Friday, October 07, 2022


Safety Features Reminds Parents Not to Accidentally Leave Kids in Back Seat

Waze, the uber-popular navigation app originally developed in Israel that has taken the world by storm, is once again leading the pack, this time with a feature that reminds parents not to accidentally leave their child in the back seat of their vehicle.

With harried parents busier than ever as


Below the Surface with John Lofstock

It’s probably a safe bet that John Lofstock is the only member of Shomrei Torah in Fair Lawn who has spent serious time serving on submarine duty.

Lofstock had been interested in the military from a young age. While in his senior year of high school in Rockland County he made


How to Help Those Touched by Domestic Violence


Whether you are a staunch supporter of the Obama administration or you adamantly oppose it, it is rare that I find someone who does not agree their “It’s On Us” initiative is both powerful and extremely necessary. Even if you are lucky enough not to know someone touched by domestic violence, there is no


The Taxing Burden of Being an Athlete

How many times have you found yourself being jealous of professional athletes with their massive salaries? You find yourself comparing your life with theirs, as if the Cavaliers were deciding to draft you or Lebron. You think to yourself, “I’m the same age as this guy and he makes $20 million a year more than me. What


Back to America: Notes From a Returning Vacationer

Two weeks abroad on an annual summer vacation can be somewhat disorienting when you return stateside. My recent trip to Israel where my wife and I spent those two weeks based in Jerusalem overlapped by chance with both the Republican and Democratic conventions. These distinctly American events were in fact global in their impact.


Over 2,500 Bachurim in 13 Camps Celebrate Dirshu Daf HaYomi L’Bochurim Accomplishments

“There are so many benefits that a bachur gains from Dirshu’s Daf HaYomi L’Bochurim summer camp program. First and foremost is the limud haTorah itself. The summer is a time when bachurim require a bit more motivation than during the year and the Dirshu program has proven to be an exemplary motivator. The fact that bachurim


Musicians of All Ages Invited to Audition for Performing Ensembles

The JCC Thurnauer School of Music, New Jersey’s leading community music school, invites musicians from the tri-state area to its Fall Ensemble Auditions on Sunday, September 11.

“We are very excited to begin our 33rd season at the JCC Thurnauer School of Music,” said founding director Dorothy


Bezalel Grads Win Prestigious International Animation Award

Jerusalem—The Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Israel’s first institute of higher education, announced that two of its graduates won first place for original design in the 2016 Animation Block Party Awards. The Animation Block Party is the largest animation festival on the East Coast of the United States, dedicated to exhibiting the


‘Sharing Seats’ Takes Kids Out to the Ballgame

Enhancing lives, one seat at a time. That’s the motto of the non-profit organization called Sharing Seats. According to Noah Falkenstein, Sharing Seats’ Executive Director, “Our goal at Sharing Seats is to provide sick and disadvantaged children and their families with the unique opportunity to


A Gift of 40 Years

On Friday, God willing, my wife Lisa and I will be married for 40 years.

In 1976, the year of our marriage, the nation had just celebrated its 200 thbirthday, its bicentennial.

A bridal party could actually rent red, white and blue tuxedos,


Lone Soldiers Benefit From Bar Mitzvah Boy’s Chesed

On July 6, Rosh Chodesh Tammuz, Yair Konigsberg of Bergenfield celebrated his Bo BaYom Bar Mitzvah at Camp Mesorah. Yair and his Shalhevet division prepared care packages for the lone soldiers making aliyah on the Nefesh B’Nefesh charter flight. This week, as the family gears up for his Bar Mitzvah celebration, they


The Torah’s Perspective on Friendship in Marriage

Part 1

A highlight of our summer was when our family gathered together for a “Shabbaton” where we had the privilege of “shepping” nachas from our children and grandchildren. Among the lively conversation and great food, there was, however, one disturbing conversation

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