Sunday, October 24, 2021


Wine Pairings to Make the Pesach Palate Sing

Everyone has their favorite traditional Passover dishes, but what to drink with them? We sat down with Jay Buchsbaum, Director of Wine Education for Royal Wine Corp. for some insight on pairing wines this Passover. For each dish Jay notes three suggestions from various locations and at different price points. Now onto the


Kosher for Passover in Israel

We were at Sachne one day last Passover. Sachne, also known as “The Park of the Three Pools,” is located near Beit Shahn in the Lower Galilee. It was a beautiful day, and the place was packed with both Jews and Arabs, religious people and non-religious. The kids had a lot of fun going in and out of the waterfalls in the park, and we


Pesach: A Time For Freedom

As we prepare to welcome in the holiday of Pesach, I wanted to reflect on the concept of freedom and its application to family life. Historically, Pesach celebrates our national freedom from under the rule of the Egyptian people. At the Pesach Seder, we involve ourselves in many actions that demonstrate freedom. We drink four cups of wine,


Tax Tips: Is the IRS Watching Me?

The Facebook world is really quite a strange universe when you sit back and think about it. The average sentence written by a female inexplicably contains 17 exclamation points. Apparently a normal response to a picture posted of a young child is to state how you want to “eat them” or “squish them,” both equally disturbing


Watch That Wi-Fi

As an IT professional, I spend a lot of time having conversations about cyber security—hacking and identity theft. With all we do protect ourselves, if a hacker wants to get your data, he will. I give the example that cyber-protection is like having a car alarm or locking one’s car.

If a


Darchei Noam: Creating a Warm and Welcoming Shul for All

Warm and homey are two of the words Rabbi Jeremy Donath would like people to associate with his shul, Fair Lawn’s Darchei Noam. The shul was founded in November 2006 and has grown drastically since its humble beginnings in the basement of one of their member’s home, when they still struggled to get a minyan.


Q&A With a 13-Year Old Writer

Tal Fultheim, 13, a Teaneck resident and Yeshivat Noam seventh grade student, wrote a 38-page book Making Memories, and published it on e-book, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Apple. Recently, the sequel, Moving On,was published as well.

Below is our conversation with


Lessons I Learned in Prison

I enjoy helping clients in my private practice and conducting mental health seminars in the community in my part-time work. In my full-time job, I’m a psychologist at a New Jersey State prison for men. It makes for great conversation at kiddushim and weddings (perhaps not so appropriate at bar and bat mitzvahs and children’s


In Memory of Aleza Baltuch Winslow z”l

With the opening of Sefer Vayikra this week, the theme of korbanot—the offerings brought in the Tabernacle and Beit Ha’Mikdash—takes front and center stage in the life of the Jewish people. Though we no longer have korbanot as part of our daily ritual, Aleza brought her own offerings, both to Hashem through her deep emunah


Vayikra: The Maggid Convention

The New Jersey Maggid Convention was one of the highlights of the year for any Jewish storyteller from the Garden State. It was a place where you could spend Shabbat singing zemirot with old friends, enjoying a nice, steaming bowl of chulent in catered elegance, or just swapping stories with some compatriots. Two years ago it had been held


Sitting Down With Hall of Fame Baseball Writer Murray Chass

While growing up in Pittsburgh in the 1940’s and 50’s, Murray Chass’ favorite baseball player was a seldom used bench player named Ted Beard.

The reason Chass loved him was simple: he was, like himself, small and left handed. Chass’ insights and observations into baseball grew over the


The Amazing Mrs. Webster

American Jews of my generation have been truly blessed in having had the opportunity to visit and live in a united Israel and, more particularly, a united Jerusalem for much of our lifetimes. Over the years in my several dozen visits to Israel, I have met many extraordinary people, some world-famous, others unknown to more than a handful.

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