Tuesday, March 28, 2023


FIDF Sponsors Soldiers in Race Memorializing IDF’s Fallen Druze

Lavi, Israel—Friends of the Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) sponsored a portion of the cost for Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers to run a race memorializing the IDF’s fallen Druze soldiers.

Thousands of runners and cyclists, families of fallen heroes and active-duty IDF


Hadran Alach: The Kollel Chatzos Year in Review

Ten Dayanim in five locations:

Bais Hora’ah Kollel Chatzos resounds with shaylos, all night long.

The hours are from 1 a.m. until 6 a.m.

The shaylos are answered by dayanim learning at


Sukkot Site-Hopping in Jerusalem

Jerusalem—Sukkot, one of the three times of the year that the Jewish people are commanded by the Torah to travel to Jerusalem, retains this practice thousands of years later, as tourists and locals alike make their way to and around the capital, seeing the age-old sights, eating the


Raining the First Night of Sukkot? It Depends If You Are Sephardic or Ashkenazic

One very rainy first night of Sukkot, the rabbi of Congregation Shaarei Zion of Brooklyn instructed his (Sephardic) congregation to eat a kezayit of bread in the sukkah despite the rain. This ruling was based on the Rama (Orach Chaim 639:5), who follows the approach of the Rosh, Ran and Tur. Maran Rav Yosef Karo is silent on the


Sukkos: From Vulnerability to True Security

I have such wonderful memories and warm feelings for the Yom Tov of Sukkos. I remember the solid wood, green-painted Sukkah of my grandparents in Boston. I can vividly picture the Sukkah of my parents in Monsey. And today, I can’t wait to reconnect with my Sukkah here in Passaic. The wind, the cold that blows through


Plenty of Shul to Go Around

As the shofar of Yom Kippur sounded and people immediately checked their watches, annoyed at how long davening was this year, the High Holidays officially came to a close. Even once Neilah ended, you were not done yet, because there was the obligatory round of dancing around the bimah as you thought about what kind of bagel you were having.


Driving Across the Mario

Rumor has it that the new Tappan Zee Bridge, which has been renamed the Governor Mario M. Cuomo Bridge, will be soon referred to as the Mario. It sort of makes sense since we guess it saves tongue and voice power. We began to think about where abbreviations are used the most. On this one we have to say Canada is the winner. No one


Preparing Our Children to Respond to the Anti-Israel Propaganda on College Campuses

In response to the ubiquitous demonization and delegitimization of Israel on college campuses, day schools, yeshivot and other Jewish institutions conduct classes and tutorials to teach students how to respond to the lies, disinformation and attempts to apply a double standard to the Jewish state. Quite often these programs are


Financial Aid for the Upper Middle Class

(Courtesy of Noodle Pros, written by Deb Coco)We advise all our students to participate in some form of SAT/ACT test prep.

There is too much at risk to not get some personalized, expert help, and, often, just a bit of time spent with a tutor can make a significant difference in how a student


A Tribute to My Father, Harry First, On the Occasion of His Shloshim

My father passed away on September 2, at the age of 91. I wanted to share his life story.

He was born in Brooklyn in 1925. His mother died when he was 17. Shortly after his mother’s death, he enlisted in the U.S. army. In the summer of 1944, at age 18, he was sent to France and served as a



Chol Hamoed dates: Sunday, October 8-Wednesday, October 11


Chol Hamoed is the sacred time of year when work is meant to be put aside for a few days, and the holidays are meant to be enjoyed to the


Preparation Adequate, Quality Superb

This past August while on vacation in Wyoming experiencing all the wonders of nature, including 57 seconds of totality during the eclipse, we received “the call” that my dear Uncle Eddie had passed away. A few seconds before my cell phone rang, a heavy cloud cover blocked out the sun and a light rain shower grazed our shoulders

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