Thursday, October 06, 2022


Dividing the Loot

Our Sages relate that the Torah is concerned with the money of the Jewish people. I feel that this is readily apparent from the fact that each holiday uniquely benefits certain vocations.

Rosh Hashanah gives a boost to beekeepers and ensures that we take interest in the worrisome loss of bee colonies in


A Different Form of Oral Hygiene

The end of Parshat Shemini focused on the laws of kashrut—which animals are considered to be kosher and which are not. The majority of the focus of Parshat Tazria is that of the laws of tzaarat, a skin disease that is found on one’s body, clothing or home. Chazal explain that this skin disorder is spiritual in origin and stems from


Key Words of the Seder: A Guide


The root H-R-T only appears one time in the Tanakh (Ex. 32:16) and means “engraved,” so we have to look elsewhere for the origin of herut as freedom.

One approach is to relate it to het, vav, resh, which means nobleman. This word appears


Tazria: A Brief Trip to the Hospital

Vayikra: 12: 6-7

“Run the light.”

“I can’t do it.”

“I said run the light!”

“I won’t.”

“Run the light or I will kill


Weekly Roundup: Kiddushin 23-25

This week we learned Kiddushin 23-25. Here are some highlights from the topics discussed. May the learning serve as a merit le’iluy nishmat Menachem Mendel Ben Harav Yoel David Balk a”h.

Tefillin on a Paralyzed Man

Kiddushin 23


Shimon Craimer Sings the Soundtrack of Our Lives

He may have been dubbed “the rising star of Jewish music” by the chief rabbi of the British commonwealth, but Shim Craimer doesn’t think of himself as a luminary of any sort. The chazan of the

Riverdale Jewish Center, who is frequently called upon to sing at


Needlepoint Turns the Mundane Into the Sublime

The “well-dressed” tallis or tefillin bag is proudly adorned with colorful needlepoint scenery, turning a mere piece of fabric into an heirloom treasure. Needlepoint, traditionally defined as embroidery stitched on canvas, can give the most mundane object, like a luggage tag or


Thousands of Bochurim to Participate in Dirshu Daf HaYomi B’Halacha L’Bochurim

Walk into any random shul or yeshiva this bein hazmanim and one of the sights you will most likely encounter is bochurim learning together in pairs Mishnah Berurah, hilchos tefillah and Dirshu’s well-known Biurim U’Musafim additions. This is the fourth bein hazmanim with Dirshu providing its popular Daf HaYomi


Teaneck’s David Bockman Releases Jewish Jazz CD

A project that began with a Kickstarter campaign three years ago has finally come to fruition with the recent release of Rabbi David Bockman’s “Kind of Blue and White,” a Jewish jazz CD. Originally promoted on Kickstarter as “Rabbi invades studio to record ‘Contours of Shabbat,’” Bockman finally fulfilled his pledge


Ordered Freedom

Imagine if someone called you a week before Pesach and said: “We were wondering if we could invite you to join us at our order?” How would it sound if your spouse announced on Pesach’s first evening, “Everyone, please come to the table so that we can begin the order!”

Of the many names that we


Boys Town Jerusalem Makes Strides in Israeli War on Hunger

With the latest Israeli statistics indicating a surge in poverty and a record number of children who go to sleep hungry, the head of Boys Town Jerusalem’s massive food services department is proud of the school’s ability to provide hearty, nutritious meals for students. Yet, Mrs. Tova Rottenberg, director of the department,


The Exciting Possibilities of 3D Printing

The beauty of being in IT, heading up The Garb Consulting IT Group, managing technology of many educational institutions, is we get to see what our children are learning today and what they will be learning in the future. As many have heard, someone on the internet downloaded a diagram of braces for $50 and installed them on his

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