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History Repeats

Parshat Miketz-Chanukah

The connection between this week’s haftarah and Chanukah is quite obvious. Certainly, the vision of the seven-branched Menorah that closes the selection connects powerfully to the very symbol of the holiday, the nine-branched chanukiya. And perhaps more significant is


Chanukah: A True Source for Jewish Inspiration

This dvar Torah is dedicated l’ilui nishmas my mother in law Rebbetzin Ita Singer, Ita bas Pinchas, a”h, who passed away Friday, 20 Kislev, December 8.

There really is something special about Chanukah that tugs at the Jewish heart. Regardless of how observant (or not) they are, Jews


Walls of Morality

On November 9, in Heichal HaTorah, a group of students made a small model graffitied wall, symbolic of the Berlin Wall, which divided West and East Germany for decades. Then, in commemoration of “Berlin Wall Day,” the anniversary of the day when the Berlin War was dismantled on that day in 1989, they broke down their makeshift


Chanukah and Community

I. Whose Oil?

Around 150 years ago, a Warsaw rabbi attempted to introduce a new chumra,a stringency regarding Chanukah lights. The reason for rejecting his proposal offers insight into the nature of family and community.

In his


Leaning In to the Uncertainty of Our Lives

Every Motzei Shabbos I stand by my seat in shul, carefully folding my Shabbos tallit while saying the tefilla of “V’yiten L’cha.” Often I pause for just a fraction of a moment as I give a final glance at the tallit I reserve for Shabbos use. As I close the zipper on my tallit bag, I wonder what will transpire in the week


Chanukah 2017: Modern-Day Miracles in the Land of Israel

A baby is born. A flower blossoms. A terminal patient recovers. Israel is a land of miracles, from the world famous to the seemingly mundane. As Jews around the globe prepare to celebrate the ancient miracles that took place in Israel, we take the opportunity to look at modern-day miracles that are changing the face of


Support a Day of Giving for School Security

(Courtesy of TEACH Advocacy Network)Now, more than ever, our children’s schools need security. In today’s climate, we simply can’t afford not to have school security.

Ninety percent of yeshiva students in America are represented by the Teach Advocacy Network, a project of the


Tuition Tax Credits Help Day School Parents

(These clarifications are in response to the many comments I received after my last article on this topic, which appeared in The Jewish Link on 11/23/2017.)

Day school tuition is increasing at a faster rate than income growth. Young families without wealthy parents are facing mounting financial


Miketz and Vayigash: The Israelites Arrive in Egypt

The story of the Exodus begins with Jacob’s arrival in Egypt, as Ramban observes (Exod. 1:1). According to our Sages, this occurred 210 years prior to the Exodus. Having posited an Exodus in 1374 BCE, we now consider when the Israelites came to Egypt, where Pharaoh and Joseph settled them, and what might have caused the great famine that


Great Gift Ideas for Children: Two Books From Coach Bobby Kaplan

Coach Bobby Kaplan has recently published his second book, “Hoopsters: Episode 1 ‘Don’t be a Bully’” (hoopstersbooks.com). “Hoopsters,” which is up for three national children’s book awards, is the first in a planned series of books to help kids deal with contemporary situations.


OHEL Named Official Charity Partner in Spring 2018 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon

OHEL Children’s Home and Family Services was named an official charity partner of the 2018 United Airlines NYC Half Marathon. The race, which will take place on Sunday, March 18, 2018, will have an expanded field of some 22,500 expected runners, and will feature a completely redesigned course, taking runners on a 13.1-mile tour of iconic


Where Are We Safest?

Recently we were privy to a discussion between two young women. It was obvious after the first few seconds of their conversation that they both had children spending the year in Israel.

One lady voiced her concern over the “situation” in Israel now that Donald Trump had

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