Friday, February 03, 2023


A Look Back at My Time as a Jewish Link Intern

As a pre-law student, my ideal goal for summer plans was to work in some sort of law firm or an organization that deals with family law. However, no matter how many positions I applied for, as an undergrad whose only work experience was in camp and my shul’s groups, I did not have much success in finding such a job. I started


‘I Am a Reporter!’: An Invaluable Intern Experience

It was a typical day at the Shulman residence, with the phone ringing off the hook with calls from car sellers, reminders from the dentist of an upcoming appointment, and someone insisting that whoever had answered the phone won the lottery. As the phone rang once again, Chani Shulman waited a brief minute for someone else to


Understanding the Commonalities of the Legal and Rabbinic Professions

Jewish lawyers are a stereotype who have been the punchline of jokes for years. It is true that many Jews choose to go into law, but it is also common that some Orthodox Jewish men who choose law school also choose to pursue semicha. According to Rabbi Menachem Penner, Max and Marion Grill Dean of Rabbi Isaac


‘Summertime, and the Livin’ Is’ … Meaningful

For most college students, summertime is for relaxation, travel, freedom from school and schedules and for having fun. Many take summer jobs. For decades, the Catskills and Poconos have provided summer employment at hotels and summer camps. In our upwardly mobile Jewish community, summer camp is almost an adjunct


Educating Our Children Is a Team Sport

“On a team, it’s not the strength of the individual players, but it is the strength of the unit and how they all function together.”—Bill Belichick

We stress to our children the importance of teamwork. We teach them the value of collaborating with others and that when they put their


Help Send a JYEP Family’s Daughter to Seminary

The post high school gap year in Israel is known to be a transformative experience of spiritual development and growth. “I believe spending the gap year in Israel is an invaluable experience for both young men and women. It is a time of personal growth and self-actualization,” said Debby Rapps, director of the Jewish


A View From a New Member of the ‘Renewal’ Family

Renewal had always been a blip on my radar. The ads publicizing the need for a kidney would tug at my heart—I knew that each represented someone in dire need—but I never took action.

Five years ago, my opportunity presented itself: a Renewal awareness event in my community.


‘They’re All Over’

Much has been said about the eruv controversy. We watched in horror as the Upper Saddle River city council conducted their community “open house.” It was painful to even conceive of the fact that the thoughts expressed by so many of the participants were openly anti-Semitic. We are talking about people who live a mere 15 miles


Tu B’Av, the Shidduch Crisis and the Meaning of Life

OK, with a long, impressive title like this you’re probably expecting some deep philosophical explanations and Kabbalistic insights. Nope. Not here. Not now. Instead, you’ll get a bit of homespun wisdom combined with basic Jewish insights you’re probably familiar with.

Now, let’s ask the


Pain Management

Today’s topic: How to live with a herniated disc.

A herniated disc is a common but extremely painful back injury, which is sometimes also called a slipped disc, but I don’t tell people that I have a slipped disc. A slipped disc sounds like you did it by accident one afternoon. (“Why


Developing a Comprehensive, Authentic Understanding of the12 Steps

(Courtesy of Our Place)A new book offering insight into the famed 12-step program is the first Jewish volume to focus specifically on providing an in -depth perspective on this method of recovery which, since 1939, has become a lifeline to those suffering from all kinds of addiction.


An Eastward Flight From Poland in 1941

Part 8 (Continued from last week)

We spent the first week in Malabay getting acquainted with the village. We took long walks along the unpaved streets lined with tall poplar and palm trees. The air was crisp and clear, the leaves were turning colors. It was

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