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Lech Lecha: Taking the Plunge

Bereishit 12:1

On a fine fall day in a small Jersey shore town, a girl named Mirriam Margolis decided to become Avraham Avinu, if only for a few moments.

It wasn’t her first attempt at Biblical simulation, so to speak. Her burning bush project had been a


Youth Participation in Shaarei Orah Tefillah— A Challenge and Model for all Kehillot

It is our ultimate and most fundamental challenge and goal—to motivate the next generation of Jews to wholeheartedly embrace our mesorah/tradition. Teaching and analyzing texts, imparting information, teaching skills and even modeling appropriate behavior are essential components of achieving this goal, but it is


‘The Seed of Avraham’

Parashat Lech-L’cha

This week’s haftarah begins at the end of the 40th perek in Sefer Yish’ayahu and extends into the 41st chapter. At first glance, the connection to our parasha is based on a simple phrase found in the 41st chapter. There, the navi tries to comfort the suffering nation by


Spiraling out of Control

A number of years ago at a rabbinic conference, a seasoned rabbi was asked to share one of his most important pieces of advice to the younger rabbis present. He said that every night when he came home, he waited in his car for five minutes in the driveway before exiting and entering his house. Asked as to his reasoning, he


The Blessing She-Lo Asani Isha: Some Historical Insights

There has been much scholarly research on this blessing and on the she-asani kirtzono blessing. I would like to share some of the findings.

  1. The blessing she-lo asani isha is found in the Tosefta and in the Talmud. But the blessing she-asani kirtzono is first recorded only in the

Winning and Losing

My rebbe, Rabbi Berel Wein, related that shortly before he made aliyah in 1997, he took some of his grandchildren to a Yankees game at the old Yankee Stadium.

It was a close game, and the Yankees lost in extra innings. The mood in the stadium was very melancholy as the Yankees faithful slowly


The Great Religious Challenge

Reviewing: “Making It Work: A Practical Guide to Halachah in the Workplace,” by Rabbi Ari Wasserman, Feldheim, Hardcover: 538 pages; ISBN: 


Too often, rabbis don’t get it. Having spent their


The Power of the Words ‘You Can’t’

What happens when something is a forbidden fruit? You can’t have that delicious-looking piece of chocolate cake. You can’t have that dress you love because it is too expensive. We only want those things more, even more than if they were not forbidden.

Same is true for our children. You can’t have any candy. You can’t use an iPad. The


YU Undergrads Enrich Holiday Celebrations in 48 North American Jewish Communities

During the holiday season, more than 200 Yeshiva University students traveled to 48 communities across North America to share their passion for Torah and bring their energy and enthusiasm to local celebrations as part of YU’s “Torah Tours” mission.

For more than 40 years,


An Endangered Species: The Children of Israeli Yordim

Large numbers of Israelis live in Bergen County, especially in Tenafly and Fair Lawn. Israelis have settled in very large numbers in many countries outside of Israel. The reasons for this yerida are complex and are not my focus at this time. My concern is our failure as a community to


Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim: A Year of Learning, a Lifetime of Inspiration

On a quiet, serene mountaintop, 20 minutes from Jerusalem, surrounded by the breathtaking panorama of the Judean mountains, is the campus of one of the longest-running and most respected American post-high school yeshiva programs. In that tranquil setting, the students of Yeshivat Ohr Yerushalayim spend a year after high school absorbing a


Touro Offers Academic Excellence With an Authentic Jewish Experience

Getting through medical school, law school or pharmacy school is no easy feat. And for Orthodox Jewish students, the pressure to balance academic responsibilities with religious observance and obligations can be especially intense. Despite a recent emphasis on “cross-cultural competence” at many

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