Monday, January 24, 2022


Back From the Future

We were starting to think that we were coming of age in the technological world. Yes, it is true that our young grandchildren, those below the teenage years, could give us tutorials on how to use our computers and our smartphones, but slowly we were grooving it (or so we thought).

Admittedly, Mordechai


Letting the Stories Teach Tefillos

For Rabbi Eliezer L. Abish, a conversation with an 8-year-old daughter of a cousin living in Israel changed everything.

He was then teaching third grade Chumash. He asked the young girl to describe her classroom day. She was in third grade; he taught third grade. Rabbi Abish told the little girl


The Family House

My friend Sara died. That was five years ago. Upon returning from vacation and discovering her obituary in the newspaper, I cried. I still miss Sara; but, you may say, she was 92. That doesn’t make it any easier; she was my friend. Although I was a quarter of a century younger than she, we would sit in her kitchen and speak about


The Importance of Pre-Planning a Funeral

Although the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA) endorses pre-planning a funeral, it is an idea that can leave most people feeling a little uneasy. However, according to the NFDA, preplanning a funeral can offer great emotional and financial security and ensures that a funeral reflects what the deceased had wanted. It also frees


What Causes Brain Fog?

Brain Fog is not a medically recognized diagnosis but rather an accumulation of symptoms that include feelings of confusion, forgetfulness and lack of focus and mental clarity.

Its many causes include lack of sleep, low blood sugar, seasonal allergies and dehydration or electrolyte imbalance


Transforming False Truths

During a therapy session, my client Rachel, a bright, loving, generous woman, uttered the following two statements:

“I never felt my love was good enough. I somehow always felt it was defective.”

“I always thought that the way to show someone love was to help


I Have the Power...Or, Do I?

In the May 14 edition of the Jewish Link, there was a Point/Counterpoint discussion about the legitimacy of segulot and the people who sell them. The focus of my article this week isn’t to weigh in on this discussion; when it comes to Jewish tradition, philosophy and halacha (law), I defer to one’s rabbinic authority.


Disclosure Is Step One

I can recall with ease the first time that I admitted that I was suffering from anorexia. I was sitting on the floor of my parents’ bedroom, tears rolling down my face as I had just finished watching Hungry to Be Heard(Orthodox Union). The film presented the struggle by a man in the Orthodox Jewish community regarding eating


Tax Tips: The Kiddie Tax

The kiddie tax—could anything sound more adorable? You can just imagine an IRS agent asking, “Would you like the big-boy tax or the teenie-weenie, wittle, snuggly kiddie tax?” It sounds like something you’d love to just take and pinch its cheeks or have a photoshoot of it sleeping next to stuffed animals. But don’t be


Zoysia Lawn: Courtesy of the Internet

As the summer grows closer I’m finding IT something of a challenge finding information that is seasonal, or at least consistent with what businesses are doing at this time of the year. About three months ago I met someone whose lawn I assumed was dead after the snow melted. Turns out the grass wasn’t dead, but dormant. The


Lander College for Men Hosts First-Ever Back-to-Yeshiva Week

New York, NY—More than 80 alumni returned to Lander College for Men-Beis Medrash L’Talmud (LCM) for its first-ever Back-to-Yeshiva Week, a four-day homecoming that included shiurim and opportunities to reconnect with rebbeim and former classmates.

“We wanted our former talmidim to have an


A Father’s Case for a Dual Curriculum

My wife and I have been Solomon Schechter Day School of Bergen County parents for nine years, and are often asked the question: “How can your kids possibly succeed in high school, college and beyond when they have to squeeze General Studies into half a day?” To us, the answer is obvious, but perhaps, it deserves to be

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