Thursday, July 09, 2020

If you’re looking to lose weight and food preparation has you sidetracked, The Diet Fantasy could be the answer. Subscribers to The Diet Fantasy receive customized meal plans created by highly qualified nutritionists who evaluate each client’s personal information and develop a meal plan consistent with individual weight-loss goals.

A diet gourmet meal delivery service, The Diet Fantasy provides three meals and two snacks per day, all made with the finest and healthiest ingredients available. They also offer vegetarian, gluten-free and paleo options for clients who have specific dietary guidelines. All meals are balanced with protein- and fiber-enriched food that is healthy and delicious.

The lead Cordon Bleu-trained chef makes sure food options are abundant and change frequently so no one gets bored. A bi-weekly menu with a variety of choices allows clients to choose the meals they want, which are delivered in a sleek, insulated bag complete with cutlery and a water bottle, and can easily be taken to work or school.

“When people commit to the program, we commit to them,” said Orite Fried, co-owner of The Diet Fantasy. Fried initially got into the food business 14 years ago after her mother became ill and required a special meal plan. Today, The Diet Fantasy assists many who are struggling with illnesses such as cancer and diabetes eat healthier and more mindfully. According to Fried, the food you eat really impacts your life, which is why her company aims to provide the highest-quality ingredients for their clients.

As far as diets go, the success rate is astounding. Many people on the meal plan report weight loss up to 15 pounds in the first 30 days and experience long-lasting results. Unlike many of the fad diets advertised today, The Diet Fantasy is very balanced and therefore very sustainable.

The convenience factor certainly increases the appeal. Clients enjoy the food and don’t have the hassle of shopping, preparing or cleaning up after meals. A client can sign up for seven days, 30 days or a three-month package of meals.

The Diet Fantasy is located in Monsey and delivers three times a week throughout the tri-state area. The food is certified kosher by Rabbi Yechiel Steinmetz. To find out more, call the Diet Fantasy at 855-995-DIET (3438) or visit them at www.thedietfantasy.com.

By Andrea Nissel