Thursday, June 04, 2020

Chickies has had a busy summer, doing a lot more than serving their signature sandwiches. The flagship Teaneck store has been redesigned with new booth seating and brightly colored decor. Cash registers and a self-service ordering kiosk have been added to speed up your order and get you and your dinner home faster. Reuven Mozorosky and his father, Shmuel, who bought Chickies together in May 2018, are holding 

a grand re-opening on Thursday, September 12, 3 p.m.-8 p.m. to highlight the newly remodeled space and introduce an expanded menu. Free hot dogs and fried chicken, cooked to perfection in a new pressure fryer, will be served from Chickies’ new state-of-the-art, 36-foot-long food truck. A fully equipped restaurant on wheels, with funky graphics, lighting and a high-tech music system, the truck visits corporate offices by day and residential neighborhoods at night. New menu items include Rena’s poppers (named for Reuven’s wife), overstuffed pastrami sandwiches, chicken soup and breaded cauliflower. For a Chickies twist on the classics, there will be a late-night Thursday taste of Shabbos “hock” with cholent, kishka and kugel.

The Mozoroskys are involved in more than food, however; they have been in the auto body repair business for 20 years with Family Auto Mall in Staten Island. After expanding into Passaic, at 442 Van Houten Avenue, they are now in Teaneck, teaming up with Aryeh Moskowitz at Arcar Motors to become the area’s only frum provider of auto body services, from little nicks to serious collisions.

When they came into Teaneck, they were also attracted to Chickies, knowing its reputation and large following. “We came across this opportunity and felt that it was a home run to be part of this incredible brand,” said Reuven. “I had some catering experience when I was younger and always loved the food business. The key to our success in the car business is customer service. We brought our model to Chickies and it is enhancing the experience.”

Wait times have been reduced by 70% since the Mozoroskys took ownership of Chickies, and service has become friendlier. “These positive changes did not happen overnight,” said Shmuel. “Staff training programs instituted by COO Mark Whalens, Esq. have included courteous customer communication, proper food preparation and most importantly, knowledge of kashrut.”

The Mozoroskys have even devised a way for Chickies to help their Family Auto Mall customers. “We have always found it rewarding to turn someone’s traumatic experience into a pleasant one,” said Shmuel. “Now we can make people happier. Dinner at Chickies is on us the night of your accident.”

Chickies is on a roll with new products and locations. The Mozoroskys spoke with The Jewish Link in Chickies’ new, spacious office, a command and control center on West Englewood Avenue. A Chickies restaurant with outdoor seating for 80 opened this spring at a prime spot in Six Flags Great Adventure Park. “One day I was sitting in Six Flags with my family, and realized there was no kosher food there,” Reuven recalled. “I thought, ‘Let’s put a Chickies in Six Flags.’ It has a very kid oriented, theme park menu.” When he finally connected to the decision makers, he learned that Chickies was already on their radar. “They felt our model was perfect for them. Our food concept meshes extremely well, and with our Kof K supervision, as we have in Teaneck, we’re off to a great start.”

Coming next—Chickies bottled sauces. The unique tastes of its sauces are a big part of Chickies’ success. The day is coming when you can put kumbaslow sauce on whatever you want in your kitchen. Plans are well under way for production, with a leader in the industry. Home delivery is also around the corner. You will be able to have your Chickies fix delivered to your door shortly after Sukkot.

Reuven said he will soon have “something else coming down the pike that’s huge.” No hints. Just remember, the very first Cap’n Munch sandwich was made in Teaneck.

By Bracha Schwartz