Wednesday, December 07, 2022


Engagement of Eli Greenberg and Sarah Isaacs

Sarah Isaacs of Chicago, Illinois, and Eli Greenberg of Englewood are engaged and planning a June 2017 wedding.

The future kallah is the daughter of Roz and Dean Isaacs of Chicago, Illinois. Sarah graduated from the Ida Crown Academy and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in


Engagement of Shaina Stiefel and Alter Gross

Shaina Stiefel of Englewood, New Jersey and Alter Gross, of Teaneck, New Jersey are engaged and planning a July 2017 wedding.

The future kallah is the daughter of Miriam and Marvin Stiefel of Englewood. Shaina is a graduate of The Moriah School, The Frisch School and Rutgers University.


Engagement of Ariella Applebaum and Eli Gartenberg

Ariella Applebaum and Eli Gartenberg, both of Teaneck, NJ, are engaged and planning an August wedding.

The future kallah is the daughter of Eric Applebaum, of Teaneck, NJ and West Orange, NJ, and Sandra Applebaum of Teaneck. Ariella is a graduate of the Moriah School, Ma’ayanot


A Tribute to Arthur Hyman, z”l: Scholar, Teacher and Exemplary Human Being

Editors’ note: this eulogy was originally delivered at Dr. Arthur Hyman’s funeral on Friday, February 10, at the Plaza Jewish Community Chapel in Manhattan.

As the great, European-born rabbis of the mid-to-late twentieth century passed away and were eulogized, one heard assessments


Shloshim for Rabbi Yosef Strassfeld, z”l, Marked With Scholarship Announcement

One by one, the rabbanim of Englewood ascended the podium at Congregation Shomrei Emunah on February 7 to talk about what Rabbi Yosef Strassfeld, zt”l, former rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva Ohr Simcha, meant to his students and the broader Englewood Jewish community. The program marked Rabbi


Bava Batra 21

May these words of Torah serve as a merit le’iluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk, a”h.


This week we learned Bava Batra 21. These are some highlights.

Bava Batra 21: In a small community,


Yitro: The Sweet Visit


The in-laws came to visit five times a year. There was the somewhat somber Rosh Hashana visit, which was spent mostly davening, listening to shofar blowing in shul and feasting at the dining room table. The Purim visit was a bit more festive, with the costume-laden, Haman-booing


Hesder Yeshiva Students—a Pillar of Our People

Last week at Torah Academy of Bergen County one of our alumni, Benjy Lankin, class of 2014, visited his alma mater. Benjy was in the United States visiting his parents who live in Highland Park, on vacation from Tzahal (the Israel Defense Forces) where he is participating in the Hesder framework, where he combines Torah study and


Akkadian Words in the Tanach

Although we are used to thinking of the Tanach as entirely Hebrew, sometimes words from other languages creep in. One of the languages that sometimes creeps in is Akkadian. Akkadian was the language of the ancient Assyrians and Babylonians.

A few years ago, the scholar Hayim Tawil published a


Our Personal Journeys Towards Freedom

Part I

In previous articles we considered the distinction between “liberation” and “freedom.” It is true that the Exodus from Egypt marked our physical liberation from the bonds of slavery; yet our journey towards spiritual and emotional “freedom,” continues until this day. In order


The Cup That Overflows

Those were the days! I can’t help but become nostalgic every time I put my youngest son to sleep. As my children grow, I know the day will soon come when my youngest will no longer want a bedtime story. With a bit of sadness I try to be mindful and continue to cherish these moments, and, yes, with a little bit of guilt


Yesterday’s Vision, Today’s Reality

This morning’s parsha describes for us the great “theophany,” the revelation of God, at Har Sinai, an event witnessed by the entire nation, experienced by millions of people. This morning’s haftarah relates to us the personal “theophany” of the navi Yeshayahu who alone sees the vision of Hashem’s throne and His glory

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