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Purim to Pesach: Coming to Terms With the Passage of Time

In the weeks leading up to Purim, there is never enough time. As some of my readers might already know, I run a small baking business, so the month of Adar can be really hectic and overwhelming while also preparing for the Purim traditions that my daughter and I have established.

When Purim


The Masks of Adar

Let’s start with two givens: Americans who see the value in gun ownership are not going to give up their guns. Period. Additionally, Americans who believe that a fetus is fundamentally tied exclusively to the health and welfare of its mother are not going to cede any ground on the fundamental Constitutional right to accessible


My Stories

Part 18 (written 2004)

(Continued from last week)

Getting a Job

Immediately upon my graduation from college in June 1949, Opa had arranged an interview for me with a business associate, a company by the name


What Is Your Background Music?

Many of us have a favorite childhood vacation memory. Some of my friends vacationed with their families in the mountains, often referred to by New York Jews as “the country.” My father loved the ocean, and therefore we spent every family vacation by the sea. He instilled in all his children and grandchildren a fondness for the


Purim Costumes Around Town

Congratulations to the Jewish Link costume contest winners of a gift card to a Teaneck restaurant of their choice!

1 stPrize ($150 gift card): The Friedman family

2 nd


Converting Alexa to Judaism

Shortly after the first iPhone was released back in 2007, Apple introduced the App Store. Today, many take the App Store for granted as we easily download our favorite apps. However, it took a while before the power apps of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Waze and others emerged to fight for space on our phone home screens.


Next Year, Join Us for Purim in Paterson

With the full knowledge that none of the local shuls would despair if we were not to attend their many Megilla readings, we decided to heed the notification that was sent on TeaneckShuls and written about in The Jewish Link inviting people to attend the reading at the Paterson Shul. Indeed, we were thrilled that we had made that


Being at Home

Purim gives us the opportunity to josh and poke fun. As soon as it is over we return to real life and the facts at hand.

From the time that we began writing this column we shared with our readers many of the challenges of moving from Montreal, where we had lived for 42 years, to Bergenfield,


Out to Lunch

We live in a society that is obsessed with eating. And that extends to criminals too. You’d think criminals would be obsessed with money, but no, they’re obsessed with food, just like you and me. (Mostly me.)

Our first story today concerns two men in Chicago who walked into a busy restaurant and said, “We have a gun; give us some


High-Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder: Essentials Parents Should Know

Part II

(Continued from last week)

The Brain and ASD

Research on ASD has revealed that the neurological areas responsible for visual processing tend to be overactive in individuals with autism, while brain


IRS Offer in Compromise:  Do You Need a ‘Fresh Start?’

Let’s face it: these days, keeping up with school tuition, credit card bills, mortgage payments and taxes is getting more and more difficult. For some reason, it seems like the bills just keep coming. What happens when someone is not able to keep current with all their expenses, namely taxes? Fortunately, the IRS established a


Entertainer Combines Jewish and Country Music for ‘ChanuKountry’

(Courtesy of Yidneck Records) DJ and comedy-magician Avi Frier has announced the upcoming production of ChanuKountry, a Jewish country-music album scheduled for November 2018 release. “I DJ a lot of Jewish events,” says Frier in his Kickstarter video, “and every year when Chanukah rolls around, I go looking for the latest

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