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Education: The Great Jewish Unifier

Over the course of the last year, the Jewish people have been tested a great deal, both as individuals and as a nation. While we have many blessings and remarkable achievements, we are rarely without stress, challenges and unpredictability. Our lives can be a rollercoaster with the wanton violence that has claimed so many Israeli


February Is Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month

For the past eight years, through the coordination of Greater MetroWest ABLE, the greater New Jersey community has participated in Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month (JDAIM). The month of February has been designated to mark the worldwide effort to “raise awareness and champion the civil rights of


Reading ‘In the Land of Armadillos’: Stories by Helen Maryles Shankman

When it comes to the literature of the Holocaust, there can sometimes appear to be a glut of fiction written by those distant from it, too often revisiting the same bleak terrain of atrocity with the same tropes and sentiments. Helen Maryles Shankman’s book, by contrast, stands out as one of the most original and consistently


Give Mom a Break: Friendship Circle Provides Support for Moms

Sometimes a mom needs a night off, and it’s really nice when friends understand the challenges you face. The Friendship Circle has created an opportunity for moms of children with special needs to unwind, relax and meet other moms. Periodically, the organization hosts events for the moms where the focus is on them.


For Teens by Teens: Friendship Circle Teen Scene

Friendship Circle Teen Scene meets every Wednesday, giving teens ages 13 to 21 the chance to get together for innovative social programming. Teens look forward to these great opportunities to hang out with others teens and have fun! All programs are attended by high school volunteers who also serve as mentors to model


Be Strong, Be Strong, and We Will Be Strengthened: Reflections on Running the Miami Half Marathon

Peri Finkelstein walked 1400 steps to finish the Miami Half Marathon. When Peri was born with muscular dystrophy, her parents were told that she wouldn’t be able to walk at all. Not only did Peri finish the race, but the crowd at the finish line was cheering “Peri, Peri” as she crossed the line. Watching Peri finish the race


Words From the Honorees

Honorees Rena and Jerry Barta, SINAI supporters for almost 30 years, were inspired by the growth they witnessed in a nephew, an early SINAI student. Mr. Barta, a 22-year-employee of Alfred Sanzari Enterprises, this year’s Community Partnership Awardee, said “this year marks the 30 thyear of SINAI dinners at Glenpointe. Over


Inclusiveness Is Not Just PC, It Defines Us

It seems as if special needs sensitivity has always been with us. Sadly, that was not the case in the past, and even today, although it is acknowledged, it is not universally accepted as a norm or a more. Rabbi Aharon Hersh Fried, a Munkatcher chasid with a doctorate in education from the New School was the


A Poconos Pesach

Let me share a secret with you! There’s something big happening in the Pocono Mountains. Shhhhh! Don’t try to guess, that’s how rumors start! I’ll share the facts with you.

Destinations and Yossi Zablocki, master of kosher hotel programs, have created



College, like life, is expensive. There are many ways to help pay for college. You can take out loans, you can have a bake sale, you can rob a convenience store or a bank (though that is possibly not the best route to take) and you can apply for scholarships. You would think that high schools would make it easy for our kids to find


Lost in a Rack

I’ve got to say, my brother-in-law’s wedding is turning into a real hassle for me. I’ve already mentioned that my wife wants me to lose weight for this wedding, because apparently I am now embarrassing to take out in public. And now she’s dragging me from clothing store to clothing store—in public—to buy clothes for our kids.


The Dry Bones Academy of Cartoon Advocacy and Activism

Yaakov Kirschen, the creator and genius behind the Dry Bones political cartoons, knows all journalism is “advocacy,” and the realm of political cartooning is no different. Now, in an effort to pass on what he has learned about the field since Dry Bones first appeared in the Jerusalem Post in 1973, he is opening the Dry Bones Academy of

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