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Differences of a Second Marriage

At a second marriage for both chatan and kallah, what is different from at a regular wedding?

The following is an overview, regarding a second marriage for both chatan and kallah; some differences depend only on the kallah’s status. Some issues are affected by details or sensitivities,



From its humble beginnings in the shtetl of Mir, Belarus, to fleeing to Shanghai and relocating in Yerushalayim — for more than 200 years — the Mirrer yeshiva has been a center of Torah learning and personal development. A scion of the Mirrer yeshiva leadership, Rav Nosson Tzvi Finkel, zt”l, had arrived there as a teenager from


‘Mas’ and ‘Miskenot’

I once read a book by someone very familiar with rabbinic Hebrew and modern Hebrew who ended up studying the King James Bible and writing a book about the inadequacies of its translations. When she got to Exodus 1:11, “sarei misim,” she was shocked at its translation: “taskmasters.” She wrote: “But ‘taskmasters’ is not what


The Essence of an ‘Accident’

The story of Moshe as the leader of the Exodus almost never occurred. Towards the end of the sixth aliyah in parshas Shemot, there is an enigmatic occurrence (4:24-26). That event almost ends Moshe’s involvement in the Exodus and engenders multiple questions.

En route to Egypt, Moshe, accompanied by


Rethinking Ivrit b’Ivrit in the Classroom

When I first sat down to write this article, I toyed with the idea of composing it in Hebrew. After all, when considering the value of teaching Judaic Studies in Hebrew, why not use the language under discussion? Yet, for some of the reasons I will articulate below, I made the obvious choice to write in English.


Introducing ‘New Under the Sun’

The parking spots near the kosher stores in Miami Beach and Hollywood are harder to come by these days, and the wait time at the Boca Raton kosher restaurants has been getting longer. Must be winter in South Florida. It’s the time when newly transplanted northerners question why they extended the familiar open invitation to every


Young Israel of Deerfield Beach to Host Cantor Lemmer

(Courtesy of YIDB) In what is becoming a beautiful tradition on Shabbos Shira, the Young Israel of Deerfield Beach, Florida is sponsoring a guest cantor. The community will welcome Cantor Yaakov Lemmer for what is to be an uplifting experience on Friday, February 3 and Shabbos, February 4, Shabbos Shira, parsha Beshalach.


Florida Legislators, Jewish Community Leaders Join OU Teach Florida Annual Event

Annual legislative breakfast draws a record 750 guests to celebrate $60M in 2022 funding for Jewish day school families.

(Courtesy of Teach Florida) On Sunday, Jan. 8, Teach Florida - a project of the Orthodox Union - hosted its annual legislative breakfast in Davie,


UNRWA Paves the Road to Conflict

When UNWRA (United Nations Relief Work Agency) was formed in December 1949, it was supposed to temporarily tend to the needs of the approximately 600,000 Arab refugees of the Arab-Israeli war of 1948, who were in refugee camps. Since the founding of UNRWA, the number of “refugees” has increased to a staggering 5.7 million according to


Nishma V’Naaseh?

In 1973, my boss sent me out on my first business trip, flying from JFK to Peoria, Illinois to interview insurance agents. Would these busy, commission-based people be interested in answering questions posed by a Brooklyn kid? “Well, Mark,” my boss told me, “they have a lot of strong feelings and opinions, and this will be


Visiting Ancient Shiloh

(The historical information in this article as well as the references to Torah sources are based on the information in ספר שילה, compiled by  ד"ר אייל מירון, חנן ארליך and יהודה עציון.)

Every student at a Jewish yeshiva


MoDate Is the Jewish Dating Platform of the Future

Young Modern Orthodox single people face a unique challenge: the dating apps don’t feel marriage-minded enough, and a shadchan feels stuffy and perhaps a little too “frum.” In an ideal world, couples would meet organically, or at least get set up by friends who know them well. This thought crossed the mind

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