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2016 Year in Review

 As 2016 draws to a close, The Jewish Link remembers some of the year’s significant moments and events, and notes the passing of those who will be greatly


Politics and Immigration Law Converge—and Clash—in the Life of Michael Wildes

Not every son is happy to follow in his father’s footsteps. But that’s exactly what Michael Wildes wanted to do. “I had the privilege of growing up in a house where my father was respected for being a distinguished Jewish leader and a scholar. I wanted to be where my dad was.”


Establish Clear Work-Home Boundaries

One of the biggest challenges for any employee is to establish clear boundaries separating work from home. Many people fall into this trap regularly, bringing their domestic challenges to the workplace and/or making their homes an extension of the office. While doing so may make sense or feel right in the moment, it can


What’s That Old Lady Doing Here?

Sometimes you feel regular old and sometimes you feel really, really old. You feel regular old when your kids are all driving. You feel regular old when you walk into a room and you cannot remember what brought you there. You feel regular old when your body creaks when you walk. You feel regular old when you are speaking to someone


The Job Market Is a Zoo

We have all this technology nowadays, and we wonder, “What did they used to do before this stuff was invented?”

They used animals. You wanted an alarm clock, you bought a rooster. You wanted to keep your milk fresh, you bought a cow. You wanted to communicate over long distances,


Chai4ever: Helping the Whole Family Cope With Parental Illness

Chai4ever. An organization whose name says it all. Once you have been embraced by this special organization, you remain a part of their family forever. Chai4ever is there to help families who are in crisis, struggling with a parent’s serious illness. They support patients battling life-threatening or chronic diseases such as cancer,


Moriah Student Holds Bake Sale to Support Chai Lifeline

Bergenfield resident Elza Koslowe, 11, wanted to do something to honor the memory of her uncle, Sander Bak. She decided to organize a bake sale to raise money for Chai Lifeline in his memory. She and her friend Emma Sussman also created and sold a cookbook to raise needed funds.


When Was It Better?

We attempted to do some Chanukah shopping for our grandchildren last week. In Target, the line ran all the way to the back of the store. Cashier lines did not exist because you now stood on one long line and just waited until they would instruct you to which cashier you would go. It didn’t matter if you had one item or


Torah in Motion Tours Adds Exotic Caribbean Destination

Many people know the name Torah in Motion, as it is a leader in Torah education for adults. Seven years ago Dr. Marc Shapiro, one of Torah in Motion’s teachers, and Rabbi Jay Kelman, the director of Torah in Motion, came up with the idea of taking the classes literally “in motion.” Thus was born the


Summer Fun Is Better Than Ever at Camp 613

What would you get if you mixed an incredible bunch of talented professionals with a fabulous facility loaded with incredible amenities, a beautiful suburban setting and eight weeks of amazing summer fun? The answer is simple—Camp 613, now entering its 15th season of camping.

In its earliest


RCA Issues Historic Statement on Mental Health

In 1986, two expert mental health professionals, a husband and wife team, recognized that if one wanted to get a reading on the pulse of the Orthodox Jewish community and its attitude and access to, and use of, mental health resources, one needed to study the rabbis of those communities. They designed and ran a groundbreaking study


New Israel Seminary Aims to Motivate Young Women to ‘Think Higher’

Dr. Julie Goldstein never planned on opening up a seminary for young women spending a gap year studying in Israel. It was just one of those things that seemed to evolve on its own.

As a teacher at Ma’ayanot High School in Teaneck and New York University with a PhD in

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