of passionate involvement in communal affairs and the issues that animate Jewish life, you want to get to know Max Wisotsky.

He was born and raised in New York’s Lower East Side during the Depression, one of four children. He attended the Rabbi Jacob Joseph Yeshiva and


‘That Guy’

My high school students are helping to learn me English. To clarify, I’m actually teaching them English, but they are trying to teach me how to communicate in their world.

These days the boyz use their own lingo. They tell me that I need to learn it so I don’t get wreckt and be tripping, and so I can


How to Get Your Vaccine

Booking a COVID vaccine appointment can be a frustrating process but I’m here to help! Everything here has worked for many people, including my volunteer crew and many others with whom we shared this handbook, but nothing is a guarantee. I edit the information in the online handbook, so please see the live document at


Our COVID-19 Experiences and a Note of Gratitude

Eric and I were married in November 2019 at Congregation Ahavas Achim in Highland Park, in the presence of all of the people we love and cherish. We thought it was truly amazing that we came together, because neither of us had any idea that our initial meeting would lead to our future as man and wife. (Eric often jokes that the


Breakfast of Champions: Zachary Root’s Cereal Challenge

Ready for some blindfolded breakfast? The Root family is challenging you to try the Cereal Challenge to raise awareness for their son’s condition. Zachary Root, an 8-year-old boy from North Caldwell, was diagnosed at age 3 with an Ashkenazi inherited syndrome, Usher 1F. Usher Syndrome is a rare genetic disorder that causes


Hike Pyramid Mountain in Morris County

This four-mile, easy-to-moderate hike in Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area in Morris County runs along a scenic reservoir, goes by two unusual glacial erratics—Tripod Rock and Bear Rock—and reaches two panoramic viewpoints. The hike should take about three hours, and dogs are permitted on leash. A map is


Am I Being Too Picky?

Dear Dr. Chani,

After several years of dating, I still haven’t found “Mr. Right.” When I look back at the many guys I’ve dated, I know there were a few who had potential. Unfortunately, I rejected them after one or two dates without giving them much of a chance. They are no longer available or


Yaakov Shwekey Honors “COVID Bar Mitzvah Boys” With New Song!

In early October, Yaakov Klugman approached his longtime friend, Yaakov Shwekey, requesting a brand new song in honor of his son Yehuda’s upcoming bar mitzvah. Renowned composer Yitzy Waldner wrote a moving song, Hamalach, which Shwekey, joined by Klugman, performed for the family and guests


Chol Hamoed Travel Guide

Please enjoy The Jewish Link’s updated guide to help you enjoy Chol Hamoed to its fullest.
Chol Hamoed dates: Tuesday through Friday, March 30 - April 2.

Three great events are happening that will need to be reserved ASAP:

  • NCSY

CBY Youth to Set Sail On Chol Hamoed

Join the Bnai Yeshurun DFZ’L youth department for an inspirational and exciting Chol Hamoed adventure! Set sail across the Hudson on a privately chartered boat with incredible tour guides, accompanied by the renowned children’s book author Chana Stiefel. Learn about what true freedom means as we celebrate Zman Cheiruteinu and hear Chana