Saturday, January 28, 2023


I Light This for You

This Yom Hazikaron I’ll light a candle in memory of all the fallen soldiers

I light this candle for you

For every mother and father who had to bury their son or daughter. For parents who had to hold each other up at the funeral of their child, so


Toda Mordechai Miller

Several days ago, we were on our way to Costco when suddenly it sounded as if our car had exploded.

We pulled over to the side of the road, carefully opened our doors and found that our right front tire had exploded. It was “only” a blowout that was the cause of the enormous noise.


Camp HASC Holds Well-Attended Melave Malka

This past Motzei Shabbos, Dr. Jason and Pnina Suss graciously opened their home for a melave malka to benefit Camp HASC, co-hosted by Ethan and Melissa Keiser. It was incredible to see over 250 community members come out to learn about and support the work that Camp HASC does each summer and year-round.


I’m So Ashamed

“I’m so ashamed.” “I don’t know how this happened.” “I used to be organized.” “My stuff just got away from me.” “I don’t know where to start to clean up this mess.” “It’s all so overwhelming.” “I can’t find anything so I keep buying new.”

These are


Wall-to-Wall Clothing

My kids are bored. I know this because as I sit here, writing this article, they’re telling me this. They have toys, they have games, they have each other, yet they want me to come up with something to entertain them. And it has to be something more exciting than all the toys and games they have. Why did I get them so


A Journey Helped by Eshel

lt is perhaps inarguable that for most Orthodox Jewish parents, the path for their children is to get an education, meet the “right” person, get married, settle down and start a family.

That’s at least what Mindy Dickler, a Baltimore mother of three and a member of the Orthodox community,


Lone Soldier Reflects at Yom Ha’atzmaut Barbeque in Jerusalem


Celebrating a Life of Unfathomable Grace: Bergenfield’s Magda Sternbach, z”l

Bergenfield—This past week, I, along with my fellow members of Congregation Beth Abraham, experienced the great loss of Magda Burger Sternbach, z”l, 90, a builder of the Bergenfield Jewish community who moved here in 1972 with her husband, Max Sternbach, z”l, who passed away in 2005. A refined, regal woman of immense


Confronting Those Seeking to Deny the Holocaust and Defame Israel

Attempts to deny the Holocaust or to compare Nazi behavior to that of the IDF continue unabated. On October 12, 87-year-old Ursula Hedwig Meta Haverbeck-Wetzel, an author and Holocaust denier, was sentenced for the third time to a German prison for denying the Holocaust. What is especially troubling is that this behavior is no


Bava Batra 88 and 89

May these words of Torah serve as a merit le’iluy nishmat Menachem Mendel ben Harav Yoel David Balk, a”h.

 This week we learned Bava Batra 88 and 89. These are some highlights.

Bava Batra 88: If a customer lifted an item in the store


Tazria: The Cream Cheese Blues

“And on the eighth day, the flesh of his foreskin shall be circumcised.” (Vayikra 12:3)

Uncle Sol claims to have over a hundred bris jokes. More than half are in Yiddish. Some I don’t really understand. (“Cut off twice and still too short.” What does that even mean?) Most cannot be


The Miracle on the Hutch and Yom Ha’atzmaut

Most readers have heard of the Miracle on the Hudson, where a skilled and courageous pilot saved his passengers and crew by landing his plane on the Hudson River in January 2009. Please permit me to introduce the “Miracle on the Hutch,” which took place only a few weeks afterward.

In order to

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