Friday, January 21, 2022


The Emperor’s New Throne

“Throne Together, how can I help you?”

“Yeah, hi. I ordered a chair a while back, and it hasn’t come yet… This is the king.”

“And your name, please?”



Megillah Man

At first I thought I was going to begin this article by telling all of you that I have taken a vow of silence and was going to become a Buddhist Monkess (is that the female version of a monk? I have no idea). Though the celebration around the fact that I was no longer going to speak might have been great, I was going for the whole


Jewish Link to Unveil Purim Ice Cream Flavors

Teaneck—Tonight Show Host Jimmy Fallon recently had a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor named after him. Not to be outdone, the JLNJ has commissioned several new flavors intended to reflect the unique lives and schedules of the observant Jewish clientele in New Jersey. Look for the new flavors to hit stores everywhere just for


The Truth Comes Out

During the past two years we have had to explain many times to people why it is that we moved back to the USA if living in Montreal was really as wonderful as we describe it. We talk about missing the camaraderie of friends, our shteibel minyan, Ahavat Yisroel—better known as Glick’s Minyan, the many restaurants, the delicious bakeries,


Greasy Gold: Our Fat Correspondent Explores the World of ‘Nouvelle Schmaltz’

Time was that the critic had it easy. He got to taste the best wines, eat in the best restaurants, and see the best shows—true he also had to drink wine that tasted like sewer water, dine in restaurants that looked (and smelled) like sewers, and watch Spiderman Turn Off the Dark, the musical. By and large, though, the good far


Party Life Without a Wife

What?!! 127 days?! Well, you had better believe it. King Achashverosh had a huge party with millions and millions of people. There was plenty of wine, and Achashverosh got drunk. He called for his beautiful queen, Vashti, to come down so he could show her off. But Achashverosh was wearing the bigdei Kehuna, the Kohanim’s clothing, so he


Gallows Humor With Ernest & Julio

If you enjoy chauffeuring your kids around town while navigating streets littered with potentially schnaapsed-up individuals who are convinced that the traffic laws do not apply to them, then Purim is a special time for you.

I gave my neighbor a sandwich and piece of cake last year on Purim. He was so


Identifying Achashverosh and Esther in Secular Sources

Until the 19 thcentury, a search in secular sources for a Persian king named Achashverosh would not have been a successful one. Our knowledge of the Persian kings from the Biblical period comes entirely from the writings of Greek historians (Herodotus, mid-5 thcent. BCE, and the others who came after him), and


The Coat-Closet Challenge

With April just around the corner we begin the process of getting our homes ready for Passover. The holiday requires much preparation and in-depth cleaning. It is also a special time for family to gather and celebrate the holiday with beautiful rituals and special foods.

While you take the time



A teacher friend of mine once joked that when school leaders type “collaboration” into their phones, it autocorrects it to “competition.” If you are connected to Yeshiva education in any way, you should get this joke (and it may hit too close to home to laugh). Unfortunately, cooperation between schools, and often within schools, is


Junior Girl Scout Troop 5826 Kicks Off Cookie Sales

Girl Scout Troop 5826 baked Girl Scout Cookie flavored Hamentaschen in honor of Purim and to kick off their Girl Scout Cookie sales. The girls replicated the infamous Thin Mints and Samoas as well as Savannah Smiles, a lemon cookie, the Tagalongs, a peanut butter chocolate cookie and the new Rah-Rah Raisin cookie.


School Safety

Parents are always concerned about their children’s safety. This is especially true when children are at school away from parents’ watchful eye. There is a presumption, a warranty, of safety when parents entrust their children to those who would act in loco parentis. State laws mandate certain safeguards, e.g., fire alarms, eye wash

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