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The Dual-Language Curriculum Advantage

By the middle of first grade, you can see two students sitting cross-legged across from one another in our classrooms, giggling as they read a Hebrew-language book aloud. You also will find the same two students working on a literacy project in English with equivalent ease, enthusiasm and joy.


Ashkefardim and Sefashkenazim

Part II

While most of us are quite familiar with the expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Portugal in 1492, many of us are less familiar with the tragic expulsion of the Jews from France in 1306.

On July 22, 1306, King Philip IV ordered the expulsion of all the Jews from France. Although they were allowed to return more than


Rabbi Angel’s ‘Maggid Studies in Tanakh Book 6’ Shows That Age-Old Messages Remain Relevant

Reviewing: “Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi: Prophecy in an Age of Uncertainty,” Rabbi Hayyim Angel, Maggid Books. ISBN:978-1592644131.

There’s an old joke, that one yeshiva student asked another what the Prophets and Writings are. The other replied, “I’m not sure, but


Same Old, No Change

If we did not think that it was a priority for us to be at the forefront of what is going on around town, we would not do so.

The dangers of crossing New Bridge Road at Westminster have not gone away. They are perhaps even more significant at this time. It seems that as long as no one gets hurt


Joseph Rotenberg’s ‘Timeless Travels’ Delights Readers

Former sports writer and current contributor Joseph (or Joe, as he prefers to be called) Rotenberg of Teaneck has attracted a widespread readership with his first compilation of 60 short stories titled “Timeless Travels: Tales of Mystery, Intrigue, Humor and Enchantment,” published by Gefen Publishing House of New York


My Family’s Shabbos in Kiryas Joel

This past Shabbos my family and I were in Kiryas Joel visiting my relatives. Both my parents’ families come from Hungary. My mother’s family moved there two generations before the war and my father’s family, unfortunately significantly smaller than it had been, moved after the war. My father, z”l, grew up in a


Fair Grade

Every year, my kids’ teachers assign some kind of fair at school, wherein the parents do a report and then they have to come in and look at the reports that were done by all the other parents. So for example, this year, seeing as my son Heshy is in fifth grade, he had an explorer fair. Or rather, we had an explorer fair. Our job, as parents, is to do most of


Yeshiva Executive Directors Share Best Practices at Inaugural Conference

(Courtesy of Torah Educators Network) Representatives of 35 Jewish day schools from across North America gathered together in Boca Raton on February 5-6 as part of the first-ever Executive Directors Conference. The dozens of executive directors and heads of school came together to discuss best practices and share innovative ideas


Every Little Bit Helps

The story goes that a witch wanted to cast a spell on Rabi Chanina (Chulin 7b) and he said, “Do your best but it won’t work because Hashem is in charge of everything.” He then explained the verse (Devarim 4:35) “…ein od milvado, there is nothing besides Hashem” to teach us that “a person doesn’t bang his finger


The Kennebec River Gorge: A Tale of Maine Whitewater Rafting

The winter is a time for reflection on the outdoors. True, there are those who enjoy outdoor pursuits such as skiing, snow surfing and skating, but the majority of people I know prefer to escape the chilly, often slippery, weather, tired at the end of the commuter day, trudging through slush to get about their daily chores. Once


Is Getting Back Together Just Reopening Old Wounds?

Mindy and I got divorced two years ago, after a very stormy marriage. We were both horrible to each other and caused each other much pain. The divorce was also extremely painful and we both said and did things that I know I regret and I’m pretty sure she regrets also. We have two young children.


Purim Is a Marathon-Type Miracle

On March 9, 2018, just a few days after Purim, I will have the privilege to run in the Jerusalem half marathon to help benefit a wonderful organization called Kav L’Noar, a family center located in Israel. Running with me will be nine very special rabbanim who hope to complete their very first 10k or half marathon race. They have

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