Friday, June 05, 2020

(Courtesy of Nutrition by Tanya) Nutrition by Tanya has seen unprecedented growth over the past several years. It all started in 2004 when Tanya Rosen, personally struggling with her own weight loss, realized that everyone needs a more personal and practical approach to weight management. Since then, Nutrition by Tanya has helped thousands of people through its sensible and sustainable weight loss program and delicious product selection. It’s no wonder then that they are opening their twelfth location right here in Clifton!

Baysa Kovacs, who runs several of the other Tanya locations, will be the Clifton location manager. Kovacs has years of experience seeing clients, developing products and helping people achieve their weight loss goals.

Although Kovacs travels to the Monsey and Monroe locations weekly, opening the Clifton location was a no brainer since she is a Clifton resident. A second reason for opening a Clifton location was the increase in Clifton residents that were traveling to Monsey for nutrition counseling. This was a clear indication that the community was ready for a location of their own-no schlepping needed! Lastly, with office space located in the beautiful, expansive and convenient Seasons of Clifton, the twelfth location’s opening was just a matter of time.

So...what makes Tanya’s program different than other programs out there? In short, they get it. They don’t judge. They don’t restrict unnecessarily. They don’t encourage extreme dieting but rather a balanced approach so clients are able to adopt their plan as a lifestyle. So, expect to be eating muffins, cookies, pizza, sushi and your other favorites, while still losing weight.

Looking forward to greeting you and helping your health and weight loss dreams become reality.