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Are Crude Oil Conspiracies Right? Research Shows Nations Really Do Go to War Over Oil

The “thirst for oil” is often put forward as a near self-evident explanation behind military interventions in Libya, for instance, or Sudan. Oil, or the lack of oil, is also said to be behind the absence of intervention in Syria now and in Rwanda in 1994.

This of course clashes with the


Yitro: Thou Shalt Not Make a Mess

Once in the town of Rutherford, three children sat down on a cold Friday afternoon, Erev Shabbat Kodesh, and tried to figure out how to make their mother happy.

It was Yeshiva Week, the week in January when their day school gave off for vacation. Their father had left for work early that


The Hidden US Message to Israel Behind the Leaked Reports of the Mughniyeh Assassination

Besides the meaning for the people of Israel and for Netanyahu, the media reports of the joint Mossad-CIA mission also serve Israeli security interests.

It is hard to believe that the timing was coincidental.

Whoever leaked the details of the


The New Drivers of Europe’s Geopolitics and Problems

For the past two weeks, I have focused on the growing fragmentation of Europe. Two weeks ago, the murders in Paris prompted me to write about the fault line between Europe and the Islamic world. Last week, I wrote about the nationalism that is rising in individual European countries after the European Central Bank was forced to allow


The New Old Me

My parents moved into my childhood home five days before I was born. Like the new, adorable baby they brought home from the hospital, the house was new as well (though not as adorable as the baby). Every year, on my birthday, my mother tells the tale of how my older and only sister was throwing up, my grandfather was being taught


Kean College to Present How to Spot One of Us, Joint Exhibition by Daughters of Survivors

Union—Aliza Augustine and Janet R. Kirchheimer, both daughters of Holocaust survivors, have been invited to exhibit their work at Kean University, Human Rights Institute Gallery. Their exhibit, How to Spot One of Us, runs from January 26 through May 18.The opening is Tuesday, February 10 from 5:00 – 7:00pm and is open


Torah She’ba’al Peh and Jewish Values

Eventually, every student of the Talmud will (or at least should) ask himself, and others, the simple question, “Why?” Why learn Gemara? What is the value in analyzing legal conversations that often contain rejected opinions and halachot that don’t apply to us today? Why can’t we just be told what to do? Many of those who have


CJF and Joint Distribution Committee Sends 15 YU Students to Haiti

[Ed. note:] Yeshiva University’s Center for the Jewish Future (CJF), partnered with the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) to bring a group of 15 students from Stern and Yeshiva Colleges to assist in Haiti since the devastating earthquake in 2010 that affected more than 3.5 million people. Staffing


The Story of a Real Blizzard

There was a great buzz in the neighborhood, and especially in the media, about the approaching snowstorm. But who really needed to close down two states because of a few snowflakes? As you already know, we both take local snow warnings here with great amazement, especially as we watch the supermarket shelves empty, the rock salt


Remedies for Ineffective Immigration Counsel

The Sixth Amendment to the US Constitution guarantees that, in all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall “have the assistance of counsel for his defense.” Nearly 200 years later, the Supreme Court decided in a landmark decision, Strickland v. Washington, that the right guaranteed by this amendment is the right to effective assistance


The “Married to Another Man” Story and Zionism

In the introduction to his popular and influential history of the Arab-Israeli conflict, The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World(2000), Oxford University Professor Avi Shlaim tells the following story: “The publication of [Theodore Herzl’s] The Jewish Stateevoked various


Lessons Learned From the Super Bowl

In honor of the Super Bowl we present some life lessons to be gleaned from the game of football. [The first three are based on the lecture of Dr. Yitzy Schechter for the YU Halftime show 2013—Super Bowl XLVII]

1. No game requires as much of a team effort as football. The quarterback needs the

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