Monday, September 26, 2022


The Dark Side of Emoji?

It’s hard to believe that an alphabet consisting entirely of pictures would ever be accepted into society, but the unthinkable has happened… in Ancient Egypt! Hieroglyphics are taking the pyramids by storm! Undoubtedly no one in the future will understand them, but for now they’re amazing at reminding everyone when


The New Olympics

Have you been watching the Olympics? You know, the ones in Rio where the athletes are receiving special mosquito netting and bug spray so they don’t get the Zika virus? The ones that are on television 24 hours a day so you don’t know if you are watching a record being set or it was set eight hours earlier and you missed it? The


Looking Back

I noticed that kids nowadays don’t know what station wagons are. At least the kids I have nowadays. I showed them a picture and asked, “What is this?” and they didn’t know. One of them guessed it was a limousine.

Okay so a station wagon is kind of a limousine, if after the rich people


Bachurim Prepare to Enter Yeshiva Gedola

The Armanot Chein Hall in Bnei Brak looked like a massive yeshiva, as some 2,000 bachurim who are entering yeshiva gedola (post high school) packed the hall and its environs to hear words of guidance from leading gedolim on how to prepare for the important transition. They were addressed by numerous gedolei Yisrael,


A Different Kind of Loss

For the last many years our family has been coping with a very real kind of loss. We are trying to deal with the extreme hearing loss of our husband and father, my Mordechai. It happened almost overnight. The telephone rang five times in a row. Each time he would answer the phone and tell me that there was no one there. Finally on


Special Needs and Special Opportunities: Lessons I Learned From Camp HASC


adjective: conforming to a standard; usual, typical or expected.

The people in Camp HASC are not “normal,” in that they are anything but typical or usual. HASC campers include those in their 50s and 60s, some who are wheelchair-bound, individuals with feeding tubes and with every imaginable special need including


Biblical Biography Shines Light on Today’s Political Leadership

For former U.S. Undersecretary of Defense Dov Zakheim, one biblical statesman in particular offers practical lessons for governance today: Nehemiah, the ancient Judean governor. Thus writes Zakheim, who served under the Reagan and George W. Bush administrations, in his new political biography: Nehemiah: Statesman and Sage (Maggid Books).

Zakheim’s new book


Do Young Children Belong in Shul?

A recent article on Huffington Post by a rabbi, a blog by Rabbi Efrem Goldberg and some exchanges on Facebook have re-opened the discussion about the propriety of bringing very young children to shul. Let me state at the outset that I love children. Let me also declare that I am not a curmudgeon or a misanthropic


Parade Time! Moreshet Community Welcomes the Wiesels From Teaneck

Effie and Ruchie Wiesel of Teaneck, accompanied by daughters Dorit, 19; Nava, 18 and Liat, 14, boarded a Nefesh B’Nefesh Group flight on Tuesday, August 2, and were feted to a warm, welcoming parade and festivities upon their arrival in the village of Moreshet, a community or yishuvin the


Young and Adorable—Old and…

Kids have all the fun. Why is that? They can dedicate an entire afternoon to setting up a lemonade stand. Stand out on the street, solicit people and folks actually buy the stuff. Do these kids wash their hands before making the lemonade? Are there health codes being violated? Child labor laws? Who cares? Look how adorable our


WARNING: Do Not Try Anything in This Article

We always make fun of useless warning labels.

“What kind of genius needs these?” we ask. “Who on earth would not only eat toner, but stop and read the warning label first?”

“Oh, wait. It says we shouldn’t.”


Truth of a Cause Reveals Writer's Understanding of Depression

Rafi Abramowitz: noun.1. playwright 2. screenwriter 3. comedian 4. “The Rafshi,” as seen on Youtube

Moving frequently as a child, each time his father’s job relocated them, Rafi Abramowitz came to really appreciate writing and reading. He

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