Monday, June 05, 2023


Hillside’s Azi Feuerberg Shares Bar Mitzvah With Tomchei Shabbos

(Courtesy of JFSCNJ) Azi Feuerberg, a seventh-grade student at the Jewish Educational Center in Elizabeth, and his parents, Aliza and Andy Feuerberg from Hillside, decided to celebrate Azi’s upcoming bar mitzvah in a unique way. Learning from the example set by Aliza and Andy’s community


Quenching Thirst in Central America: Ein Mayim Elah Torah

Shavuot night: A time to celebrate receiving the Torah, often spent attending shiurim given by our rabbis and community leaders. But what if your community is one of the poorest in the Americas and can barely afford chumashim and siddurim, let alone a rabbi? Next week, as a participant on YU’s Torat Adam Summer


Celebrate Israel Parade: Marking Three Generations Of Marchers in Our Family

On Sunday, June 4, tens of thousands of people will gather along Fifth Avenue to march in solidarity with Israel, and join together at the Celebrate Israel Parade to support the Jewish state. And it will be a particularly special time for us in the Feldstein family because this year our granddaughter Sarit will march in the parade, marking


The Misinterpretation of the Written Word

I believe that I made a grave mistake in my column last week. I have been told that it gave a different message to some people than I meant to convey. I honestly believe that checking out who your neighbors are is not a bad idea, especially on a busy roadway such as New Bridge, and I do envy those who live on streets where they can


If Not Now, When? An Interview With Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Brody

Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Brody, executive director of Ematai, will be in Teaneck speaking at Congregation Bnai Yeshurun on Sunday, June 11. The Jewish Link had the opportunity to speak with Rabbi Brody to discuss his organization and end-of-life issues through the lens of halacha.

Tell us about Ematai.


Let’s Parley About Barley

We are told that, in biblical tradition, barley was primarily animal food, while wheat was thought to be the ideal human food. However true this may be, there is no reason whatsoever that barley should receive such short shrift. After all, ever since the second night of Pesach, which we celebrated seven weeks ago, we have been enjoined to


Chabad of Poland Builds Thriving Jewish Community

(Courtesy of saveajew.org) In less than 18 years since it started rebuilding a local Jewish community, Chabad of Poland’s community here thrives, less than a block from the rail stop where the Jews of Warsaw and its environs were loaded onto trains bound for the death camps.

May marks just 80 years


Recalling a Veteran’s Tribute to His Holocaust Survivor In-Laws

Twenty-five years ago this week, a three-decades-long affiliation with the U.S. Air Force came to an end for Col. Peter Berkowsky of Livingston. Here is an excerpt from the address he delivered at his Pentagon retirement ceremony on May 26, 1998:

I want to thank my family and friends


‘ThatRelatableJew’ Visits the White House

A lot has happened recently for young artist and social media sensation Sarah Haskell, known to her fans as @thatrelatablejew on TikTok and Instagram. The Long Island native gained internet stardom during the pandemic for creating engaging content about living a Jewish lifestyle, and has taken on


Rep. Donald Payne Will Reexamine Support of Bill Slandering Israel

A group of community leaders has received a pledge from Rep. Donald Payne Jr. (D-10th Dist.) that he would reexamine his support of a proposed bill containing lies about Israel that would prohibit the Israeli military from using American tax dollars to violate international humanitarian law in its actions against the Palestinians.


Governor Murphy Allocates Additional Funds for Non-Public Schools

This week, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced the allocation of an additional $5.79 million to cover critical incident mapping in the state’s nonpublic schools. The funding, which was allocated from two federal funding sources, is part of Governor Murphy’s initiative to protect students and teachers in the case of an


CUNY’s Efforts to Curtail Antisemitism Both Praised and Criticized

The decision by the City University of New York (CUNY) to enter into an Advisory Council on Jewish Life with the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York (JCRC) and other Jewish leaders is either letting the campuses’ Jewish communities know they are “valued and protected,” an “effective” way to combat antisemitism,

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