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A Rabbi Named Esav? Also, an Edomite Named Yaakov.

One of the most fascinating places of Jewish settlement was in Timbuktu, the West African nation of Mali. The community I’m referring to consisted of Jews who relocated from Morocco for business.

Born to a Jewish family in 1826 in Morocco, Mordechai Abi Serour was a merchant


Rochelle Schnurr: Caring for Israel’s Sick

It was March 2020. Flights were grounded, schools were closing and Zoom sessions were replacing in-person encounters. While a large part of the planet was transitioning into lockdown, Rochelle Schnurr was heading into overdrive. An emergency room nurse in Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Hospital, she was used to dealing with


Josh Lankin: A Zionist Since Birth

Josh Lankin, 28, made aliyah with his wife Jen from Washington Heights in September 2019. They have recently added an adorable baby girl to their family and live in Jerusalem.

Aviva: Where did you grow up and where did you go to school?

Josh: I grew up in


Spotlight on: Dov (Bernie) Mintz of Fair Lawn

Meet Dov (Bernie) Mintz—an accomplished professional and communal leader, and an avid reader of The Jewish Link, whose six children should all probably be featured in an ad campaign for Yeshiva University.

Dov is a retired lawyer who has practiced labor law for many years. He grew up in


The Child Behind the Diagnosis

Highlighting: “An Autism Casebook for Parents and Practitioners: The Child Behind the Symptoms” by Shoshana Levin Fox. Routledge. 2020. English. Hardcover. 234 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0367434434.

Dr. Shoshana Levin Fox has authored a book that will hold you spellbound. Section I


Sacrificing Nothing

Reviewing: “Bedtime Reading for Briskers” by Rabbi Ephraim Meth. Independently Published. 2021. English. Paperback.
260 pages. ISBN-13: 9798524658272

Much material in the spectrum of Jewish learning catches the eye of avid learners. People turn to Daf Yomi, parsha


More Unites Us Than Divides Us: A Haredi Perspective

Editor’s note: We are grateful to Sapir Journal for its permission to reprint this powerful article.

No Jewish community to my knowledge has ever long flourished without widespread Jewish literacy and a vibrant culture of Torah learning. What can be done to prevent that fate from


Hush, Little Land

Seven years ago, in our second year of aliyah, Israel entered into her shemitah year. It was my first time ever living in Israel during shemitah, and every experience was so special and new. One of my most moving memories of our aliyah-newness is tied to this unique time of year. My husband and I and our then-second grader Rafi


Safely Addressing Weight With Teens

Dear Jenn,

My teenage daughter is concerned about her appearance and weight. She attends a yeshiva for girls. The hours are long. She is a serious, hardworking student, preparing for college entrance exams and loaded with homework. She is pretty but overweight. What would you suggest to help my


How Much Information Was Known About the Destruction of European Jewry?

Linguistic Subterfuge to Obscure Intention

There is a great deal of confusion about how much information was known about the destruction of European Jewry, and for good reason. Historian Peter Longerich asserted the Germans used linguistic subterfuge to obscure the actual intention of


Israeli Artist Edna Dagan Dedicates Holocaust Chandelier to Politz Hebrew Academy in Philly

At a festive melave malka at Philadelphia’s Politz Hebrew Academy on November 13, a “Chandelier of Light in Memory of the Kedoshim” was dedicated to the memory of martyred relatives and survivors of the Shoah from communities adjacent to the school. The brilliantly designed chandelier is the creation of Israeli


Own a Verse of the Bible on Blockchain

Looking for an unusual bar/bat mitzvah gift with a biblical twist?

You can already buy jewelry embedded with the nano-sized text of the 24 books of the Hebrew Scriptures.

And now there’s CryptoVerses, a project that allows you to buy, sell, collect

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