Friday, June 05, 2020

We have diverted ourselves during social isolation by creating meals out of little-used pantry items and leftovers. One really easy application is wraps; We can use tortillas, flatbread or wraps to invent a tasty new dish in minutes. All you need is the wrap, any type of protein (leftover or canned are truly ideal), any type of crunchy or sauteed veggie and some kind of sauce.

I’ve been inspired by the amazing wraps made at Dougie’s over the years. While my husband and children love their burgers, hot dogs and sandwiches, I always feel I’ve made a healthier choice (hey, at least it’s not fried!) by ordering a wrap. My favorites are their chicken-avocado and their London broil, horseradish and mesclun greens wraps. I also still dream about a wrap I had many years ago at Jeff’s Gourmet Sausage Factory in Los Angeles: crunchy chicken with red cabbage slaw. It was the best wrap I ever enjoyed!

In the last week, I’ve used my Toufayan Bakeries low-carb 10-inch-round wraps (Glatt Express has a great selection and quick, contactless deliveries!) to make lunches and dinners from leftover salmon, hot sauce, cucumber and sweet red onion. Another great new classic in my rotation is sauteed veggies and canned precooked lentils. A regular in my house (even before social isolation) was microwaved black beans, chili-lime seasoning, half a slice of low-fat cheese, chopped white onions and a dab of light sour cream, wrapped up. It’s a black bean burrito in moments!

Warm omelette wraps are fantastic with salsa and any cooked vegetables you have on hand. Tuna salad wraps, with lettuce and tomato, are a classic. Yesterday, I wowed my own palate (if I do say so myself!) with a lunchtime wrap that couldn’t have been simpler: two sliced hard-boiled eggs, a squeeze of light mayonnaise, a handful of fresh spinach leaves, salt and pepper. If I had sun-dried tomatoes or jarred roasted red peppers in the house it would have been a truly gourmet wrap. A nourishing and quick snack for the kids is a wrap filled generously with peanut butter, sliced, peeled apples and a few raisins.

Do you love wraps too? What are your favorite quarantine go-to dishes? Send pics and your creative recipes to
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By Elizabeth Kratz