Monday, June 14, 2021


Jewish Community of Kaifeng To Hold Traditional Passover Seder

Kaifeng, China—Nearly 100 members of the ancient Jewish community of Kaifeng, China, are expected to attend a first-of-its-kind traditional Passover Seder that will take place next Monday, April 14, at the start of the holiday in Kaifeng. The Seder, which is being sponsored by the Jerusalem-based Shavei Israel organization, will be conducted for the


That Time of Year

The Jewish calendar can really be broken down into holidays: the preparation before and the recovery afterward. Nowhere is this more obvious than pre-Pesach. Another suggested name for this period is, “Get Ready to Clean the House, Don’t Leave Crumbs Around, and Time to Get Rid of the Food.” Whatever you call this time period, it is one that can stress


From the Mouths of Babes

Send your kids’ outrageous quotes to [email protected]

“Mommy, I’ve decided I’m going to be Minnie Mouse for Pesach.” anonymous

“My lamb needs a snack. (Eats it). I guess I was hungry too.” anonymous

A child comes home from a playdate: “Mom, I have two words for you: Cheese. Balls.” anonymous

And more



Yes, it is that time of year again. Spring is in the air, the Purim candy has been eaten and Passover is just around the corner. The time of year when my husband asks, “Is there anything I can do to help?” but tunes out to the college basketball game on TV when I answer him. In truth, the answer is always no, because you cannot be a true martyr if you accept the


L’Dor v’Dor: Instructing One Generation to the Next

“In every generation, each person must feel as if he personally had come out of Mitzrayim (Egypt), as the Torah says: “You should tell your child on that day, ‘When I left Mitzrayim, Hashem did miracles for me ...’”—Passover Haggadah

With Passover just around the corner, if you’ve read this


Our Pesach Agenda

This prayer was compiled by Rabbi Yissachar-Bernard Davids who, prior to World War II, served as Chief Rabbi in Rotterdam, Holland. During the war, he and his family were transferred to the Bergen-Belsen Nazi concentration camp. On Pesach, in Bergen-Belsen, Rabbi Davids instructed his fellow prisoners to eat chametz due to the Jewish principle of pikuach


Need New Maternity Clothing?

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My father loved tchotchkes. Perhaps this was because he didn’t have much to call his own, growing up as one of seven siblings in a poor household. Maybe he just liked accrueing stuff. But, for as long as I can remember, my dad would come home most nights from his store, with pockets and bags filled with goodies, none of which had any


Hugging Holocaust Survivors

One of the great things about working for the Simon Wiesenthal Center is the incredible people you meet, especially the heroes that survived the Holocaust. They all have amazing stories to tell and a profound view of life.  I recently met with Simon Gronowski. Simon lives in Belgium and is on a whirlwind tour of NY. In 1943, at the tender young age of 11, Simon leapt


Say ‘Yes’ to the Dress?

I am usually allergic to any form of physical exercise, yet I have managed to trek more miles in the last few days than the most dedicated hiker. All of this strenuous activity was undertaken in my fruitless pursuit of the dream dress, the elusive and perfect garment for an upcoming family simcha.

To be perfectly honest, I must clarify that I am presently on


Miriam Lubling, Pioneer of Bikur Cholim in America, is Niftar

Brooklyn—Mrs. Miriam Lubling, co-founder and president of the Rivkah Laufer Bikur Cholim, and a legendary patient advocate in New York area hospitals, died this week at NYU Langone Medical Center after a five-week long battle with pneumonia. After a levaya in Borough Park, she was taken to Israel for burial.

Mrs. Lubling, the mother of three and the


What Glamour and NBC Taught Me about Confidence

Last month I received a text message from a friend of mine asking whether or not I would be interested in appearing on a segment of NBC’s New York News. My heart immediately began to race. “Of course!” I responded. I was in the middle of a program for school and frantically whispered to my friend sitting in front of me, telling him the

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