Thursday, August 11, 2022


Q&A With a 13-Year Old Writer

Tal Fultheim, 13, a Teaneck resident and Yeshivat Noam seventh grade student, wrote a 38-page book Making Memories, and published it on e-book, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, and Apple. Recently, the sequel, Moving On,was published as well.

Below is our conversation with


Lessons I Learned in Prison

I enjoy helping clients in my private practice and conducting mental health seminars in the community in my part-time work. In my full-time job, I’m a psychologist at a New Jersey State prison for men. It makes for great conversation at kiddushim and weddings (perhaps not so appropriate at bar and bat mitzvahs and children’s


In Memory of Aleza Baltuch Winslow z”l

With the opening of Sefer Vayikra this week, the theme of korbanot—the offerings brought in the Tabernacle and Beit Ha’Mikdash—takes front and center stage in the life of the Jewish people. Though we no longer have korbanot as part of our daily ritual, Aleza brought her own offerings, both to Hashem through her deep emunah


Vayikra: The Maggid Convention

The New Jersey Maggid Convention was one of the highlights of the year for any Jewish storyteller from the Garden State. It was a place where you could spend Shabbat singing zemirot with old friends, enjoying a nice, steaming bowl of chulent in catered elegance, or just swapping stories with some compatriots. Two years ago it had been held


Sitting Down With Hall of Fame Baseball Writer Murray Chass

While growing up in Pittsburgh in the 1940’s and 50’s, Murray Chass’ favorite baseball player was a seldom used bench player named Ted Beard.

The reason Chass loved him was simple: he was, like himself, small and left handed. Chass’ insights and observations into baseball grew over the


The Amazing Mrs. Webster

American Jews of my generation have been truly blessed in having had the opportunity to visit and live in a united Israel and, more particularly, a united Jerusalem for much of our lifetimes. Over the years in my several dozen visits to Israel, I have met many extraordinary people, some world-famous, others unknown to more than a handful.


Winning the Gold

Although our articles are usually a compilation of ideas which we both put forth, this particular article is being written by me (Nina) and I am not sure how to go ahead with it. I want it to be a testimonial and indeed a love story about two very young people that met, fell in love, pursued their dreams, married and dedicated their lives


Planting and Gardening and Cleaning, Oh My!

Thank the Lord Almighty it feels like spring. I heard the birds this morning and they weren’t chirping, they were actually shouting, “Holy Cow kids, we aren’t going to freeze our wings off today!” That is what they were screaming. I am not even making that up…it has just been that kind of winter. I saw grass and almost


Raising a Seeing Eye Dog Is an Act of Kindness

“These are the precepts whose fruits a person enjoys in this world but whose principal remains intact for in the world to come…acts of kindness…” Talmud, Shabbat 127a

I’m not sure whether what I’m doing would be considered an act of kindness, nor am I completely sure why I’m doing


Inbal Jerusalem Hotel Executive Chef Will Hold Live, Global Telecast to Share Legendary Passover Recipes

Jerusalem – The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel is set to share its legendary and eclectic holiday recipes with the world, in the first-ever live Passover cooking broadcast, hosted by award-winning Executive Chef Nir Elkayam. The unprecedented cooking session will be broadcasted live from the Inbal’s kitchen on Tuesday, March 24 at 12


Six New Thoughts to Bring to Your Seder

One of the greatest Jewish thinkers and Talmudic teachers of this generation was the intellectual giant Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik. A most influential spiritual teacher, who ignited the Jewish world with song and spirited chassidic teachings, was the trailblazing Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. The saintly Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook


Out of the Mouths of Babes

Poor Man’s Bread?

Devarim 16:3: “You shall eat no leavened bread with it: seven days you shall eat matzos, the bread of affliction…”

As my family sat at the Shabbos table this past week, the question arose as it does every year shortly

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