Sunday, October 24, 2021


My Friend Refuses to Set Me Up With Someone I Want to Date

Dear Dr. Chani,

I recently met a guy who I would like to date, but I am not sure how to proceed. The truth is we did not actually meet each other. I was out walking with a married friend of mine, and two guys walked by. One of them knew my friend, so he stopped to say hello. During their two-minute


Starting Off on the Wrong Foot

Welcome back to “How Should I Know?”—the column that tries to help people with their problems the same way your toddler tries to help you in the kitchen by getting in your way and putting toys in the cupcake batter.

Dear Mordechai,

I want to know why my


Sukkah Storage

There are many rules for the building of a sukkah but there are very few for dismantling a sukkah and even fewer for storing it. Similarly, on Chanukah there are plenty of rules about lighting the Menorah but few, if any, regarding post-holiday Menorah storage. On Pesach, there are ample rules governing the Seder but few, if any,


Striking a Balance

Freddie Ferguson needed to change—at least his boss, friends, mother, therapist, bowling team, florist, golf coach and gardener all thought so. Freddie was coasting along, not contributing much to the world, although it was hard to blame him. Freddie was the sole heir to the Ferguson family fortune, and didn’t need to work a day in his


Rainbow Cake for Parshat Noach

In this week’s parsha, the land does bad stuff and is mean to Noach, and Hashem gives them 120 years to do teshuva. Hashem warns Noach that there will be a flood and at the end of the flood, there is a rainbow and that signifies that the flood is over. So this week, we’ll be making a rainbow cake.


Stop It, Pop It

Dear Shayna B.,

My parents always let me get things like pop its, LOL dolls, tiny rubber bands and fidget spinners. I always throw them in my closet when the trend gets old. My parents said they’re going to stop buying. What should I do?



‘Squad’ Is Demonizing Bipartisan Support for Israel

The “Squad” is a small group of radical members of the U.S. House of Representatives who run for Congress under the banner of the Democratic Party but do not reflect its mainstream policies. They represent niche districts that are not typical of the Democratic base. They could not be elected in any statewide race, because they lack


To 800 and Beyond…

Forgive my “Toy Story” reference, and welcome to The Jewish Link’s 400th issue! I would like to take this opportunity to briefly reflect, and also look to the future.

Looking back … all the way to 2014, when I first started with what was then The Jewish Link of Bergen County and quickly became


Elizabeth/Hillside’s Adath Israel Hosts Mother-Daughter ‘Teshuva Talks’ Shiur

During this busy season, we Jewish women seem to always be preparing. We go from preparing for Shabbat to preparing for Yom Tov. But the most important preparation of the season for the women—young and old, of our Elizabeth/Hillside Adath Israel community—is the preparation that comes from our own reflection


The Genesis of Love

In “The Lonely Man of Faith,” Rabbi Soloveitchik drew our attention to the fact that Bereishit contains two separate accounts of creation. The first is in Genesis 1, the second in Genesis 2-3, and they are significantly different.

In the first, God is called Elokim, in the second, Hashem


A Magnificent Review of the Camp Dora Golding Eruv

An Annual Tradition

It has become a tradition at the annual TABC Shabbaton to review the Eruv Friday morning immediately after breakfast. We devote an hour to two hours to walk and thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny of the camp’s eruv to make sure the eruv is in tip-top shape


Hashem, The Creator

Parshat Bereishit

As we begin the Torah reading cycle once more we also start a new haftarah cycle; “new,” because for the last three months each haftarah (with the exception of Parshat Ha’azinu) reflected the historical significance of that specific time of year. These were haftarot warning of

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