Tuesday, June 02, 2020


Strengthening Our Faith

Parshiyot Behar-Bechukotai

After describing the brachot that Hashem will bestow upon a faithful nation of Israel, the parsha spends the bulk of its remainder detailing the disastrous punishments that would befall a sinful Israel. In the same way, our haftarah shares the harsh words of Yirmiyahu, who


Quarantining the Ugly Duckling: A Message for the Inspirational Speakers of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Many articles have been written and speeches given about how to improve oneself during quarantine. For some, the highlighting of aspirational growth is motivating and provides a sense of meaning and positive focus during these uncertain and possibly traumatic times. Notably, because striving to be “better” is often regarded as the


Project S.A.R.A.H. Takes Action During Coronavirus

Over the last several weeks, Project S.A.R.A.H. clinicians have been sharing reflections, thoughts and strategies with you and the rest of the community around keeping our sanity and our relationships intact while grappling with the COVID-19 pandemic. Coping with abrupt school closures, making your first Pesach at home, concerns with


The White Dress and The Plague of 2020

The perfect white dress. Any mother of girls knows that the search and the struggle is real. I am the blessed mom of four daughters. I have experienced high school graduation twice already. My third daughter was hoping to have similar graduation experiences and lasting memories as did her older sisters.


Kashrus in the Age of Corona

Kashrus is a very hands-on profession. There are factories to visit, cows to shecht, and lettuce to check. When travel restrictions are in place and mere proximity bears risk, how is it possible to maintain kosher supervision?

STAR-K Kashrus administrator Rabbi Chananya Jacobson sheds light on the topic.


Bridging the Distance

Home-school partnership has taken on new meaning during this past month of distance learning, sometimes feeling like a crossover between the two previously more distinct spaces. I have gotten to overhear my kids’ classes and feel their school-related energies at home. They pick each other’s brains for assignment ideas, commiserate and


Adapting to ‘Pandemic Unemployment’

Maybe you found out via a phone call, an email or a video chat meeting. Maybe you found out last week, yesterday or last month. No matter when or how, you may be one of the 930,000 New Jersey residents who have been laid off as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and who are now trying to make the best of your situation.


Estate Planning in a Pandemic With NJ’s New Online Notary Law

Our lives have been turned upside down as a result of the pandemic. We are working from home, shuttling (or in the case of my kindergartner, cajoling, begging, bribing and in some cases crying) our children from Zoom call to Zoom call, trying to adjust to the new normal that is our insane lives.



Fair Lawn Teens Produce Face Shields for First Responders

Bernie Moerdler was enjoying his gap year in Israel. Studying at Migdal HaTorah in Modiin, Moerdler was able to combine his two passions. One was the philosophy-based approach of his Torah studies at Migdal, under the leadership of Rabbi Darrel Ginzberg. The second was the opportunity to spend his afternoons at a


Cholim List

(In formation. To add or remove names please email [email protected])

Aharon Shmuel ben Malta

Andre Avraham ben Barta

Ariella Malka bat Aviva

Aviva Rachel bat Rivka

Avraham Eliezer ben Toiba

Avraham Leivi ben Sarah

Avraham Shmuel ben Rachel



Friendship Circle Keeps Running Amid Pandemic

Despite the restrictions brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Friendship Circle is still running a variety of virtual programming to keep its participants, parents and volunteers busy and engaged.

Sunday Hebrew school now takes place over Zoom, where teachers are planning Shavuot and


Dress to Be Camera Ready Quickly

Clark Kent needed a phone booth when he had to change clothes in a hurry to become Superman. We just need a quick trip to the closet. Our days are largely spent at home, with visibility required only sporadically for virtual meetings. So we are toggling frequently between dressing down and dressing up, divided by screen view.