Tuesday, March 28, 2023


Jewish Comedian Ashley Blaker Prepares to Be ‘Strictly Unorthodox’

Ahead of his Off Broadway debut at The Gramercy Theatre on Thursday, December 7, The Jewish Link spoke to internationally acclaimed stand-up comedian Ashley Blaker.

So, first things first: your name is Ashley and you’re a man?!

Oh, not you as well!


Thurnauer School of Music to Host Three-Day Performance Residency

The JCC Thurnauer School of Music will host world-renowned cellist Paul Katz, professor of cello at the New England Conservatory and founding member of the Cleveland Quartet, in a three-day residency called “The Art of Teaching and Performing,” December 10-12. The residency will include a film screening, a master class and a


UnGarbled Tech Covers the News  (and Launches a Product!) at Educause 2017

UnGarbled-Tech will be celebrating its 300th column this month. I have written in the past that it is my honor to write for such a wonderful publication as The Jewish Link. The staff has nurtured, tolerated and mentored me on how to properly write a column. I am forever in their debt for this chance to share what I love to


Preparing Our Students to Respond to the Anti-Israel Propaganda on Campus

Part IV

The sheer volume of books, articles, periodicals and information produced each day about events in Israel and the Middle East makes the quest to keep current a daunting experience at best. How does one distinguish which news outlets, think tanks and other organizations to consult?

Below are a number of key resources that are perhaps


The Gobblers Are Coming

Editor’s note: We are proud of our homegrown author of “Timeless Travels: Tales of Mystery, Intrigue, Humor and Enchantment,” published by Gefen. See purchase info at the end of this article. This Thanksgiving-centric piece does not appear in the book.

It’s that time of year


Yachad and Ohr HaTorah Enjoy Joint Bat Mitzvah Celebration

New Jersey Yachad and Ohr HaTorah launched their first joint program in honor of Aderet Twersky’s bat mitzvah. Aderet has been involved with Yachad this past year, volunteering at the New Jersey Yachad Mendel Balk Community Center in Teaneck, and wanted to celebrate her bat mitzvah milestone with Yachad! Aderet


The Shpielmans Wish Families Everywhere a Happy Chanukah

The Shpielmans have had an unbelievable year. New Jersey-based Glatt Play introduced The Shpielmans, a line of Jewish family figure toys, a little less than a year ago and the reaction has been phenomenal. Consumers, prominent rabbis and toy industry influencers have all been excited to see such a unique,


Listen With Your Eyes, Talk With Your Body and Close More Deals

It’s a bit ironic that we use the metaphor of ostriches burying their heads in the sand to allude to our tendency to ignore dangers; ostriches do the exact opposite. They stick their heads in the sand to turn their eggs, which ensures survival of their young. We, on the other hand, are often guilty of having our heads firmly


End-of-Year Thanks + Giving

“You’re late!”

“What do you mean I’m late?”

“If you are only now planning your end-of-year giving campaign, then you are late in getting it off the ground!”

Unfortunately, many nonprofits delay their


How to Write a Job Description

Think of a job description as a “snapshot” of a job. The job description needs to communicate clearly and concisely what responsibilities and tasks the job entails and to indicate, as well, the key qualifications of the job—the basic requirements (specific credentials or skills)—and, if possible, the attributes that


Understanding 529 College Savings Plans

We are often faced with the daunting task of financing our children’s college, postgraduate or professional education. 529 plans are tax-advantaged strategies that are available to help save for higher education expenses. The 529 plans offer federal tax incentives. Contributions are with post-tax dollars. Earnings are


WayFind Introduces Bootcamps to Help Young People Move From Learning to Career

(Courtesy of WayFind)WayFind, the education and career guidance service geared towards the frum community, held an informational session on bootcamps as a path to top tech jobs for students interested in stimulating, high-paying careers in the technology sector.

The event took

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