Monday, September 26, 2022


JAKE TV Launches Free Jewish ‘Edutainment’ Network

JAKE TV has announced the launch of its free app-based video platform. Available from any app store, JAKE TV streams a wide variety of Jewish video on demand. “JAKE TV goes with you everywhere on any smartphone,” said co-founders Moshe Unger and David Lenik.



Savoring My Time at The Link

It’s not an uncommon desire to see your name in print. Little did I know that mine would be a byline, right there in black and white (and read all over) when I began my summer internship at The Jewish Link. More than just a fly on the wall of the newsroom, I was in the center of it all—experiencing Mondays’ calm as it rose to


The Latest in IRS Scams

It seems like every day there’s a new scam. Many of them hover between ridiculous and just downright hilarious. I think most of us just shrug it off and think, “Who would fall for this?!” But, there’s always people out there that fall for just about anything.

For example, I


The ‘Nudnik’ Approach: Does it Work?

The answer to the above question depends upon whom you ask. Most of us do not want to see ourselves as a “ nudnik,” someone who regularly “ nudges,” or pesters, people, but it is likely that all of us—some clearly more than others—probably dabble as nudniks, especially with respect to family members,


How I Found Happiness Cleaning the Toilet

My dad, God bless him, is almost 97. He plays golf several times a week; as a matter of fact, he’s the club champ. He is a dentist, and at 80 years old he expanded his practice. He’s a powerhouse, and most of the time has more energy than me. Most of his friends are younger. A lot younger. He totally has all his


The Nine Days in 2016

It seems that years ago we were much more affected by the period of the Nine Days.

We worked hard to make sure not to listen to music, did nothing that would be considered in any way entertaining, certainly did not bathe, nor did we do the wash and, chas v’chalilah, we did not shop, unless the


Special Tefillah Session for Shidduchim to Be Held at Amukah

On Thursday night, August 18, a group of elite of talmidei chachamim will gather in Amukah to daven for Jewish singles around the world to find success in shidduchim soon.

Amukah, home to the kever of the tanna Yonasan ben Uziel, is famed as a place where tefillos for


Polish Holocaust Story by Fair Lawn Native Dispels Myths

We Fought Like Lions: A Polish Jewish Soldier’s Odyssey Through the Holocaust: Warsaw Uprising to Nazi POW, by Gary Lelonek, M.D., CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, May 2016, $13 (soft cover).

During World War II, Jews marched into the gas chambers like lambs to the slaughter. They rarely showed any form of resistance. So goes the


A License for Independence

Over a year ago, I wrote a column about how I was preparing for my permit test and how I was getting ready to take to the roads. Almost a year after I took my permit test for the first time, I took it a second time (note to self: don’t take government-made written tests during final exams!) and at last got my permit. What was I up to in between? Email me and I’ll


The Sandwich Generation

When one thinks of a sandwich, usually pleasant things come to mind. After all, what is more delicious than a corned beef on rye with Russian dressing? Unless, of course, you prefer a tuna on toast or a peanut butter and jelly. Though, peanut butter has gotten a pretty bad rap lately because of all the allergies. In any event, you can’t really go wrong with a good


Aging Kids

You know what I noticed, as my children are hitting the double digits? Apparently—and get ready to fall over here—kids that are older are harder to parent than kids that are younger. Bigger kids, bigger problems.

I can’t be the first person to notice this, right?

I tried calling my parents, but am getting absolutely no sympathy from their


Start-Up Nation Draws Teaneck’s Akiva Futter

At the age of 23, Akiva Futter, Teaneck native, is already confident about his life’s goal, that of contributing to the Jewish people in Israel through the world of technology. Futter will be making aliyah on the summer 2016 Nefesh B’Nefesh flight on August 16, with many other Teaneck natives and residents of all ages.

A recent graduate of the University

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