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Three Secrets to Creating the ‘Shabby Chic’ Wedding of Your Dreams

(BPT) Wedding trends come and go, driven by many cultural influences, but few are as enduring and romantic as shabby chic/shabby glam. With its perfect combination of elegance and softness, bright sparkles and gentle hues, a shabby chic wedding complements the individuality and beauty of brides of every age and walk of life. And,


Summer Simchas: Simple Expert Tips For a Stunning Summer Glow

(BPT)Didn’t have a chance to get a sun-kissed look while on vacation this spring? No problem. It doesn’t take hours at the salon or lying in the sun to add radiance to your look. With a few expert hair and makeup tips, you’ll be summer-ready in a few simple steps.

EcoTools Beauty team members and expert stylists Christine Symonds and


Tips to Throw Delicious Summer Birthday Parties for Kids

(StatePoint) Nothing beats the anticipation of your birthday when you are a child. But once school’s out, it can be tough to gather all your child’s friends due to summer camps and family vacations.

To combat this perennial summer-birthday concern, some parents throw a big party during the


YUConnects Celebrates Over 200 Matches

Are you ready to find your bashert and get married? Or are you a parent trying to help your grown child find the right person to marry? It’s one step smarter and easier than you might think.

Marking its 200th match in only a few years, YUConnects (www.yuconnects.com)


Do Husbands Own Their Wives?

A common misconception about Judaism is that in the wedding, a husband acquires his wife and subsequently owns her. This is generally an idea accepted by people with significant Jewish education, and for a good reason. The first Mishnah in Kiddushin states that a woman is acquired by her husband in any of three ways. Clearly, it would seem,


Marking the First Yahrtzeit of Linda Basch

It is hard to believe that June 19, 2015 or Bet Tamuz marks the first yahrtzeit of my beloved friend, Linda Leah Feldman Basch zt”l. The parsha the week Linda was niftar was Parshat Chukat. The amount of parallels in that parsha is quite haunting. The parsha opens discussing the porah adumah(red heifer). We read that


Korach: When the Ground Falls Out From Under You

Bamidbar: 16: 31-35

This could not be happening.

The Board of Directors Meeting was usually a casual affair, with snacks and beverages laid out on the table. Canapes. Crudites. Sometimes there would even be wine. But today there was nothing. Usually it was a somewhat


The Coolest Stepparents Ever

A few weeks ago I went to see the show “Live with Kelly and Michael.” We were lucky enough to sit in the front row. Actually, luck had nothing to do with it; I kept telling the seating lady how pretty her dimples were and she kept moving our seats up. During a commercial break, husband #1 had the opportunity to meet Ms. Ripa and boy was


Project S.A.R.A.H. Runs Safety Training For Camp Counselors and Parents

Just because school’s out doesn’t mean that Project S.A.R.A.H. takes a vacation from its mission of keeping children in our community safe. In fact, as summer was heating up, Project S.A.R.A.H.’s team of social workers were in high gear offering safety trainings for parents and camp counselors and staff ahead of the summer


Another Brick in The Wall

I didn’t love high school. Sure, I was well educated, landing in college and a prestigious graduate program, leading to a successful career. When I was a teenager, that was the sole purpose of high school. To offer an education sufficient to move on to college. Little thought was given to middot, self-image, social adaptation or personal


A Different Form of Lashon Hara

We have always been very conscious of the differences in the way that people use English words to explain themselves here and in Canada. For instance, in Canada a person would never vomit—he would “be sick.” He would be “in hospital” as opposed to in the hospital. He would “sleep in” as opposed to staying in bed later. All of


What I Have Learned From My Students

Teaching at SINAI, a school well known for its “Uniquely Special Education,” is an incredible privilege. Those of us lucky enough to work here are blessed with the opportunity to witness the small miracles that take place at SINAI on a daily basis. Every teacher takes pride in the success of his or her students, but those of us who

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