Thursday, August 06, 2020


‘Camp Simcha Without Borders’ Brings Summer Fun to Kids at Monsey Drive-In Concert

In the battle between a global pandemic and Camp Simcha, was there ever a doubt which side would emerge victorious?

Understanding that its operations at the happiest place on earth would be limited this summer because of the coronavirus outbreak, Chai Lifeline launched Camp


The Therapy Gym’s Tips for Tots

Proper shoe wear is very important to help support your child’s feet. Your child’s feet support his/her body weight and if he/she is not wearing appropriate fitting shoes, it will affect how they stand, walk, run, jump, etc…

Some tips:

There should be


American Football in Jerusalem: A Hard Day’s Night

Jake Rabinowitz spent his junior year of college (1969-1970) as a student abroad at the Hebrew University campus located in Givat Ram in west Jerusalem. As an undergraduate transfer student from Columbia College in New York City with a sufficient command of the Hebrew language, he had registered in August 1969 for


Once You Scan You’ll Never Look Back

At the time of this writing, New Jersey and New York COVID-19 cases were on the decline, while the rest of the nation’s cases seemed to be going up. Yet many of us are still home; we already learned how to Zoom and we have made and watched all the videos we could think of. So what IT tasks are left?



Taxing Our Nerves

It’s tax time again.

“Again?” you’re asking. “Didn’t we just do our taxes last year?”

I know! It snuck up on all of us this year.

No one likes doing taxes. It kind of feels like the government is a mugger coming up to


Great Golem

In the world of comic books, who is the strongest superhero ever? For many experts, the top ten includes Superman, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, The Thing, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Hercules, Aquaman, Captain America and Spiderman. No such list, however, would be complete without mentioning the strongest Jewish superhero ever: the Golem.


The Redemptive Power of Eruvin

The Ba’al Shem Tov

The Ba’al Shem Tov (cited in Mikveh Mayim 3:6 and elsewhere) is quoted (in Mikveh Mayim 3:6 and elsewhere) as interpreting the pasuk in Chabbakuk 3:12 (and see Metzudot David ad. loc.) “בְּזַעַם, תִּצְעַד-אָרֶץ,” bezaam (bet, zayin, ayin, mem) Hashem will


Hidden Miracles

This Shabbat we read both the parshiyot Chukat and Balak. This is not a common occurrence and it happens only on a year when Shavuot falls on Erev Shabbat. Since Shavuot is celebrated in Eretz Yisrael for but one day, as the Torah requires, the second day of Shavuot celebrated in chu”l (“chutz la’aretz”) is marked in Israel as the


Halakhic Evolution in American Orthodoxy

Reviewing: “Social Change and Halakhic Evolution in American Orthodoxy” by Chaim I. Waxman. The Littman Library of Jewish Civilization in association with Liverpool University Press. 2017. English. 226 pages. Hardcover. ISBN-13: 978-1906764845.

Until the 19th century, the term Orthodox


Was Rashi Motivated by Non-Exegetical Factors in His Torah Commentary?

As we all know, Rashi generally took his answers from the midrash instead of offering suggestions of his own. In the view of Nehama Leibowitz, Rashi was strictly an exegete and consistently chose the midrash that best fit with the plain sense of the verses, and adapted it slightly if necessary. No other considerations influenced


Smile! Make My Day

Several weeks ago, I received a call from a friend who lamented that he was lonely; since the beginning of the lockdown he has been separated from his wife due to pandemic restrictions. We had a long chat, which I hope alleviated some of his despair. All of us have experienced some level of loneliness—some more, some less. But there is


Please Don’t Blame the Schools

While we all have had to adjust to a new normal or even a temporary new normal, I feel I have to respond to “The Forgotten Children of the Pandemic,” by Heather Feigin (June 18, 2020). While I have no doubt that the author comes from a sincere place both personally and professionally, I have to question some of her very extreme points