Monday, October 18, 2021


IoT—The Internet of Things

About 10 years ago, the price of a good laptop was about $800 or more. First question anyone asked the salesman in Pre-Amazon times, is “How big is the hard drive?” Back then 250 Gigs was super large you will never need more than that. Of course, the DVD Burner, Screen size, battery life and the weight were other factors.


Navigating the System: Accessing Developmental Disability Services in NJ

Tenafly—To mark Jewish Disability Awareness Month, NJ service agencies gathered to present a free special “How-To-Access What You Need” conference for parents and caregivers of special needs people who must cope with the bureaucracies at government agencies. The session took place at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades last


Terumah: Teachers of the Lost Ark

Rabbi Rosenthal walked down the halls of the Nachmanides School at a rapid clip. Mrs. Weiner had tipped him off to what was going on in Rabbi Levy’s seventh grade class, but he had to see for himself. Surely she must have been mistaken.

He reached Room 118 in about 45 seconds—the school building


The Difference Between Rabbis and Sociologists

There are two ways of looking at Judaism, the Jewish community and the world. These views are not mutually exclusive but require definition and separation. If we keep the difference alive in our minds, we better understand ourselves and our world. However, I sense that we urgently need to remind ourselves of this distinction.


Ashkenazic Kohanim Visiting Sephardic Congregations—Part Two

The Aruch Hashulchan (O.C. 128:64) expresses severe reservations about the Ashkenazic practice to restrict Birkat Kohanim to Yamim Tovim and Yamim Nora’im. First we must provide some perspective about the Aruch HaShulchan. This multi-volume work was written by Rav Yehiel Michel Epstein (1828–1908) and serves as a pillar of Ashkenazic


Obama Sounds a Quiet Revolution in Foreign Policy

President Obama’s publication of his 2015 National Security Strategy on February 6th is the kind of event that generates great heat and discussion among a relatively small group of policymakers, pundits and those few academics connected in some way to Washington’s halls of power. It is largely ignored by the rest of us. Even the New


Forum or Against ’Em?

As a Jewish educator, I am constantly aware of the various ways in which individuals relate to our religion. The individualistic approach is often most stark with high school students in the process of identity formation. Interacting with teenagers as they navigate the assimilation of religion into their personae can be at once fascinating,


Israel’s Best Defense: Continuing Role of Science Education

Due to a seemingly never-ending cycle of war in Israel, the Jewish State is constantly taking great measures to strengthen its military and defend its borders. Fueled by wartime pressures, the “Start-Up Nation” also invests a great deal of time, money, and intellect into the development of advanced defense systems, security technology


From Paris with Brotherly Love

“Un juif est heureux comme dieu en France”

(A Jew is as happy as God in France).

This famous Yiddish saying dates back to 1791, when Jews were first granted the right to French citizenship. While Jews remain proud French citizens today, the sentiment no longer


Dirshu Delegation of Rabbanim Davens For Klal Yisrael in Emotion-Filled Trip to Kever of Chofetz Chaim

The beis hakevaros in Radin was still covered with snow. Last week, venerated rabbonim and poskim walked slowly, heads bent in hachnaah, as they approached the admas kodesh, the holy soil where the Chofetz Chaim is buried.

Rav Chizkiyahu Yosef Mishkovsky stood in front of the kever and made his bakosha:


North Jersey Has Purim Costumes to Fit Any Budget

North Jersey is throwing itself into Purim preparations. Stores bring out the snack size snacks, and Facebook is flooded with users crowdsourcing for mishloach manot ideas and costume loans. For those Purim masqueraders looking for dress up options, there are a variety of options in the area. While last year Teaneck and


Unsere and Yenem

Many years ago when we were choosing a nursery school for our son Akiva, we approached the Chabad school in Montreal because their school hours worked into our schedules well.

They told us that they have two classes—one for “yenem”—a Yiddish word meaning “the other,” which in Montreal at the

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