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Beth Din of America: An Interview with Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann

Passaic–The Beth Din of America, based in Manhattan, has been in the news quite often this fall, mostly about controversies that aren’t part of its day-to-day activities. Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann, the organization’s menahel (director), agreed to speak with JLNJ to clarify the role that the Beth Din fills, and to speak


The Last Laugh

The Jewish people always have the last laugh. Sometimes it takes a lot of patience to recognize it, but it never fails.

Pharaoh tried to control our population by forcing us into extreme slave labor, but the more he oppressed us the more our population exploded. Haman tried to destroy us and plunge us


A Better Competitor?

Some time ago I was invited to attend a social evening at someone’s home. In searching for an appropriate word to call this particular event, the participants settled on “salon.”

There was a guest of honor, you might say, who presented a sort of workshop of art and self-discovery. It was enjoyable


A Marriage Accumulates Many Things

They seem to have had a great marriage, but the last few years she has been very concerned with her husband talking about leaving her. Though he’s doesn’t talk much about his marriage to his friends, he occasionally mentions that conditions in his house are terrible, but then changes the subject. What’s going on?


Computer Geek

Once upon a time, many years ago, I was a student in Stern College for Women and Others, as I affectionately referred to it. I can honestly say I enjoyed almost every minute of my four years there. One of the things that I was very excited about was that I did not have to take any math classes. In lieu of evil math, I was able to


Dr. Carol Glaser Offers Divorce Support Group and Relationship Workshop

Teaneck–As Dr. Carol Glaser’s divorce support group for Orthodox women concludes after meeting for almost two years, a new group is forming to provide support for divorced or divorcing women. Dr. Glaser is an experienced marriage and family therapist and is also licensed as a psychotherapist. She practices in Teaneck.


When Books Become Vegetables

With lofty ambition and high-minded intentions, I erect small libraries of books upon my night table, eagerly anticipating the vacation I’ve planned for months. Finally, finally! There will be time to work through the collection of edifying, “nutritious” books that I’ve assembled over the course of the year based on glowing book


Rabbi Elie Mischel – A Vision for the Future

Livingston–Rabbi Elie Mischel has warmth, an engaging smile, and an inviting manner. He is young, energetic, and welcoming and, right off the bat, it’s easy to see how he captured the hearts, minds, and neshamas of the congregation of the Synagogue of the Suburban Torah Center.

Rabbi Mischel, and his


Snow Job

Esther positively adored snow days. Whenever bad weather was predicted, she’d sleep fitfully, stumbling every few minutes to her daughter’s bedroom window that faced the street lamp outside. There she would check the progress of the storm all through the night. Her husband, Len, disturbed by her meandering would shush her,


Are you a ‘Feelings Family’?

So is your family a “Feelings Family”? In order to understand this term, let’s consider the following example:

Mrs. Jones: Sam, how was your day today?

Sam: It was good, but I have a ton of homework. I am also really having a hard time managing all of this work.


Why You Should Choose Your Airline Seat Carefully

In his 62 years Jack had traveled rather widely: sight-seeing trips to Europe, adventurous treks through the Yukon, the Alps, and the Rhone Valley, family expeditions across the US Continental Divide and sunny drives down the Pacific Coast Highway. He’d seen strange places and even stranger people in his time. But nothing really


A Chandelier to Think About

During an intermission of services, our rabbi told a story of a little boy talking to an angel, who complained that in our days God doesn’t make miracles like He did in biblical days–the parting of the Red Sea and so forth. The angel brought the boy back in time to the Exodus from Egypt, to the middle of the parted Red Sea when

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