Wednesday, June 29, 2022


Women and Talmud Study: Toning Down the Rhetoric, Clarifying the Obscure

We have all read about the recent vibrant (and often even nasty) discussion of women studying Talmud. I would like to avoid the polemics and elucidate the core issues, hopeful that it can dispel some misunderstanding and provide a sense of appreciation for the issues at hand.

Rabbi Yosef Dov HaLevi


Retaining the Beauty of the Camp Experience in Elul

Camp is an amazing place. In a certain sense it’s a fantasy land where a camper can spend all day with friends, have a slumber party every night, and play sports and activities all day long, without his parents hovering over him. But all good things must come to an end, and this week the camping season ended.


Ki Teitzei: A Bird in the Hand

Devarim: 22: 6-8

It was a good time of life. Mike and Tova were living in the Walraven Apartments in Teaneck. Josh was already three years old and Tova was two months away from delivering number two (who would be named Ruth after Tova’s grandmother). Mike was still in his first post-college job, and


Thoughts in Honor of My Daughter Atara’s Bat Mitzvah

Is there a reason to celebrate? Just because when a young lady reaches the age of 12 and a boy reaches the age of 13 they become obligated in mitzvot, is it a reason to make a joyous party? One could have thought this to be a time of disappointment of leaving the “luxury” of not being obligated to fulfill miztvot. No longer is


Musings on Torah, and the Issues of Our Time

Rabbi Gil Student runs a carefully curated website called Torahmusings.com, that reaches approximately 6,000 people each weekday. A Manhattan finance manager by day, Rabbi Student spends his commuting time and evening hours writing, editing and communicating with collaborators, fellow writers, rabbis and other interested


Farmer’s Dumb Almanac

That gosh darn Farmer’s Almanac—what is that thing exactly? According to Wikipedia, the Old Farmer’s Almanac is a reference book that contains weather forecasts, tide tables, plantings charts, astronomical data, recipes and articles on a number of topics, including gardening, sports, astronomy and farming. I don’t


Smiling on the Outside

I’m kind of glad the summer’s almost over, because it means I no longer have to put on that mascot costume again for my kids’ camp. At least until next summer.

I don’t know how I got into that thing. Seriously. The zipper’s in the back. And there’s not a lot of room to maneuver. They


Planting Seeds

It’s interesting what stays with us over the years. When I attended NCSY as a high school student over 25 years ago, I heard a motivational speaker at one of the youth events deliver a talk about outreach. He stressed the importance of helping others, and sagely commented that we often don’t know just how impactful we are in


Humpty Dumpty

Is there anything more ordinary than a woman going to a hair salon? Usually you feel better when leaving, having been pampered, pruned and plied with minty-smelling products. What began as an ordinary routine turned extraordinary in a matter of minutes.

I had just done a final hair check, paid


Times are Always Changing in Hudson County

Having read about the YJCC in Washington Township recently, I was not surprised with its closure. I am well aware first hand of communities’ changing dynamics and their fluctuating needs ranging from intense vibrancy and growth to its potential final


Roth IRA Part II: Forget Your Kid—How to Make Yourself a Millionaire

In my last article, I wrote about how you can make your kid a millionaire with the help of a Roth IRA. Some of you thought it was a great idea; and for the rest of you…the feeling I got was that I had you at “millionaire” and lost you at “kid.” After all, you did support them for the first two decades of their lives so I


What You Need To Know About New Jersey Estate Tax

The Garden State. Home to Bruce Springsteen, Jon Stewart, Chris Christie and who can forget—Xanadu. Many of us have come from far and away to live in this wonderful place we call New Jersey. But with all of the beauty that surrounds us, we forget that there are disadvantages (other than snow) to living here. Perhaps one of the most

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