Monday, August 15, 2022


YU, Koren Publish Ultimate Guide to Yizkor

Volume includes essays on memory and meaning by Rabbi Norman Lamm with translation by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks.

Yeshiva University announced today that it will be publishing “The Koren Yizkor: Memory and Meaning,” an unprecedented double-sided volume that includes the complete


The Age Issue

Prior to living in New Jersey we took pride in the fact that our friends in Montreal came from many different walks of life. Upon visiting a doctor—as a precautionary measure, for genetic counseling—we liked him so much that we invited him to our house with his wife for coffee. We were 25 at the time and he was 40. In all of our many


Dog Chips That Let You Know if Your Dog is Healthy

“After we break the ice, we can bark.” This would sound like a weird proposition if Dror hadn’t first developed a company that attempted to decode the secret language of dogs.

After securing financing from a pet-loving “angel” friend of his, and delving into the idea, speaking Dog proved more challenging that Dror thought. So he moved to


‘Voyage of the Damned’ Passenger Shares Story at SSDS Bergen

New Milford—Dr. Sol Messinger told Solomon Schechter Day School Middle School students this week that he was 6 years old when, as one of more than 900 German Jews aboard the S.S. St. Louis seeking asylum from Nazi persecution, the ship was turned away first by Cuba and then by America. Before the ship earned its


And the Moral of the Story Is…

Ah, the wonderful world of Disney. I grew up in a house where my mom was a big fan of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. She and my dad drove to California before I was born and came home with a giant Mickey and Minnie in the back seat, which are probably still in their house somewhere amid the rubble of memorabilia. Mom didn’t go on an airplane


Israeli Shoes Put High-Tech in Your Step

When you think of Israeli high-tech, you may picture hands on a keyboard. Shift your gaze way down to the feet, and follow ISRAEL21c on an exploration of two new shoe technologies invented to keep people walking with less danger of falling.

B-Shoe (the ‘b’ is for balance)

B-Shoe Technologies addresses the grim statistic that every


Send Them Packing

The following is a packing list for things your kids need in camp. It’s possible the camp already sent you a packing list, but there’s a pretty good chance you accidentally packed it.

If your kid already left for camp, you can still go through this list, and then jump into your car and chase down the


UnGarbled-Tech XP-piration

Dear UnGarbled-Tech,

I have 3 PCs on Windows XP. The PCs are starting to run slowly but otherwise are fine. What are the effects of Windows XP expiring on April 8th 2014?

R.F. - Teaneck

Hi R.F. I’m happy you asked this, as pretty much everyone deals with a Windows system at some point during their day, whether it’s buying food at


Leket Israel Offers Unique Purim Greeting Opportunity

Ra’anana, Israel—Purim is coming, and in addition to reading the Book of Esther, dressing in costumes and eating a sumptuous meal, Purim wouldn’t be Purim without sending greetings, gifts and giving charity to the poor.

Leket Israel, the country’s largest food bank and leading food


Summer Reading For Kids

One Crazy Summer by Rita Williams-Garcia

Amistad, HarperCollins, 2010

Delphine, Vonetta and Fern haven’t seen their mother for a very long time. In One Crazy Summer,the three sisters travel by themselves


Dear UnGarbled-Tech,

What is the best way to email a group of people and how do I save the list for future use on G-mail? Thanks so much, Cheryl Rosenberg, becounted4israel.org.

That’s a great question, as it brings up two important factors in sending emails en masse. First, the etiquette of sending to many people at one time requires you to construct your emails in a pretty


Colorful Fun at Crayola Experience

As younger and younger children have become adept at using technology, many parents understandably find it difficult to get their kids to put down the iPad or Nintendo DS and pick up an old-fashioned box of crayons. Luckily, there is nothing old-fashioned about Crayola Experience, located just over an hour away in Easton,

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