Friday, March 24, 2023


Cong. Netivot Shalom Holds Mini Minyan

This past Sunday, November 19, Congregation Netivot Shalom hosted its second monthly Mini Minyan for kids. It was an hour-long program for children under 7 that included a musical tefillah led by Matis Shulman and Aaron Kadish and a yoga and mindfulness session led by Aja Cohen. This past class was extra special because it was Rosh Chodesh Kislev.


Moments to Cherish

There are moments in our lives that we wish could be bottled and sealed to be preserved for years and decades to come. All too often, these experiences are hard to “catch” as they are unplanned, spontaneous, spur of the moment and there is no mechanism in place to preserve them.

The Shabbat


How Can a Classroom Become a Community?

As Jews, we know that we are individuals who are part of a larger, greater whole. This sense of belonging to a group, of sharing with and being a part of others, is essential to our children’s growth and seminal to how they develop. Infants are immersed in themselves, but as they grow they expand their view and start to connect


Stop Talking and Do Something!

We as a community are spending too much time kvetching and complaining about the high cost of yeshiva tuition while the means to a solution are within our grasp. I have watched this community grow and flourish from two day schools to 14. Sadly, I am now seeing my community struggling with the rising costs of a day


My Stories

Part 4 (written 2004)

(continued from last week)

The ship stayed in the Havana harbor while Jewish organizations, as well as the shipping agency, tried to negotiate with the Cuban government. It was all to no avail and, in fact, the authorities


Turkey Talk

Many remember the saga of the turkeys that invaded our communities several years ago. Those who lived on Hanover Street in Teaneck had a difficult time getting any pleasure from them as the turkeys stood their ground in many driveways, making it impossible for those living on the street to move their cars out. They clucked loudly


MatzaFun Tours Plans 17th Annual Perfect Passover in Long Branch

(Courtesy of MatzaFun)MatzaFun is proud to announce our 17th year of the Perfect Passover featuring elegant Passover seders, gourmet glatt kosher cuisine and non-stop, fun-filled activities for your entire family! Don’t “pass over” this Passover. Make it a MatzaFun Passover. With one phone call you can book a Passover


Lt. Eliyahu Weinberger Graduates From IDF Officers Course

On Wednesday, October 25, nine of us headed down to Mizpeh Ramon to see Elie graduate from Officers Course. Nathan and Ruthie took a train from Tel Aviv to Be’er Sheva, and Sarah and I picked them up en route from Givat Ze’ev; Elie’s wife, Hadar, and her parents, Rivka and David, drove in one car from Jerusalem and Rebecca


JerusalemU Offers Media-Based Jewish and Israel Education Internationally

At the invitation of Dina Rabhan, Fair Lawn native and president of JerusalemU, who currently resides in Hashmonaim with her husband and seven daughters, we attended one of the local preview screenings of JerusalemU’s latest film, “When the Smoke Clears: A Story of Brotherhood, Resilience and Hope.” The film, to be released


Dry Humor

Considering that Earth is such a tiny percentage of the universe, it’s strange that the vast majority of our news stories seem to be about things that occur on Earth. But recently, we’ve had a few news stories from other planets as well.

For example, it seems that scientists have discovered


Jewish Comedian Ashley Blaker Prepares to Be ‘Strictly Unorthodox’

Ahead of his Off Broadway debut at The Gramercy Theatre on Thursday, December 7, The Jewish Link spoke to internationally acclaimed stand-up comedian Ashley Blaker.

So, first things first: your name is Ashley and you’re a man?!

Oh, not you as well!


Thurnauer School of Music to Host Three-Day Performance Residency

The JCC Thurnauer School of Music will host world-renowned cellist Paul Katz, professor of cello at the New England Conservatory and founding member of the Cleveland Quartet, in a three-day residency called “The Art of Teaching and Performing,” December 10-12. The residency will include a film screening, a master class and a

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