Friday, August 07, 2020

When Nisan Shavit, a native Israeli, was looking to name his new kosher sushi bar, Mashu Mashu came to mind immediately. Mashu mashu is a Hebrew expression for great, spectacular. And it has a Japanese ring to it as well. That is the perfect description for Mashu Mashu at 22-22 Morlot Avenue in Fair Lawn.

Shavit opened Mashu Mashu in June of 2018. He was looking for a career change and always had an appreciation for good food. Teaneck, where he lives, was already well served with food choices but he saw a need in the growing kosher community of Fair Lawn. He chose to specialize in sushi as a well-loved and practical food. The key, said Shavit, is using the best quality ingredients, cut fresh daily and made to order. That’s the difference between his sushi and the supermarkets, he said. With his focus on sushi only, he buys the highest grade quality fish and customers can taste the difference. Attention to detail shows in all ingredients.


Fish is the star of sushi but artistry and flair take center stage in Mashu Mashu presentations. Creatively designed platters bring a wow factor to home parties and large events, either prepared to order or with a ‘live’ sushi bar—where chefs prepare on site.

Fish and vegetables can be wrapped in a variety of ways or served deconstructed. Brown rice and black (wild) rice are options. Or no rice: soy or rice paper wrap can hold rolls together. Poke bowls and sushi salads are additional ways of enjoying sushi ingredients. A selection of sides including soups, edamame and sweet potato tempura fries can be combined for a complete meal.

Mashu Mashu is located near Kosher Express, whose mashgiach, Richard Wolpoe, is a big fan. He stopped in to visit during our interview and couldn’t praise Mashu Mashu enough. “When I walk out of here with sushi, it’s fresh and unbelievable,” said Walpoe. Asked for his favorite, he paused and then voted for the Mexican roll, with tempura rolls closely following.

Shavit and Wolpoe stressed that sushi is best when fresh, but can stay out for a few hours. If you must refrigerate sushi for later, remove two hours in advance so it comes to room temperature.

For menu, hours and prices, including lunch specials, visit www.mashumashukosher.com  and view updates on Facebook and Instagram. Call 201/254-9522 or 9523 to order or discuss a catering event. Delivery is available as far as Passaic and Fort Lee.

By Bracha Schwartz