Friday, September 17, 2021


“Why” Is a Crooked Letter

If your childhood was anything like mine you had a natural curiosity to understand why things happen. Before Wikipedia, we went to grown-ups for answers and received a variety of perplexing responses. The three responses I remember most were: “because Y is a crooked letter,” “because I said so,” and “because life is not


When Rescue is Not Collaboration

On Saturday night, Dec.6, Gaylen Ross presented her movie to more than 100 people at Rinat Yisrael. Reszo Kasztner, who historians say rescued more Jews than anyone, has been a controversial figure, wrongly accused of collaborating with the Nazis–and who was shot in front of his home as a result of these false accusations.


Birthday Party

The first birthday party I can remember is when I turned 5 years old. My mother hired Raggedy Ann to come to my party ($25, at the time, a real expense) and I was so frightened by this real-life doll that I spent the entire party crying, sitting next to my grandmother on the piano bench. I seem to recall my sister, six years my


Fighting for the Jewish Soul of the IDF

Teaneck-Col. Geva Rapp (res), serving in the first Lebanon war as a young officer, experienced a frightening episode of friendly fire. The plane was Israeli and he was on the ground; he couldn’t fire back or instruct his soldiers to do anything except to try to protect themselves. He thought it might be a good time to pray, but


Rabbi’s Musings and Amusings

A number of years ago before we moved into our current home, we were looking at homes that were for sale. Hanging in the bedroom of one the homes was a poem entitled “Tell Her So.” It read:

Amid the cares of married life,

In spite of toil and business


Yitzhak: My Grandfather, a Hero

My grandfather Yitzhak, my mother’s father, saved our entire family during the First World War as German and Russian artillery shells flew over the shtetl of Rubashov in Poland.

The expression on my mother’s face said it all as she described it to me, saying, “It was like the sound of


For Seymour Adelman, Daughters of Miriam Completes Life’s Cycle

Clifton–Life can often take us to new and unfamiliar places. It can also bring us full circle to places we know and love. For Seymour Adelman, 89, and his wife Rhoda of Bloomfield, deciding to move to Daughters of Miriam Center/The Gallen Institute, a long-term and subacute care facility in Clifton, was closing a circle


Is Scotch Still King of Whisky?

Visiting Professor in Malting, Brewing and Distilling at Katholiek Universiteit of Leuven

It’s been a disappointing couple of weeks for the Scotch whisky industry. Diageo reported that it is delaying plans on a ?1bn new-build distillery just north of Inverness following a slow-down in the


The Name


The man carefully steered his car into the designated parking space. It was a bright, sunny day in early July and he had just finished playing a tiring softball double-header with his over-the-hill gang of friends–average age 40. Leaving the car, he walked towards the two-story apartment building he


A Special Shabbos in Chevron

This past Shabbat I had the privilege of spending Shabbat in Chevron for Parashat Chayei Sarah. On Shabbat Chayei Sarah we read about Avraham, our patriarch, purchasing a burial site for Sarah. The burial site, the Mearat Hamahpela, becomes the eventual resting place for Avraham, Yitzchak, Yakov, Rivka and Leah.


Yahrzeit Reflections

Just last week someone asked me if my personality was more like that of my mother or my father. My first thought was that I was certainly more like my mom, the woman who understood the importance of family above all else and from whom I definitely inherited my helicopter parenting and extreme worrying genes. However, upon further


Who Really Owns YOUR Credit Card Miles & Points Continued…

Congressman Alan Grayson, a Democrat hailing from Florida’s 9th congressional district, has contacted the Office of the Inspector General of the Department of Transportation to launch an investigation into the airlines practice of constantly changing the value of mileage programs and making free tickets tougher to come by and award seats

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