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A Taste of Israel in Camp Mesorah

Camp Mesorah is a Zionistic, Modern Orthodox summer camp and is committed to offering both fun and educational programs which emphasize the importance of interpersonal relationships and contributing to community within the framework of Israel, Torah, and halacha.

Shlomi and


Gesher Week Six in Review


Central Tel Mond

Imagine you want to live in the center of Israel, within a short commute to business hubs such as Tel Aviv and Herzliya. In your perfect “dream house” scenario, you would like to have a nucleus of English speakers in an intimate, thriving and growing suburban community, which offers relatively inexpensive housing and


Dirshu Bachurim Camp Program an Unprecedented Success

Over 1,000 Bachurim in Nine Camps Participating in Daily Halacha Program

It was 4 a.m. The boys in Camp Toras Chaim Tashbar had just come home from a remarkably exciting trip. With just over an hour until they could daven vasikin, it made no sense to go to


Eikev 5775: Consequences, Intentionally

In the promise to help prepare the land for conquest by the Jewish people, Moses informs them, the Almighty will ensure the Canaanites do not leave all at once, “lest the wild animals overwhelm” the newcomers.

We are taught here that the greatest plans can have consequences gone awry. And that is


Labor Contracts: Overpaying in Teaneck

There was a time when unions were a necessity to improve work conditions, to facilitate higher wages and gain benefits for employees. At its peak in the mid-1950s, union membership reached 36 percent of all workers. According to an article published in January 21, 2011 by the New York


Eikev: Success

Devarim: 8: 11-18

“Home sweet home.”


Sam and Eden Berenson had been working on their house for what felt like an eternity. They had lived at 494 Rutherford Street for eight years without changing anything but a


Sweet Memories

It was Visiting Day in Camp Dora Golding a few years ago and the campus was packed with excited parents and children, who were catching up with each other. An elderly man sat down on my Gator (in-camp vehicle) and asked me for a ride to his grandson’s bunk on the other side of camp.

As I was driving he


Condemning the Stabbing in Jerusalem

Before I begin, I would like to warn you all that this is going to be a very heavy article, as I will be grappling with a very dark issue.

My heart nearly stopped when I heard yesterday (as of the date I am writing this) that a terrorist act occurred at a pride parade in Jerusalem. An ultra-Orthodox Jew


Elul: Time for Reflection, Repentance

“Elul” is the name of the last month on the Hebrew calendar. Like the names of the rest of the Hebrew calendar months, “Elul” was brought from the Babylonian Exile; the meaning of the word comes from the Akkadian for “harvest.” The month of Elul is blessed in synagogues throughout the world on Saturday morning August 8, with the


More About Getting Old

Now for another column in the never-ending series of “you know you are getting old when…” You know you are getting old when you run into a friend at the pharmacy and you end up having a conversation about which fiber cereals are the tastiest and most effective; goodbye Fruity Pebbles, hello Fiber One! You know you are getting old when


You’re Asking Me? Awkward Timing

Welcome once again to “You’re Asking Me?” where we answer any and all questions sent in by readers. It’s a lot like all the other “ask the expert” columns, except that, whereas the other experts are interested in giving you a well-researched answer, our interest is more in meeting our deadlines so we can get back to

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