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People of a Certain Age

A beautiful blue sky. Breezes wafting from across the water. Old friends laughing and reminiscing as we enjoyed lunch at the lakeside café. What could be better than that?

The four of us had been friends and neighbors since our early days in our New Jersey town; sharing playgroups and carpools,


Let the Kids Play

[Recently two articles appeared in The New York Times(an Op Ed by David Kohn May 16, 2015, and a news article by Motoko Rich, June 10, 2015) challenging the practice of premature academic instruction in Nursery and Kindergarten. This article is adapted from their research.]

In some


Mind Your Business: 77 WABC’s Radio Program Has Business and Marketing Strategies for Success

Say goodbye to the Monday morning blues. Jumpstart your new work week by listening in on New York’s newest business radio program, Mind Your Business, airing Sunday nights from 11  to midnight on 77 WABC Radio.

Every week, Yitzchok Saftlas, the show’s host, blends his


Observing Tu B’Av

Outside of Israel, Tu B’Av, the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Av (which started this year on Thursday night, July 30), is the most minor of holidays. If it is acknowledged at all, it is almost exclusively by the Orthodox during morning prayers, when the penitential “tahanun” prayer is omitted, as befitting a festive day. In Israel,


Five Trendy Wedding Registry Ideas for Casual Lifestyles

(BPT)While your wedding should be the happiest day of your life, it can also be the happiest day for your kitchen. With a well-planned registry, you’ll be enjoying the fun, creativity and bonding of cooking together at home for years to come - from leisurely weekend breakfasts to romantic dinners and toasts to cap off


Making a Bat Mitzvah Celebration Unique

Many who have grown up in the Teaneck community or have children in elementary schools here have experienced the ‘Year of the Bat Mitzvah.’ For girls in Modern Orthodox communities, the sixth grade is consumed by seemingly endless Bat Mitzvah invitations and celebrations. For many parents, this means keeping track of


All About Israel at Moshava Ba’ir

Over the past two weeks at Moshava Ba’ir, the campers have learned about modern Israeli history. During aliyah week, they heard about various group aliyot to Israel, while also taking their own silly passport pictures. Yerushalayim week was full of discussions about the ancient history of why Yerushalayim is so


Healthy Eating At Camp Mesorah

One of the most popular activities at Camp Mesorah is Culinary Workshop led by Sharon Frier and Lacey Kalb. In this unique workshop campers learn how to cook a variety of tasty and nutritious meals and snacks, in a safe and fun setting. They have the opportunity to be creative and experiment with different cooking techniques


Bruriah Student Attends Tikvah Summer Institute at Yale University

Bruriah rising senior Avigail Goldberger was one of the students selected to attend the Tikvah Summer Institute for high school students at Yale University. The program was designed as a two-week seminar to discuss different world-event topics (both current and past issues) in order to create an educated Jewish population ready to


TABC Rebbeim Make the Rounds at Camp

In the last couple of weeks, several TABC rebbeim traveled up to camp to visit TABC students and alumni. It’s always nice to see a friendly face from home while you’re up at camp, and the boys really enjoyed connecting with Rabbi Josh Kahn at Camp Dora Golding, Camp Nesher and Camp Morasha; Rabbi Sariel


Local Teens Visit Boston, Donate Time and Money

Eighteen local teens who are participating in the Teen Adventures Travel and Volunteer Camp at the Kaplen JCC on the Palisades recently traveled to Boston where they took part in a special social service project, “Cradles to Crayons,” to help financially challenged families get a head start as they prepare their children for


Happy Campers at Fairlawn Jewish Day

Fair Lawn Jewish Day Camp—a Bergen County camp since 2008 currently serving over 350 campers—offers a summer experience of fun and adventure in a safe, attention to detail, kid-first philosophy and traditional Jewish setting. The campers return year after year, looking forward to trips that are fun

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