Thursday, August 11, 2022


Ask and You Shall Receive

I find that people are generally very curious about mental health and mental illness. The human mind is a fascinating thing and people are interested to know what motivates us to do what we do and feel how we feel.

This week, I thought I’d share some of the more common questions I hear. At a


The Power of ‘Thank You’

“Thank you.”

Two little words that we hear on a daily basis, and yet there seems to be a strong deficit in the number of times we use this expression. In recent months I’ve observed the impact of “thank you” and the ways in which this can be therapeutic, beneficial, and overall


When Thinking Less Is Doing More

We are in a culture of doers. If there is something to get done, well, then get up and do it. In order to get things done, we plan, we theorize, we analyze, and then we execute an action plan. To put our dreams into motion is a very wonderful human ability. We create homes, families, jobs, communities, and so much more. The joys


Memories of a Mets Fan, Circa 1986

I know that son No.1 was home for the holidays. I know this because I hung Welcome Home signs all over the house so he would find them in the least expected places (bathroom, staircase landing, refrigerator). I know this because I greeted him when he came home from the airport in a snood that I bought in Monsey because I knew it


Is Tzara’at “The New Black”?

In school, my class recently learned the story in Sefer Bamidbar about Miriam’s tzara’at. According to the text, God inflicted her with tzara’at because she spoke badly of Moshe Rabbeinu behind his back. Tzara’at is well known for being a disease from Biblical times that was a punishment for lashon hara, evil speech and slander. As


The End of Mourning: Closure on a Year of Remembrance

The Ba’al Tefila(prayer leader) was old, probably in his 80s, his complexion wan, his hair snow white and thin, his posture stooped, but his voice was strong enough to reach every part of the large main sanctuary. You could hear a pin drop as he commenced the haunting Yizkor(remembrance) prayers on the last


Night Learning: The Power and Zechus of Kollel Chatzos

A Q&A with Rabbi Nechemye Hoffman

Rabbi Nechemye Hoffman is the founder and Director of Kollel Chatzos. A young, married father of 3, he started the first kollel in 2011 with just 14 members and a dream. Four years later there are four locations and the power


The Making of OHEL’s “Rising from Divorce” Video

Though ubiquitous for centuries, divorce today has increased significantly in the Orthodox community. In today’s times, almost everyone knows someone affected by divorce. Given this new reality, OHEL believes there is an important need to better educate the wider community about the impact of divorce, and the specific roles that the wider


What’s the Rush?

It had always been our family tradition in Montreal that as soon as we finished putting our Pesach dishes away we immediately headed to the industrial bakery of Kosher Quality in order to fill up on knishes, bread and danish. As soon as we drove away from there, Pizza Pita was our next stop where we would find the line out of the door.


Backup Batteries Vol. 32

For upcoming vacations, people may be taking trips by car, plane, or van. Some may be staying at a hotel and may be away from a power source for an extended amount of time. I have written about backup batteries recently but it’s always good to hear what’s new and effective out there.



Gender Issues in Education

Third of a three-part series.

So much of this discussion is based on non-halakhic but public policy attitudes. It also has to consider the role of da’as Torah. How binding are the non-halakhic rulings of rabbinic authorities? How much room is there for individual interpretation and autonomy? Where do


Fluctuating Value in Insurance Assets

• Life insurance becomes more valuable if bad things happen.

• A life-time annuity becomes more valuable if good things happen.

As insurance products, life insurance and fixed annuities are sometimes explained as opposites of each other. A life insurance policy

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