Thursday, March 23, 2023


Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Releases ‘Ceremony & Celebration’: Chagim Edition

Reviewing “Ceremony & Celebration: Introduction to the Holidays” by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. Maggid Books, an imprint of Koren Publishers Jerusalem Ltd. Hardcover, 336 pages, 2017. ISBN 978-1-59264-025-6.

What does it mean to forgive, and be forgiven? Why is there so much


Headed to Israel for Seminary? Top Tips for Maximizing Growth

Editor’s note: Rabbi Goldwasser offers some important tips for young women as they prepare to study in Israel.

  1. Be open to all that happens around you. Attending classes at your seminary is only the start. Every moment offers an opportunity for learning and growth. Go to lectures and

An Eastward Flight From Poland in 1941

Part 11 (continued from last week)

In the fall of 1944, many refugees embarked on their journey back. In order to get tickets for the train, one had to get permission from the authorities in Alma-Ata—a “propusk.” Father decided that I should go to the N.K.V.D. in Alma-Ata to get


A Lesson for Our Grandchildren

We, the generation that was born after World War II, have a special obligation to our grandchildren and great grandchildren. We must tell them what it was like growing up in the aftermath of one of the worst horrors of our history. Some of today’s children, when speaking about the Holocaust, seem to think it’s ancient history, akin to


Court Case Could Set Ominous Precedent for Shuls and Yeshivas

The Spanish-Portuguese Synagogue—the oldest synagogue in the United States—may be held accountable for employment discrimination for firing its program director, according to a recent federal appellate court decision.

From 2004 through 2015, Alana Shultz served as program director for the


The RAISE Act Falls Short

On August 2, Senators Tom Cotton and David Perdue, with the support of President Trump, introduced the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy (RAISE) Act, which seeks to substantially reform the current U.S. immigration system and replace it with a merits-based system that ignores the benefits of family unity and the


The Eclipse and Everyday Wonders

For those who were able to catch a glimpse of the total eclipse, it definitely was breathtaking. We watched, on television, as people were gathered in fields in Iowa and as the reporter said, slightly timidly, “It is so magnificent that I ask you to please excuse me for crying.” For many reasons, that comment touched us almost


Homework Wars

My son has 30 questions for math homework. He says he did 12 of them in school. That means he has… um… some more to do tonight.

OK, so I don’t have a real answer here because I have to check the first 12.

And yes, I have to. I feel like for every minute


Are Looks Important in Dating?

I don’t consider myself a shallow person, though I do believe that many members of my family are very shallow. They are very into looks, dress and impressing others. I’ve always kind of been the black sheep of the family—resisting the temptation to care about these things. Yes, I like nice stuff, but up to a point. I


The Composer and the Connoisseur

Editor’s note: This is an excerpt of Teaneck resident Joseph Rotenberg’s forthcoming book, “Timeless Travels: Tales of Mystery, Intrigue, Humor and Enchantment” Please see ad on page 38.


We all recognize this air travel experience: You


The Biale Rebbe of Bnei Brak Will Visit Passaic and West Orange

(Sponsored by the Biale Rebbe’s gabbaim)Barely a year has passed since the Biale Rebbe’s last visit in the Passaic and West Orange area—but it seems like so much more. Since then, dozens of miracle stories resulted from the Rebbe’s blessings last year, and the sense of wonder and awe that remains with all those who met him


Ariella Selt and David Lutz Get Engaged With Hearts and Pandas

Ariella Selt and David Lutz have announced their engagement. Ariella is the daughter of Randee Selt of Englewood, New Jersey, and Robert Selt of Florida. She is a human resources administrator for Collabera, in New Jersey. She is a graduate of The Moriah School and The Frisch School and earned a BA from Rutgers University

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