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CUNY’s Efforts to Curtail Antisemitism Both Praised and Criticized

The decision by the City University of New York (CUNY) to enter into an Advisory Council on Jewish Life with the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York (JCRC) and other Jewish leaders is either letting the campuses’ Jewish communities know they are “valued and protected,” an “effective” way to combat antisemitism,


Camp Segal: Give Your Child the ‘Best Summer Ever’

Looking for an exciting, dynamic summer program for your child that will keep them engaged throughout the weekdays, but allow them to be home for Shabbos? Look no further than Camp Segal, conveniently located on the beautiful campus of Solomon Schechter of Bergen County (SSBC) in New


Stand for the Truth: Colleges Nationwide Must Stand Against SJP

Students for Justice in Palestine chapters around the country have recently been hosting lectures entitled “Palestine 101.” These “Palestine 101” events have taken place at Columbia University, UVA, Berkeley Law and CUNY John Jay, to name a few institutions.

With antisemitism rising around the


Celebrities and Frumkeit

There was a world before social media, cell phones and personal computers. And we were okay.


It might be hard for some youngsters to imagine a world where we were not glued to a computer screen; where we got jobs through classified ads, phone numbers from a


Emotional Binger

Dear Jenn,

I enjoy reading your nutrition columns. I am a middle-aged woman, married, with three teenage children. I cook healthy meals and exercise regularly. Despite all the exercise and healthy foods prepared, I struggle with my weight. Unfortunately, I have an emotional eating problem. If it


אולפן עברית

Learn the words in Hebrew to figure out the joke below:

Hurry - מַהֵר

I'm going - אֲנִי הוֹלֶכֶת

 To write - לִכְתֹּב

I thought -


What Effect Did Nazi Propaganda Have on the German People?

Part VI

The Limitations Of the Press

How did the Germans react to Nazi propaganda in the press, since, as in all totalitarian regimes, the press plays a critical part in the “political socialization” of the masses? During the


OpenDor Media Launches ‘The Big Ten’ Series In Partnership With Aseret Project

OpenDor Media has been providing Jewish-related educational media to a global audience since 2009, shaking up the social media landscape with Jewish Unpacked, an “edutainment” brand which posts a range of thought-provoking content to multiple platforms on a daily basis, among other innovative and exciting


Exploring Chavat Hagai

(Most of the information for this article is based on a tour given for guides at Chavat Hagai, organized by the Western Wall Heritage Foundation.)

Our Tanach is replete with descriptions of the agricultural lifestyle of the Jewish people in days of yore.


Recognize this place? Be the first to email the correct answer to [email protected] and receive a free drink at Lazy Bean Café in Teaneck! Stay-tuned to learn more about it in our next article!


The Doors of Israel: A Gateway to Blessing

A Birchat Habayit like you’ve never seen!

Devorie Zutler, photographer, owner and educator at Photography Workshops by Devorie Zutler, recently came out with a birchat habayit called The Doors of Israel: A Gateway to Blessing, featuring doors


Children and Inheritance: What You Need to Know

One of the primary purposes of putting together an estate plan is to make sure that your children are taken care of after you pass away. The passing of wealth to children can be done in a number of ways, and the best plan will depend on your circumstances and family dynamic. This article will provide a brief overview of your

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