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Idolatry Starts Innocently

The source of idolatry, among the gravest offenses a religious person can commit, lies atop a slippery slope. It comes not from a search for multiple deities and not even from an abandonment of the one true God. Its origin lies in a deeper, more basic deviation that faces every seeker of truth.



Can’t You Smell That Smell—The Smell of the Korban Pesah/Jewish Pride That Surrounds You?

The Korban Pesah stands out as the sole Korban that must be fire roasted—“Tzeli Eish.” Every other Korban that is consumed may be prepared “B’Chol Ma’achal,” in any manner one desires, cooking, baking, frying etc. Why does Hashem require that we fire roast our Korban Pesah?

Some Mefarashim


Passover: A Personal Dayenu

Dayenu is a wonderful part of the seder. It suggests it “would have been enough” if God had performed just some of the miracles He did for the Israelites on leaving Egypt and not all of them. Right. Because we Jews are so easily satisfied and never complain.

Here is a personal version of Dayenu, in


It’s Not Just a Song!

There are two times each year that we recite the words of “L’shana Haba’a B’Yerushalayim”: the seder night, and at the conclusion of Yom Kippur. Our rabbis explain that this practice is based on a disagreement in the Gemara regarding when the redemption is to take place. The opinion of Rabbi Eliezer is that since we were redeemed


Weekly Roundup: Kiddushin 37-43

May the learning serve as a merit le’iluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk a”h.

Kiddushin 37

Holy Books Produced by Gentiles

Daf Yomi


Cafe at Kaplen JCC to Be Supervised by Rabbi Zushe Blech

The Kaplen JCC on the Palisades announced that it has entered into an agreement with Kehillas Bais Ben Zion and Rabbi Zushe Yosef Blech of Monsey, NY, who will provide kosher certification for the cafe at the JCC effective May 3. Rabbi Blech will be familiar to many in the community as providing kosher certification for the Teaneck


Pesach 5776: Leading Questions

“There’s no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and there are families.” – Margaret Thatcher

Before we discuss the Four Questions, before re-living the bitter persecution, or trying to taste the newfound freedom of our ancestors, before praying for a rebuilt


Living Legacy Program Brings Learning and Fun l’Dor v’Dor

Paramus—Rabbi Moshe Grossbaum knows a thing or two about passing along teachings from generation to generation. When he was a young boy in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn. his father, Rabbi Gershon Grossbaum, created a Pesach enrichment program that was designed to involve participants actively in the teaching. His concept, a live


Is This Your Car?

Is This Your Car?

You know… you’d think that if you spent 20 minutes looking for a parking spot, you’d remember where it was. But no. Now the entire parking lot looks familiar.


It’s not your fault. When


The Maharal Tzintz and the Recognized Segulah That Has Been Proven Throughout the Years

Upon the yahrzeit of the holy Plotzker Gaon, the Maharal Tzintz zt”l, 3 Iyar

The news was greeted joyfully throughout the Torah world: The two volume enhanced edition of “Ayeles Ahuvim” on Maseches Kesubos is ready to be printed!

To those who are


Classics and New Novels About Animals

Black Beauty

By Anna Sewell
Orig. published
in 1877
(Barnes & Noble 2012 edition)

Black Beautyis about a horse whose mother always taught him to be


Matzah and Baseball

How was your Passover? Things back to normal? Pots and dishes safely tucked back in their hiding places? Have you finished all of your vacation laundry and put your suitcases away? By the time you read this, your schedule should be back to normal. Work, gym, cooking, cleaning, whatever it is that you do, you are back to doing. Those few

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