Sunday, June 04, 2023


A Year of Amazement, Blessings, Gratitude and Loss

I spent the last evening of 2016 in the emergency room at St. Barnabas in Livingston. A workplace accident resulted in a cut finger that required four stitches. I reached into an open carton and did not realize that a Cuisinart blade had been stored blade tip up by the homeowner. I carefully sat down in the client’s bathroom and


Parents by Association

Parent-Teacher Conferences are coming up, or else they happened already. You should really be on the ball about these things. Especially if you’re the teacher. It sends a bad message when a parent doesn’t show up to conferences, but it sends an even worse message if the teacher doesn’t show up.


My Stories

Part 6 (written 2004)

(continued from last week)

The isolationist-leaning US State Department had given instructions to all US consulates in the world to slow down the issuance of visas in order to reduce overall immigration. As a consequence, the


LSNS Parents Learn to Be ‘Present’ in Their Children’s Lives

Parents and friends of the Leah Sokoloff Nursery School of Shomrei Torah in Fair Lawn enjoyed an evening of conversation with LSNS Educational Consultant Esther Feil, on the timely topic of “iPhone, iPad, I Want to be a More Present Parent.” Parents today are faced with a world of rapidly increasing technology together with


Yedei Chesed Launches Community Beis Medrash for Individuals With Developmental Disabilities

(Courtesy of Yedei Chesed)Yedei Chesed is excited to announce its recent chartering of a community-based Torah-learning program, a beis medrash tailored to men (ages 18 to 40) with developmental disabilities. The program will be facilitated by specially trained rebbeim and educators, harnessing limudei kodesh as a basis


A Guide to Community Service for Busy High School Students

High school students are extremely busy; between academics, extracurriculars and social activities, there are few hours left for volunteering. But with a little creativity, any student can fit community service into his or her schedule.

Community service is a civic duty, but there are many


Q&A With ‘RAISE Nonprofit Advisors’ Founder Rachel Cyrulnik

Any reader of this paper will take note of the many wonderful causes at work in our community; one could fill his or her dance card each week attending events in support of the organizations advertised in these pages. In other words, one might be amazed at how many organizations in our community are seeking


Summer Camp Benefits—How Your Children Can Shine

We are off to a great school year with our children learning and growing in the classroom; we have much to be thankful for. Parent-teacher conferences have already begun, and report cards have been distributed. Chanukah and winter vacation are right around the corner and, in many ways, the school year is flying by.


Bergen County Chanukah Toy Drive Kicks Off


Say X to the iPhone for Chanukah

New iPhones are out for the holiday season and there are several to choose from. If you want to buy your child the iPhone 8for the eighthday of Chanukah, it can cost you over $ 800. If you want your child to be the envy of the entire schoolyard, you’ll spend up to $1,149 for the privilege of


Reconstructing the Lives of Forgotten Holocaust Victims

Allan Brauner began his vast project over five years ago. He readily admits it likely won’t be finished in his lifetime, although it won’t be for lack of trying.

Brauner, who lives with his wife, Margery, in Fair Lawn and attends Anshei Lubavitch, explained that when he


Appliance Repair Company Finds Footing in Passaic

Yitzchok Isaac Unger, a trained electronics technician, has found his place in Passaic through his company, Appliance Repair and More LLC. Unger and his company provide a reliable solution to a multitude of appliance-related issues, serving customers in Passaic and surrounding counties.


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