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Husband #1

Every so often something shows up on my Facebook news feed that completely grabs my attention. I soon find out, because of the “thread” that follows, that it is a subject that hits home for many people. For those of you who know nothing about Facebook, the news feeds are the posts that my “friends” write about or share;


Stop What You’re Doing: An Alert for Every Business and Real Estate Owner

To all businesses and especially real estate owners: the IRS has recently finalized new rules for tangible property which go into effect for the 2014 tax year. The new rules change the way businesses deduct repairs, maintenance, materials, and supplies.

The new regulations are complex, and compliance is


Slicing the Cabbage

The other day, one of us was sitting in the kitchen while another was preparing cole slaw for Shabbos.

Nina’s cole slaw recipe is renowned in the family and she makes it exactly the same way her mother did. She began to reminisce about the days when she, and her mother before her,


Swimming in the Snow

The wisest of men declared that there is a time and place for everything under the heavens. Therefore, there’s a certain thrill we enjoy when we feel like we “beat the system” by enjoying something out of its time/season.

Some people are willing to pay to enjoy a fruit that was shipped from an area


What’s #Trending for Purim 2015

In this social media age everyone wants to know what’s trending for Purim. Last year’s big hits, which went viral, were rainbow-striped and creative savory variations on hamantaschen like caramelized onion and goat cheese, meat pie, green tea, and pizza hamantaschen. This year is seeing a repeat of some of last


Adar and Purim Time

Because Purim is celebrated on the 14th day of the Hebrew month of Adar (on the 15th in Jerusalem), the whole month takes on a festive role in the Jewish imagination. Thus, the tradition says: “When Adar begins, we make merry.”

Israeli children have a special way of fulfilling this


When Mishloach Manot Are More Than Just a Basket!

Ordering a Purim basket to Israel is special; however, having your Mishloach Manot hand-delivered with love is unique. It is this special niche that Gail and David Ehrlich have carved out with their renowned “Gili’s Goodies.”

From its modest beginnings in their Efrat home in 2001, the


Searching for Intimacy

Recently, the New York Timespublished an article entitled, “Searching for Sex.” The author talks about the fact that people are insecure about themselves and therefore always worried about finding enough partners or, even in committed marriages, being a good enough partner. The focus, though, is way off target.


The Guggle Muggle

A Guggle muggleis so soothing and comforting. Nothing beats the taste of this old favorite wrought with memories of childhood. But the name of this tasty concoction was a new one on me.

Fifty years ago, I had pneumonia. My father, may he rest in peace, suggested a warm drink of milk


Welcome to Straight Talk With Shuli, JLNJ’s New Advice Column

Dear Shuli,

Mazel tov! Everyone loved your down-to-earth advice, and we’re pleased to tell you that you have won the Jewish Link of New Jersey’s Advice Column contest. Please share with your readers a little about who you are, what your perspective is, and the kind of advice you’ll be


A Little-Known Expedited Path to Citizenship: The MAVNI Program

If you possess a valid temporary US visa and if enlisting in the US Army is a plausible career option for you, you may be eligible for an expedited path to US citizenship. Among the many ways in which a non-citizen may obtain US citizenship, The Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI) program offers the most expedited


Tax Tips: New Jersey

The state of New Jersey gets a bad rep. People from other states (mainly New York) love to make New Jersey the butt of their jokes, whether it pollution, corrupt politicians, dumb residents, or mobsters.

“Why is New Jersey called the Garden State? Because oil, petroleum, land fill, and toxic waste dump

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