Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Take a Delightful Hike in the Nearby Ramapo Mountains

This 4.5-mile moderate “lollipop-loop” hike in nearby Ramapo Mountain State Forest climbs to several viewpoints and follows the shore of scenic Ramapo Lake. The hike should take about three hours. Dogs are allowed on leash.

To reach the trailhead, take N.J. Route 4


Support Kosher Troops, and Get Kosher Food to Jewish Heroes

“You’re moving where?!” I remember a friend asking in shock when I told her I was moving to Biloxi, Mississippi. It’s not on the list of top 10 locations to start your Jewish marriage, but my marriage was going to be anything but ordinary. My husband had just been commissioned into the


The Origin of the Name 'Shneur'

Shneur is a very common personal name, popular among both chasidic and non-chasidic Jews.

It is common, for instance, in Chabad where boys are often named after the founder of the movement, Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi, and also in the Lithuanian “yeshiva world” where boys are often named after Rabbi


The 'Hamsa Artist' Paints Meaningful Portraits

I was introduced to Shlome J. Hayun by an artist friend and immediately fell in love with his artistic style and upbeat attitude towards life. Hayun’s multimedia artwork is distinctive and unexpected in the traditional Judaica art world. Hayun is a self-taught artist known for his unique combination of


Issues With Attraction in Dating

Dear Dr. Chani,

I am very impressed with your advice in your column. I am hoping that you can help me with a serious question I have about dating. Over the past four years that I have dated, I have not gone out with many guys. I tend to be selective about who I choose to date. Recently, I decided to go


Every Step Counts: Reflections of a Summer Journalist

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, I pursued a summer 2020 journalism internship at The Jewish Link. I have written articles focused on global politics, mental health initiatives, local events and community services, connecting readers to the facts. While writing these articles, I engaged in the process used by the press to fulfill its


Early Education

Welcome back to “How Should I Know?”—the column that more and more readers are turning to every day by accident.

Dear Mordechai,

Is it just me, or is Rosh Hashanah really early this year?

Running Late


Menu Monikers

Many moons ago, restaurant menus were relatively mundane. A schnitzel sandwich was listed simply as a “schnitzel sandwich” with the only variation being with fries or without. Back then, a regular schnitzel sandwich was not even called a “classic” because, at that time, there was nothing to which to compare it.


Hey, Ma! I Passed!!

At least one parent in a family has gone with their newly turned 16- or 17-year-old to take their road test for their driver’s license. All of us have sat there thinking about what we will say to comfort them if they don’t pass. “It’s OK, the guy probably was not paying attention to how careful you were.”


Canteen for a Cause

Like many children in the Englewood community, Rebecca Isak, a rising sixth grader at The Moriah School, did not attend sleepaway camp this summer. Camp Nesher made a decision to close for the 2020 season, but Rebecca wanted to incorporate one of her favorite elements of camp to her stay-at-home summer. Launched on June


New York's AG Briefs Westchester Jewish Council

On August 4, New York’s Attorney General Letitia James briefed the Westchester Jewish Council’s leadership via Zoom.

WJC’s President Lisa Roberts welcomed James: “We are grateful for our ongoing relationship with the attorney general’s office. The WJC is proud to serve as the central


Olami Unites Jewish Communities in Collective Walk to Israel

Limitations on travel caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted Jewish communities around the world. Many summer trips to Israel have been canceled. Those who would have been on those trips had to find other paths to deepen their connections to Judaism and Israel.

In addition, social