Friday, July 03, 2020


Unique Memories of Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm, z”l

The Fischel, Goldstein and Reichel threads of our family had many ties to Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm over the years, but some were particularly unique. When we published the augmented edition of the life of the pioneering Orthodox Jewish philanthropist Harry Fischel in 2012, we sought a blurb for the cover by Yeshiva University’s past and


Conquering Corona

I’m attending two end-of-year banquets tonight, both to mark the end of my year at Machon Maayan in Israel. As I reflect on that odd fact, I can’t help but think about Robert Frost’s famous, somewhat overused poem, “The Road Not Taken.”

Indeed, in March two roads diverged in a (not so


A Perspective on Day School Tuition by a New College Grad

In response to the long chain of letters regarding the tuition crisis and expenses of the Modern Orthodox community started by Mr. Distenfeld (“A Viral Opportunity,” April 24, 2020), many perspectives have been published. I write to add one more, from the view of a fresh college graduate (Rutgers 2020!).


Jewish and Black: Shining Light on Dark Evil

Shock, disgust, confusion—that’s the mood we’re all in. What can Jews do for the ailing black community? There are so many conflicting opinions as to the core problem, so how can anyone know what to do? If ever there was a time for the Jewish nation to take up the mantle for, and purpose of, Creation that time is now. I straddle both


Yavneh Academy’s Eighth-Grade Holocaust Play Goes Online

In mid-March, the prospect of going forward with Yavneh’s annual eighth-grade Holocaust production seemed dismal. The school was closed and the students separated. But the administration and especially the devoted team that has been producing the play that has become the iconic graduating event


A Beacon of Hope in a Moment of Darkness

The Lookstein Virtual Jewish Learning Center has kept our children educated under lockdown.

(Courtesy of The Lookstein Virtual Academy) The “new normal” has been upon us since the middle of March. Just days after we gathered to celebrate Purim, our worlds were turned upside down and even backward.


YU Names Eight Undergrad Valedictorians of the Class of 2020

(Courtesy of YU) On June 14, over 1,800 students from Yeshiva University’s undergraduate and graduate schools will receive their degrees at YU’s 89th Commencement Exercises, this year to be held virtually in light of the pandemic. Eight undergraduate students will be honored as valedictorians for their outstanding


Move Over, You Are Too Old

The COVID-19 pandemic has had many effects on the world and, in our case, has caused residual ailments to deal with as a result of the virus. Each week, as we have to refill our daily pail intake in our little weekly dispenser, we realize how time is going by and yet nothing seems to move. There is a certain sadness in this act which we


Teaneck Church Seeks Donations to Support Local Families

Located in the heart of the West Englewood neighborhood, Christ Church at 479 Maitland Avenue in Teaneck is experiencing a tremendous uptick in the request for food provisions from their food pantry. According to Reverend Dr. Michele White, three months ago the pantry was serving about 10 people per week. With the onset of COVID-19 and the


Nefesh B’Nefesh to Sponsor Webinar

This Sunday, June 14, at 12 noon, Nefesh B’Nefesh is sponsoring a webinar featuring U.S. and Israeli tax lawyers, accountants and investment professionals speaking on select income tax, estate tax and investment issues for new olim as well as those considering aliyah. Topics include the taxation of income earned in either country


Ben Small of Englewood Turns Spring Cleaning Into a Chesed

When Ben Small of Englewood, a rising junior at SAR, and his mom recently engaged in spring cleaning projects, they soon realized that their discarded household materials and those of their neighbors could be used in an environmentally friendly way. Through recommendations, they got in touch with the environmental agency


Ride Relationship Twists With a Paradigm Shift

Dear Dr. Chani,

When I think of my relationship with my best friend from childhood (let’s call her Dena), it makes me want to cry. We were inseparable since kindergarten. Our families lived close to one another so we used to get together almost every day. We would do our homework together, go shopping