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Conversion Guidelines, Transparency and Accountability

The Orthodox Jewish community is currently experiencing a devastating lack of confidence in its leadership. The seemingly ceaseless scandal after scandal, headline after headline, have taken their toll. If we can’t trust the leadership, how can we continue as a community? There are three things we need to consider.


Senior Israelis Unanimously Oppose Iran Nuclear Deal

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu led calls from Israel condemning the deal struck between world powers and Iran over the latter’s nuclear activity.

The P5+1 group of the USA, Russia, China, UK, France and Germany agreed that in return for the lifting of international economic sanctions


Politics & Parsha: Matos-Masei 5775: An Incomplete Start

“Plans are worthless, but planning is everything.”—Dwight Eisenhower

Moses is given the command to create six cities of refuge, arei miklat. Three are to be on one side of the Jordan, and three on the opposite bank.

The system of arei miklat is all or nothing.


See One, Do One, Teach One: An Intern’s Experience at the Jewish Link

When I started contributing to the Jewish Link in the middle of my sophomore year as a sports photographer, I never expected to become a “journalist” in the process. I wrote my first story for the Jewish Link in early December of 2014, and continued to write several other articles, on assignment, throughout my junior year.


All-Star Elitzur High School Basketball Team From Across Israel

14 boys and four coaches are visiting different local camps over the next two weeks and enjoying Shabbat hosted by local families.


Masei: The Journeys of Brian

Bamidbar: 32: 1-37

1. These are the journeys of Brian Dreyfus as he went forth from Baltimore on his way to Israel under the hand of Delta Airlines. 2. The Maggid of Bergenfield wrote of his going forth according to his whims and fancies. 3. Brian sallied forth from the Pickwick Apartments in Baltimore,


Tisha B’Av and the Outbreak of WWI

British Foreign Secretary Lord Edward Grey of Fallodon observed upon the outbreak of the First World War that “The lamps are going out all over Europe and we shall not see them lit again in our time.” Jewish historian Simon Dubnov commented on the outbreak of war, “My head is spinning at the horror of the coming slaughter of peoples,


Orthodox Union’s Annual Tisha B’Av Webcast Features Rabbis Weinreb and Weil

On Tisha B’Av we remember and internalize the sorrows that have befallen the Jewish people from Biblical times to the recent tragedies in Europe and Israel. This year, in commemoration of the Jewish misfortunes throughout history, the Orthodox Union will continue its annual Tisha B’Av webcast tradition at www.ou.org/tishabav


A Different Sort of Summer (Part 1)

Ladies and gentlemen… I am off to college!

Well, a college campus. It’s certainly not the first time I’m headed to a campus—just ask my parents how many info sessions and tours they’ve had to plow through so far. But this is a bit different: I’m headed to a summer program at the campus of


The Rabbi

The Three Weeks is a solemn time for our people. It begins with one fast day and ends with another. We aren’t supposed to listen to music or see movies, go to shows or water parks; we are supposed to contemplate what was to become the most terrible time in our history, and because it is such a sorrowful time, I thought it would be more


Heaven on Earth

As parents we have dreams and hopes for our children. As parents of a child with special needs you learn to readjust your thought process and pray that your child will reach his potential, whatever it might be, and continue to live in a healthy, happy, well-adjusted way for as many years as Hashem gives them.


In Loco Parentis

Our children are our most prized possessions. We protect them and shield them from danger and mishaps and we try to the best of our ability to keep them safe from harm. We expect that same level of care when we send them to school. [The issue of school safety was addressed in this space on March 4, 2015, “School Safety.”]

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