Thursday, May 19, 2022


Sephardic Rescue of Hamin/Cholent

Part I

I recently received concerned emails from a number of congregants of Congregation Shaarei Orah, the Sephardic Congregation of Teaneck. The concern was sparked by a recent communication by Brooklyn-based Rav Eli Mansour who (in his Daily Halacha series) presenting the rulings of Maran (the


Weekly Roundup: Gittin, Pages 32-39

May the Torah learning be a merit for the neshama of Menachem Mendel Ben Harav Yoel David Balk a”h


This past week we studied Gittin pages 32-39. Here are some of this week’s highlights.



Scholar, Hero, Benefactor: How to Create an Educational Vision

As parents, we have hopes and aspirations for our children. We want them to be happy, to be successful, to live meaningful and fulfilling lives

As educators, we at the JEC share these same hopes and aspirations for our students. We want to partner with the parents and families who entrust their children


Teaching Meaningful Tefillah: Directions and Guidelines

(Part I of III)

Parents often share with me how frustrated they feel when their children will not daven, or when it is a struggle to even get them to go to shul. While some parents manage to get their children physically into the synagogue building, those same children are often not


A Tribute to My Rebbe: Rav Abba Bronspiegel, Shlita

This month marks 25 years since I had the privilege of entering Rav Abba Bronspiegel’s shiur at the Yeshiva University’s Mazer Yeshiva Program. We continue to pray for a refuah shleimah for Rav Bronspiegel.

Rav Bronspiegel studied under Torah giants Rav Yeruchum Gorelik z”tl and Rav Joseph


Yes, Sarah, There Really Was a Lillian Vernon

On the Shloshim

Lillian Vernon died on the eighth day of Chanukah 5775—December 14, 2015. She lived life fully until her very last moments. Her final evening was spent celebrating Chanukah, sharing a champagne toast. “Family was immensely important to my mother,” said


The Lottery

I have recently been told that my columns are too much about me and not enough about my boys or anything else. Of course my columns are about me, everything is about me. It is called Narcissistic Personality Disorder. But you can no longer find this disorder in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) because


Nervous Flying

We live in an exciting age of air travel. A plane that just a few years ago could hold only 50 people now holds 200. And it’s not even bigger. It just holds more people.

Yet, despite all the advancements, 40 percent of people still have some flying anxiety. Which means that if it’s not you,


Winter Break=Less Noise

It looks as though next week will be a great time to go out to a restaurant and have some peace and quiet. Although the restaurants in Teaneck are abundant, it is difficult to find one that isn’t noisy. Do we all speak loudly all of the time, or is it just when we get into a setting where we are sitting at a table facing each other that


Detecting the Elect: A Worthwhile Endeavor?

The Talmud cryptically teaches us that in every generation, 36 righteous people “greet the Shechina,” the Divine Presence. From this arcane reference has emerged the belief that at all times in history there are 36 unique people in the world upon whose existence the world depends. If any one of them, man or woman, was missing,


Tech Tools for Yeshiva Break 2016

In New York and New Jersey, many Jewish day schools have their winter vacation this week and next. Here are some tools that might be helpful. This is something I wrote about last year which I learned from my cousin out in San Diego. With all the amazing tools that we have today, we are still connected with our loved ones and friends. But


Bo: Making Movies

Josh Steinberg had never been to a movie mogul’s office before. He was expecting it to be lavish, or at least plush. But he was disappointed. It was a big room with attractive mission furniture, an Oriental rug (he assumed handmade Persian), and a view of the Pacific, if you craned your neck to the right just enough. He had been expecting

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