Wednesday, May 25, 2022


The JBolt Difference: Matchmakers Change the Dating App Dynamic

On June 15, the creators of SawYouAtSinai, the acclaimed Jewish matchmaking website with over 2,400 members engaged, launched the Jewish dating app, JBolt. Already, thousands of people have registered on the JBolt database and many more are joining every day. The app now has numerous couples that have expressed mutual interest,


Join Kollel Chatzos in the Ultimate Segulah for Yeshuos on the Yahrzeit of the Arizal

With the approaching yahrzeit of the holy Arizal, the very pinnacle of segulos and yeshuos is within reach of yidden the world over: the Ketores Segulah.

Monday evening, the 5 thof Av, July 21, marks the yahrzeit of the Arizal, who illuminated and transformed the world with



Parents trek to the mountains to reunite with their children for the day


A Good Dose of Chessed

Union—The two oldest divisions (grades 7-9) at the YM-YWHA of Union are having an excellent summer so far. Camp Teen Travel & Train, under the supervision of Spencer Brooks, enjoy three days a week of travel, one full day on campus and one day volunteering at a food bank and training to become future CIT’s. The relationship


Olympiada at Moshava Ba’Ir


Gesher Summer Camp in Livingston —“Awesome Starts Today”

“Awesome Starts Today.” This slogan is prominently displayed on the back of the Gesher staff t-shirts and is a daily reminder that “awesomeness” is a state of being, a conscious choice. As William Shakespeare famously wrote, “to be or not to be, that is the question.” Clearly he was anticipating Gesher Summer Camp when


Mesorah Olympics- An Exercise in Teamwork

Two days, four countries, eight ambassadors, and hundreds of athletes competed this week in The Mesorah Olympic Games.

This exciting and intense competition began on Sunday night with a dramatic opening ceremony. Torches led the way as the entire main campus marched to a big open field


Union Y Camp Begins With Record-Breaking Numbers

The summer camp program at the Union Y, located at 501 Green Lane in Union, began with a much larger-than-expected number of children: close to 480 campers, ages three to 15 have joined one of the 10 different divisions. The largest camp, Chaverim, under the direction of Rabbi Yisroel Rich, enjoys Jewish learning, sports clinics, swim,


Going Paperless

Everyone has that file cabinet or drawer that is overflowing with papers, bills and receipts. If you are lucky enough to have a spouse who is super organized and a QuickBooks expert, you are as blessed as I am. My wife pays the household bills, then puts all the papers in a bin. At some point in the month we will take out all of


Conversion, By the Numbers

The GPS Review Committee evaluated the entire conversion system so it could make recommendations for what it called the “gold standard of services that are professional, respectful and spiritually engaging.” A survey was given to converts, those currently going through the conversion process and those who chose not to complete their conversion with the GPS Beis


Pinchas: The Peace of Phineas


Welcome to the Phineas Meditation Center, a meditation experience for those of the Jewish faith.

Have a seat. If you like, you can sit on that comfy chair, or perhaps that big pillow over there. Oh, you would prefer that folding chair? That sounds fine.


The Unusual Pe Preceding Ayin Order in the Acrostics of the Book of Eikhah

The first four chapters of the book of Eikhahare alphabetical acrostics. Surprisingly, in the acrostics in chapters 2, 3 and 4, the verses that begin with peprecede the verses that begin with ayin. The Soncino commentary to Eikhahremarks: “This unusual order has never been satisfactorily

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