Wednesday, December 07, 2022


Walking the Streets of Jerusalem During Chanukah

Leaving the Christmas-focused lights, wreaths, trees and crowded malls of America and then walking the streets of Jerusalem is like going from artificial flavoring to natural foods.

It only takes minutes after arriving in Israel and then Jerusalem to feel that as a Jew you are home. The beautiful, yet


Scientists Use Forensic Techniques to Gauge Olive Oil Quality, Prevent Fraud

Much like deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) helps solve crimes, it can be used to control food quality and prevent fraud. It plays the role of a true identity card, and that still holds true for plants.

Using DNA to determine olive oil authenticity and quality has proven to be a challenge, though. That was


A Chanukah Reminder for All

Shall we play a word association game? When I say Chanukah, what do you think of? People’s answers often include Menorah. Parties. Oil. Doughnuts. Presents. For the most part their associations relate to the culturally relevant parts of Chanukah—the food rituals and traditions. The reality is, however, that there are


My Tallit

I wear my tallit in shul when I daven. I come on time or a bit early so that when services begin I am ready. I remove my tallit when davening is over. On weekdays that means after the Shir shel Yom and on Shabbos that means after Adon Olam. I am exasperated when I observe men removing their tallit and tefillin


The Sounds of Silence

What can be said about the horrific scenes being shown of the atrocities in Aleppo? We have heard the painful words of young people who want to be remembered by posting pictures of themselves with the knowledge of the likelihood that they will not be alive several hours after the posting. Young children with eyes that


Intergenerational Orchestra Proves ‘It’s Never Too Late’

Just in time for the holiday season, the New Jersey Intergenerational Orchestra (NJIO), which just might be the best-kept secret in the Garden State, is offering its Golden Strings program to any Bergen County community group that includes, but is not necessarily limited to, senior citizens. Golden Strings would make an exceptional


Apply to Affected Area

Have you ever gotten a prescription from a dermatologist for a skin problem? Chances are the prescription read: “Apply to affected area.” Pretty self-explanatory—that is, unless you needed several prescriptions for various dermatological issues, all going on at the same time. Unfortunately, this happened to me a few years


Money Is Money and Happy Is Happy

I have always heard that money cannot buy happiness. I have said it myself countless times. But I have to confess, I always felt like a liar when I said it. I looked at what I considered rich people and saw that they are as messed up as the rest of us—sometimes it seems even more so. But even knowing this, I always felt jealous


Why We Sent Our Son to Auschwitz

When I was 17, my mother sent me to Auschwitz. Now that my son is 17, my husband and I sent him too.

I was a teenager living in the US. He is a teenager living in Israel. I went with the March of the Living because my mother (God bless her) insisted upon it.


Author Pamela Hull Explores Challenges of Aloneness in Middle Age and Beyond

Review of “Say Yes! Flying Solo After Sixty,” by Pamela Hull. (2016) Paperback. Page Publishing, Inc. ISBN-10: 1683489721.

Pamela Hull’s new book “Say Yes! Flying Solo After Sixty” is an inspiring work that narrates the author’s experiences of loss


When Topics Collide

Over the course of any given week, kind-hearted folks give me suggestions of what I should write about. Some of these folks also may preface a conversation with, “Please don’t write about this!” or, “I can’t believe you wrote about that!” I can never win. Once in a while, I will have a couple of topics brought


Chanukah Gelt

We’re lucky to be living in an age when we have products that can do things that our grandparents never even dreamed of, probably because they had priorities. They weren’t sitting around, going, “I wish I had a way to make Chanukah cookies into actual Chanukah shapes.” Because sometimes you make Chanukah cookies, and people

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