Thursday, May 19, 2022


Men and Women

Men and women are very different. Yes, I am stating the obvious here. It would be very nice if we could all be on our “dating” behavior all of the time. Men would be chivalrous. They would open car doors, send us flowers for no reason. They would always be meticulously groomed and wear the cologne we like. They would look at us


It Must Be a Sign

Today’s topic is:

How to Hang a Sign on a Bulletin Board

If you have something to advertise but don’t want to pay exorbitant advertising fees, bulletin boards are an excellent way to get the word out, especially if you’re anti-social. And unlike with


Summer vs. the Three Weeks

I’ve always found it a bit ironic that the three weeks before Tisha B’Av—including the nine days of more intense mourning, so-to-speak—happen during what should be the happiest time of year, at least for kids and teenagers. It’s summer! We’ve gotten past the school year and made it to two months of rest, relaxation and


Is Anyone Listening?

We began to notice recently that when we say things in a group, or even sometimes on a one-to-one basis, people seem to be tuned out—or, more bluntly, not listening. Nina actually experimented with this notion, as we had discussed it many times. She was standing telling someone she knew well about an experience she had had, and then


Preschool Teachers: Professional Educators in Jean Skirts

An article about preschool teachers? You’ve got to be kidding! Why would anyonewant to read about preschool teachers? Those women (have you everseen a male preschool teacher?) who seem to have wardrobes made up of only jean skirts and long sleeved t-shirts. The ones who supposedly talk in falsetto high pitched


Fun Times in the Water

Welcome summer! It’s time to get outside and enjoy this beautiful season. When you have older children one of the most fun and enjoyable ways is to spend the day in or near a swimming pool. Another newer trend has been “sprinkler parks” or splash pads, where parents whose children still cannot swim or are only beginner


Giving Our Children (and Ourselves) Permission to Feel Sad

Psychotherapy isn’t about helping people to avoid feeling any negative emotions. Perhaps it’s surprising to hear that from a psychologist.

There is a wonderful children’s animated movie that was recently released: Inside Out.(Readers can find Amanda Leifer’s review of the movie


Why You Never Have to ‘Earn Your Body’

I was recently browsing through one of my social media accounts when an ad popped up on my news feed. It read: “Earn Your Body.” The small blurb advertised a local gym with a photo of a toned and fit woman smiling for the camera. While the ad was one of many on my account, it struck me.



Combating Anxiety and Depression: Dealing With Tragedy, Pain and Suffering (Part II)

In the first article, we discussed how Torah wisdom and positive psychology advance the idea that in combating anxiety and depression, positive actions induce positive emotions (JL: 6/14, p. 44). Yet, this is not always possible. This past year, beginning with the brutal kidnapping and death of “Our Boys,” it seems as if


Book Pitches WW2 as Lasting Part of Jewish Slugger Hank Greenberg’s Legacy

Baseball fans might most vividly remember Hank Greenberg for his chase of Babe Ruth’s single-season home run record in 1938 and his other impressive exploits on the field. The smaller universe of Jewish baseball fans may remember him for sitting out a crucial game on Yom Kippur decades before Sandy Koufax would do the same. But


Helping Female Athletes Up Their Game

This decade has seen the largest number of women participating in competitive and non-competitive sports in recent history. We work out for our health, to strengthen our minds as well as our bodies, to nurture the competitor inside of us, to prove to ourselves we have still “got it,” for our sanity and for some, to escape


Amazon Prime’s Special Day: ‘Bigger Than Black Friday’

This past July 6, I celebrated my 45th birthday. Funny: I remember thinking how old people were when they hit 40. My children and staff keep me young.

Another amazing birthday is Amazon’s 20th. Mazel Tov!

Black Friday in the summer? Say it is so!

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