Thursday, August 11, 2022


Presence—The Greatest Present

Many marriage seminars teach that “effective communication” is the primary building block of a healthy marriage. There is no doubt that the words, tone, and non-verbals we use when communicating with our spouses convey volumes about how we think and feel about them. However, I would posit that there is an even greater over-arching


Wildlife or Is It Wild Life?

With the start of a new, warmer season, flowers show their colorful fragrant beauty. Trees start to bud and grow beautiful green leaves, grass grows, all living things start to make an appearance. When I moved into my house, over 17 years ago, I noticed that one of my walls was buzzing. Yes, you heard me, it was buzzing. At first you think


Ideological Soldiers

There’s an unspoken possibility about something I could choose to do after high school, before college, and instead of a yeshiva year, and it came to mind recently after experiencing Yom Hazikaron and Yom Haatzmaut. I’ve thought about it and know that I probably won’t do it, but it still comes to mind sometimes. And that is joining


Frisch 9th Grader Forges Frisch-SINAI Schools Artists Beit Midrash Partnership

SINAI Schools have always been a part of Jordanna Rothschild’s life. Her father is a Vice President on the Board of Directors, and both parents are deeply involved in supporting SINAI, a provider of education to Jewish children with special needs. She helps out at SINAI dinners and events. Jordanna has also been developing her


Color Me Happy

Every morning we wake up and directly outside our bedroom window is a beautiful tree with pink flowers. We are not really sure what type of tree it is.

During the winter months we would wake up and peek out of the same window; most days what we saw was cloudiness and grey skies. As hard as we


Israeli Couple Who Lost Two Soldier Sons to Suicide Takes on Orthodox Community

Not one, but two sons, did Gil and Esther Alexander lose to suicide. And as devastating an ordeal as this would be for any family, it is that much harder in the Orthodox Jewish community, where few subjects are more taboo.

The Alexander family had lived for 28 years on Ein Hanatziv, a religious


Using Professionals in Job Search Can Speed Up Your Process

A recent visit to a public restroom made me smile. I was hoping nobody saw me smiling, but it was quite humorous. In this recently remodeled restroom, everything was automated. To wash my hands, I placed one hand under a U-shaped pipe, which squirted soap. I then moved my hand under the faucet, and water flowed out. When I then needed


A Change for the Better

“It’s easier said than done!” I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard clients tell me this. I usually hear it after I’ve yelled at them to make more progress in therapy. (OK, I don’t yell at my clients. That was a joke…maybe.)

Humor aside, I hear it most often from the


The Shrill Sound of Fire Engine Sirens

I must have been 10 years old when we were experiencing a heat wave that lasted for more than a week. I couldn’t wait to get out into the fresh air to go to school that morning. I remember walking and carrying my books when I met a boy who was also going to school. His face looked familiar but we had never spoken before that


Teaneck to Montana: Highway 49 and the Vision Quest

Part II of III

Jack assured his son that everything would be all right.

The next morning, Jack awoke early, dressed, and went outside. The thermometer read 45 degrees, a cold contrast to the afternoon August temperatures in the 80s. The sky


Seven Steps to Effective Delegation

I delivered a leadership seminar to school executives recently. The focus was on administrative mentorship with a particular emphasis on delegation. I asked the principals in the room why they don’t delegate more.

Before sharing their responses, I will share why I asked the question. School leaders,


The Power of Lag B’Omer

Kollel Chatzos Nighttime Learning Captures the True Essence of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai

As Lag B’Omer approaches, hundreds of thousands of people are preparing to gather in the storied hills of ancient Meron to celebrate the yahrzeit of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. There they will

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