Monday, August 03, 2020

Take note, dessert lovers, Krispy Kreme has arrived in Springfield! The franchise has opened a kosher store and factory at its new Route 22 location, and local kosher consumers couldn’t be happier.

“Getting ready for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to open on Route 22 in Springfield, NJ!!!! Here are some pics from inside the new store which will open on Tuesday, August 6! This is big news as the entire store is certified kosher under KOA with direct supervision of Rav Chaim Marcus of Congregation Israel of Springfield,” wrote Ben Hoffer, president of Congregation Israel of Springfield, on his Facebook page.

Rabbi Marcus, in a conversation with The Jewish Link, noted that the owner of this and several other Krispy Kreme locations had not selected this particular spot because of its proximity to the Springfield Jewish community; that was just a happy coincidence. After three years of research, the owner decided that because Route 22 is a major thoroughfare it would be a perfect location for his next store, the third in the New York metro area.

The store will offer drive-thru convenience, and will also house a doughnut-making factory, with windows that will allow patrons to watch as the doughnuts are made.

According to Rabbi Marcus, once his shul members learned that Krispy Kreme was looking for a home in their community, they reached out to him to ensure that the store’s kashrut would be acceptable to all. “When I walked into the store, the owner was excited to have me there,” he commented. “He was very accomodating.”

Like the owner’s other stores, this Krispy Kreme is certified kosher under KOA, and the supervision of Rabbi Shlomo Isaacson of Passaic; this location will also have on-site direct supervision of the store by Rabbi Marcus, who will be visiting weekly.

“Rabbi Isaacson will be relying on me,” said Rabbi Marcus. “I plan to visit at least weekly.”

He continued, “Everything in the store is kosher, but not chalav Yisrael or pas Yisrael.”

The grand opening was held on August 6, and if the attendance that day was any indication, Krispy Kreme is sure to be a hit. Visit them at 25 Route 22 East in Springfield.